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K1LLT3K Blog

The Interweps and online gaming

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The Internet brings out the worst in people. To much anonymity and no accountability, people become pricks just to become pricks and get some sort of enjoyment out of it. Take away the animosity and I can almost guarantee that alot of the arrogant dicks will clean up their act now that people know who they are.

Todays Gaming Community

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Dear Gaming Community, The Majority of us have something called respect/honor, but for the minority that have 0 repsect and are complete online douche bag's, that believe/think their opinion is better then the next person's, need to STFU. You morons represent the slightest part of the community, but rage and attack publishers, critics, and companies so much, that it gives the community as a whole a bad label. You don't like a comment that a designer/representitive/critic states, guess what, tough sh!t It's their company/ product, it's there review on how they experienced the game. What right do you have to force what you think should be done, or how the review should have went, onto that person? Let alone all out assault them. And go ahead and pull the "Well it's my freedom of speech choice!" Bullsh!t, when the recepient of your attack is clearly excericising the right of freedom of speech, only to have it infringed on and them being told to shut the hell up, it's there freedom of speech that you are clearly neglecting that anyone else should have except you. In short, jackass' of the gaming community and online tough guys, no one likes you any more here, than anyone else does in real life, your not wanted here and never will be, GTFO and try and better yourselves and your lives before opening that hole in your face that should be sewn shut.


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Suppose I'll have to get used to this blogging thing. So I guess now's a good time to start ( which I'm debating if that's a good thing. ) Recently started getting into the whole reviewing games niche, due to a lack of decent/ actually informative user reviews (flaming and trolling games you don't like isn't a review fan boy's.) So I decided that if anyone cared to read what I had to say, I'd do what I could to give them the best most informative insight as possible on whatever it is they are looking at that I wrote. Anyways hello Gamespot, and thanks for looking at my page. Hopefully once I get better at this whole blogging and reviewing thing, I'll have more to say. Have a good one, -KT-