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You don't have to stroke a Whales arse to save the planet, you have to consider how you use the earths resources, how you recycle, how you live your life. So, yeah I do have some spare time to post on the internet, before the rainbow warrior needs painting again.

FAO Sabre

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If anyone finds a game similar to this, post here because it still looks like it stands alone!

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When reading this thread, it leads me to imagine the guys in government who make all the big calls having the same discussion. Greed will always get in the way, so it seems there is little hope of slowing down the environmental destruction. Not that I will be giving up, as I adore nature, I also have two children who I would dearly like to see the same things I have seen. We all need to do a bit more, those of us who care & those who don't, because even if you think you are just here for a 'fun time', the way its heating up it might not be fun for much longer.

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I'm a massive fan of the DS range, & I have to tell you the XL is the cream of the crop. But, as someone has pointed out, theres a new model, so if your into keeping up with the Jones hold your horses..........if that doesn't concern you then buy one today, you will not regret it. About £150 seems right about now.

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I try to like it, but its just not that good. The new kart is all flash and little substance, Mario world is fun for a while, but like most games on the system its aimed at children. And that Zombie game, wtf was that, gave that a good chance but it was whack!

Too early to give up on the system, but its gathering heavy levels of dust already.

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Six years late......but it will come. Bet its broken when it does.

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Animal crossing......

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Looks good, but seeing that I have a white DS lite, & Black 3ds & a Silver 3ds XL I don't think I can allow my self another upgrade any time soon.

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The Gameboy was ground-breaking, so the question is very difficult to answer for me. But, the 3ds xl does everything I'd want it to, I can't even imagine where Nintendo handhelds will be in 5 years, they really are so very clever.

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I've tried to like Zelda as well, but I just don't get the hype. I completed tPHG, thought that was okay. Spirit tracks was a struggle, gave up after a few hours. Then came the 3ds & the OoT. 30 hours in, & the water temple destroyed it, can't even look at the box art without a small cringe setting in.