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Looks good, but seeing that I have a white DS lite, & Black 3ds & a Silver 3ds XL I don't think I can allow my self another upgrade any time soon.

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The Gameboy was ground-breaking, so the question is very difficult to answer for me. But, the 3ds xl does everything I'd want it to, I can't even imagine where Nintendo handhelds will be in 5 years, they really are so very clever.

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I've tried to like Zelda as well, but I just don't get the hype. I completed tPHG, thought that was okay. Spirit tracks was a struggle, gave up after a few hours. Then came the 3ds & the OoT. 30 hours in, & the water temple destroyed it, can't even look at the box art without a small cringe setting in.

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Number three, without a shadow of doubt. It changed from a young child's tale & was easily the most intelligently made film out of the seven.

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Its broken. Its bad.

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How about, get a job, be bad at it, then play the 3ds at work? Sweet. (XL has a fairly large screen......bigger than the tele I used to have in my room when I was a kid!)

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Slightly off topic, but as everyone seems real helpful here I'll give it a go.....

Do you need motion plus for the old wii remotes when using them on the wii u, or is it just with some games? 3d World & NSMB U are the two I'm mainly concerned with.

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The sad thing is, no one even gives a damn, they are like....so go somewhere else, whatever.

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Another eight years a member quitting over here as well. Just don't understand the changes, unless it was done to jettison a lot of forum users. Hopefully a few of the old school shall meet again somewhere else.

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Plant an orange, then blue, then orange flower & you shall be rewarded. The doors are at the 2nd shop you come to.