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Been a while

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I said that I would be writing little devotionals. This is the second one since I said it. I am so very busy.

I went to a Christian Camp this summer, you may know it, Ironwood in California. There I learned a lot about God and what he would have me be.

In Matthew 22:34-40 we are given the very essence of what a Christian is. Christ says that to boil down the entire old testament in to two statements is simply to Love God with every fiber of your being and to love others like we adore ourselves. Since the New Testament adds no new law to the book of the law, only explains it further, Christ's statement is profound. Not only did he sum up the entire Christian life, but he did it by sharing the motivation for following the law. In this statement he is not saying that the law is no longer to be followed. He is simply stating that in order to follow the law as it was meant to be followed, we must love. Interesting...


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I have decided since Jesus is so great a part of my life, that I should devote my jornal entries to him.

I have been reading in Romans and I found a passage that particularly struck my intrest. Right in Romans 1 verse 1. Paul says he is a bondservant of Jesus Christ. A bond servant is a person who willingly serves someone. He later says that he is separated to The gospel of Christ. THis is so awesome. Not only is Paul tied to Jesus but he is separated to the proclaimation of his name. That is awesome. May we ever be like Paul and be separated to only speak the truth about God always.


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As I explained to my friend once, there are many ways to play a fighting game as to avoid monotomy. Granted if it is a deep fighting game like MK Deception, or Tekken 5 you should have no problem. However, if you are looking for a little spice in your love life to fighting games try these styles of games.

Player elimination: for 2 players

When heading up one on one with someone in a fighting game, you must not simply fight once, for to do so would be in error. You must fight several times. Also a true fighter must be skilled in every player not just one. So in order to accomplish these two things what must be done is this. You must fight and then the winner keeps his character, and the other may not choose the character he had when beaten, nor if the one who prevailed should lose, may he choose that character, simply put when a character is beaten he may not be chosen again by either player, you go on like this until there are no more characters to choose from.

Another variation of this is that a player cannot pick fighters he has lost from, but say his opponent loses with Sub-zero, he may yet still choose subzero for himself. Thus the person who has no more characters left loses.

Madden secrets

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Secrets to madden...

Look for mismatches on offense. If one of your wide recievers is being guarded by a linebacker, or not guarded at all, throw it to him. If the line is stacked against you on the run, audible and switch sides, if they catch on, try to audible and do the same play, if they still don't budge have a sweet pass play as another audible.


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I am toatally kickin on Madden 2005. I have severely unhorsed all competitors so far. So I am looking for my perfect duel. Yet to find yet to find.