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Gotten Addicted to sports games all over again

When it came to video games as a young kid i never really liked anything other than sports games my favorite being football. But as time went on i grew tired of these types of games and started to try out different genres such as RPG/Fantasy, FPS, Strategy etc. I instantly loved RPG/Fantasy games the first time i played them and they are still my favorite to this day. After about 4 or 5 years of never playing a sports game i decided to pick up a copy of FIFA 10. Now i wasnt thinking that this game was gonna be any good but when i first played it i was hooked. I dont even know why. So then i bought another sports game. Madden NFL 09 (not realising at the time that Madden NFL 10 was coming out like 3 days later) I had been a fan of NFL for a long time, but i didnt know anything about the video game side of it. And once again i was hooked. I found myself buying more and more sports games like NHL 10 NBA Live 10 NFL 10 and now i have finally realised that i am addicted to them again ...Right that might be a bit boring to read...but its my first blog so Sssh