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My Time at Soulfest 2010

My first music festival that I have ever attended in my life was the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. All I have to say is Soulfest puts that to SHAME. It was the most fun I have had in a long time. This festival is also perfect for metal heads, like me, because a lot of top metal and hardcore bands out there take their place on one of the four stages set up. Side note: This is a christian festival and I am also a christian, but you don't have to be religious to enjoy this festival. Most of the bands that play, including the metal bands, will usually talk about jesus and religion within their set that they play. The festival was 4 days long and had a headlining band on both the Revival Stage(main stage) and the Inside out Stage(metal/indie stage) The highlight bands that I saw were: The Crimson Armada, A Plea for Purging, Becoming the Archetype, Hundredth, For Today, In the Midst of Lions, Switchfoot, Flatfoot 56, Project 86, Living Sacrafice, And then There were None...and a few more that I can't remember. There was one absolute garbage band called Armoury...AVOID AT ALL COST!!!

There was three stand out bands that I saw because of how well they worked the crowd and because of how amazing their music was. The first stand out band was Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. Their show was incredible and their music is insane. They sound like if Lynrd Skynrd(however you spell it) and Underoath had a baby. The lead vocalist also was running through the crowd and was just probably one of the best front man I have ever seen. Would also spit 30 feet in the air and catch it in his mouth. Pretty gross but freaking awesome at the same time. The second was the OC Supertones. They are a Ska band that is unbeatable. The crowd was just loving this band everyone was dancing and jumping, which in return created a lot of dust and made it hard to breath and see. But it was amazing no matter what. The third and final stand out band for me was August Burns Red. They are one of my favourite bands to date and they didn't have the greatest show in the world but I was just in awe because it was the first time I ever saw them live and was just loving every second of it.

Well all I have left to say is that if my school schedule works out right I am definitely going back to soulfest next year. If you have been contemplating it or haven't even thought of going....JUST GET OUT THERE AND DO IT. Everybody is kind and its just all amazingness bundle into one amazing package.

Wanted: Current Gen Star Wars Battlefront game/ Lucas Arts Rant

Anybody else remember the leaked video of the next gen battlefront game? I sure do and that image will be forever imprinted in my mind until a new one gets made. I was playing the original battlefront game today when I got real bored and was like "oh man so many hours went in to this game and every hour was loved" It is annoying because what I have noticed is that Lucas Arts likes to release child friendly games lately. Its like lucas arts is saying "Screw you die hard star wars fans here is another piece of S H I T game for you to play.""Oh ok LucasArts! Sorry but the only way I am ever going to play that is if I can go back in time to when I was 12 years old which wont happen!!" It is just frustrating I don't own a handheld platform because they don't supply games I enjoy plus I want a second analog stick(which is the only thing preventing me from getting a PSP) Seriously though what is up with star wars lego, indian jones held, and handheld system star wars games. I know that we are getting Star Wars : The Old Republic which is going to be the game to break my MMO cherry. It is like they are going back to how bad Star Wars Episode I was and how it appealed to kids and now they are trying to do it in video games. I will say I enjoyed the force unleashed but it would have been better if it was a Jedi Knights Game. I wish so many companies weren't going bankrupt that were creating games I couldn't wait for such as Pandemic and their battlefront project. Anyways for those who actually decided to take the time and read this. I thank you very much. We should start a LucasArts sucks Union. Companies need to remember that a majority of gamers are between the ages of 16-35 and all love star wars and Mature rated games. Stop catering to the youth they get enough as it these days. While they are out watching MTV we are in playing video games and I would love to be playing a new Battlefront game on my xbox 360, ps3, or macbook. Whatever it is just make it! not for the PSP or DS.


The END of LAN is coming!!

So over the past year I have been having LAN parties about once or twice a month with a bunch of my friends. Usual turn out is from 8 to 20 people. It is a super good time. More enjoyable than playing xbox live in my opinion. I was outraged when Blizzard announced that StarCraft 2 isn't going to support LAN....yet. Don't they realize how many people get together and play this game. Slowly and Surely LAN gaming is dying out. The only company that does it right now is Bungie. They know how to make a game that works well with LAN such as not needing updates to play with friends that have xbox live and those who don't. The PS3 doesn't even have LAN. The Wii also doesn't have LAN but who would expect that system to have it. Xbox and PC/Mac or the only systems still doing LAN. Gaming is already separating people where as LAN brings friends together to just have one giant nerd fest of awesomeness. I pray to god that LAN never disappears over the face of the earth, but I believe it is. Sorry troops in Iraq and Afghanistan within the next couple of years you might not be playing fun Call of Duty matches with your fellow comrades. It has been a fun time LAN see you later! :'(

Why? Just Cause!

I have been playing the demo for Just Cause 2 for hours and hours figuring out all the amazing little things you can do in it. It is a stand out game. I love GTA 4, but seriously in my opinion it has nothing on this game. It is what grand theft auto would have led up to if they didn't decide to strip the game down for the next gen systems. I absolutely cannot wait for the full game to be released on March 26, 2010. The company behind this game know that the point of the game is to do what is impossible to do in real life. And pretty well every little thing you do in this gamer can't be done in real life. From having you helicopter spiralling out of control and jumping out and stealing that bastards helicopter that shot yours down, to blowing up base, to tying a a car to a helicopter and using it as a wrecking ball. This is the type of game people call for. It is over the top, huge on the scale and one the most fun games i've experienced in a couple of years. Thank you for such enjoyment on my downtime.:D

The Joy of Old School Gaming.

some old SNES greatness

Well I just love that picture. Brings back all the great memories of the 90's. I am just simply going to talk about the joy of Old School Gaming. I've learned over the years that 3D games just aren't holding up anymore. Like seriously how often do you play xbox or PS2 games. Besides Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and The Star Wars Battlefront Games. When the next gen systems come out we will think that the games we play today look dated and we will say "how did we ever play these games they look terrible." And that is a terrible thing because we spend so much money on that stuff and then just stop playing. Some old school systems have withstood the tests of time and are still very playable to this day....the key to all this is 2D gaming. Because we have accepted 2D games as an art ****So 8-bit games dont look to good but it doesn't matter because of the simple core game mechanics it had. In my living right now I have all the current gen systems xbox 360 etc. But i also have Snes, Sega Genesis, and atari hooked up to my 46" Panasonic Viera Plasma TV. I've learned that these games are as fun today as they were then. So next time a game disappoints you dont be afraid to hook up an old school system and have blast!

Thinking of a blog post

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