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10 Things You Should Know About Me

First off, I don't want to come off sounding pretentious or anything like that especially considering I'm creating a blog about me lol, but I just felt like It would be cool that some of you get to know me a little bit.

1.) My name is Lexy, I'm 21 years old, and I'm a college student (university).

2.) I love going out with friends, but not to like typical college parties which are the WORST parties I've been to in that everyone is just wasted and you cannot have one conversation without someone vomiting all over your new shoes (yes, that happened to me once unfortunately...). My ex boyfriend, who is in a fraternity, always invited me to come to his parties and... yeah, I was just not very happy to say the least lol. Now what I mean by I love going out is that I love going out to dinner with friends, seeing movies, shopping for clothes, small get togethers with close friends, going to my friends house to play video games and talking about life all night lol, things like that.

3.) I've been gaming since I was eight years old, with my favorite game being tomb raider on the ps1. And yes, my gamespot name, Jynx, is from pokemon lol. Hey, don't judge me now! Anyways my favorite genres today are platformers, survival horror, puzzles, and action adventure. I'm not too fond of shooters, especially first person shooters to be more precise. Some of my favorite games are Alice: Madness Returns, Silent Hill Downpour, Tomb Raider (all of them except chronicles and angel of darkness), and Beyond Good & Evil, just to name a few.

4.) I'm half Korean and half German.

5.) I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian and not because of ethical reasons (although it is sad what animals are subjected to), I honestly can't stand the taste of meat: beef, poultry, fish, etc. I've always preferred noshing on tofu, brussel sprouts, etc. Plus when I decided to cut meat off from my diet, I noticed instantly that my skin appeared brighter, less prone to skin problems, I felt less bloated, etc. Besides eating meat excessively has been linked to a lot of diseases and cancers.

6.) I am not religious, although I do respect religious people that practice their religion to preach love, acceptance, etc as opposed to the crazy ones (which I do have a problem with) that use their religion to condemn blacks, women, and gays among other things. Some of my best friends are religious so it's defintely possible for people who believe different beliefs to remain friends.

7.) I used to be a voracious reader in that I would read constantly 24/7, but as I've gotten older and entered college, I'm finding that I'm having a harder time concentrating on the novel I'm reading because there is so much going on now that I'm on my own, things like work, school, bills to pay, groceries to purchase, friends. Besides, I do enough reading what with all these text books I read everyday.

8.) I love to excercise: pilates, jogging/running, etc. I love the feeling after a big workout, especially when the endorphins kick in and I'm just panting on the floor after a tough workout, feeling so beautiful and confident, as if I can take on anything that's thrown my way. Plus, it doesn't hurt that my butt and everything else looks super good while wearing my mek or seven seas jeans afterwards! lol

9.) I'm currently single and loving it. Also not to sound like a b****, but I have to address this considering that I've recieved some really weird messages on psn and here, but guys (and some girls?), please refrain from asking for nude pics or anything stupid like that please. I'm here for gaming, and meeting people that play games, nothing more. This is gamefaqs for crying out loud, not an online dating service.

10.) Sort of random, but I major in nutrition so if you guys have any questions regarding fitness or food, I'll be more then happy to answer your questions.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and also, comment below and tell me something about yourselves.


I love bad games

Apparently I love bad games. Bad as in games with low scores bad.

^ I know that sounds weird but it got me thinking after playing Alice Madness Returns (my fave game) last night for the third time, in which I thought to myself, what if I had never given this game a chance due to the overwhelmingly low scores it recieved? What if I had passed on this game just because a few numbers? If I had, I would of never discovered this gem: beautiful and artistic design, compelling story, fun and addictive gameplay (although it can get slightly tedious), haunting music, etc. I do admit, it has it's faults, but it's pros far outweigh it's cons. I'm proud to say it's my all time favourite game. Some of my other fave games that didn't score so well are Silent Hill Downpour and Wet just to name a few.

Before I met Alice (lol I sound crazy don't I, referring to a game like a human being! lol), I was stuck in a gaming rut. I was buying games with just high scores in mind, blockbuster games like uncharted, assassin's creed, etc. and played them when I got home and... for some reason, I just grew bored with them. I just could not get into them. I'm not bashing them in any way, because they are great games, but I couldn't get immersed in them for some reason. I think it's just that "fun" is extremely subjective in that what may be boring to some may be fun to others.

I guess what I'm saying is, don't let game reviewers and their scores deter you from potentially playing an awesome game. A lot of people, including myself in the past, allow numbers to sway what we buy or don't buy which is kind of crazy if you think about it. Yes, game reviews do serve a purpose, but too many times people seem to take that as the ONLY determining factor in deciding whether or not to purchase a game. The only way to know if a game is good is to try it for yourself, vs just listening to someone else's opinions, and yes, game reviewers are people just like us. Besides some of these so called "professional reviewers" seem to be extremely biased towards anything unique and devoid of headshots and crosshairs (I'm looking at you IGN).

I feel like if you are very interested in a game despite the low scores, you should:

1.) Watch youtube videos of the gameplay to see if it holds your interest. This is probably the most important step considering that you can visually see the game being played as opposed to a written review which is hard to picture.

2.) Play a demo if its available.

3.) Read many different reviews of the game and not just from the bigger websites or magazines, rather everything really, and try and compare them to see if the flaws are similar in the reviews to confirm that a game is actually broken or whatever. If a lot of reviews confirm that a game is broken, avoid it. If not, and you like the pros and are OKAY with the cons, while still being interested in the game, purchase it!

4.) Spread the word about how much you love the game, because unfortunately people still let a number control what they buy which is understandable considering how expensive they are, but then again, you can always buy a game when it gets cheap if you have your doubts.

Anyways, If you guys have any games that wern't so well recieved, yet you love the game despite the flaws, you should comment here because I would love to hear about them.


I need new Tomb Raider updates!!!

The upcoming tomb raider reboot is really the only game I'm like super excited for, yet there has yet to be any new updates or relevant info regarding the game! :(

I'm like super jealous that devil may cry, resident evil, prototype, and etc. fans are all getting updates compared to us tomb raider fans who've been so patient but have yet to recieve anything new.

Ok I sound super crazy right now don't I? End of rant.

...Anyways, If you guys have any new or relevant info regarding tomb raider, please take the time to comment here!