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Yeah, Mass Effect TOTALLY ripped off Tetris! BOTH have Music! AND Graphics!

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Alright, I have one.




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I know story is important in a game


I couldn't disagree more to be frank. Story is completely unessential to a game. I'd say that Gameplay, level design, and challenge are important, but never story.

So, Amiga 500 Era just with updated graphics? OOOOKAAAAAY o.O

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All PS3 do that from time to time, mine also has sometimes reseted with the 3-beep when I switched it off. Still runs perfectly fine. You should test maybe if it's only the case with this game or with others as well.

Also, I'm not an expert in the technical structure of the PS3, but as far as I know, TLoU is a pretty demanding game to the hardware and after playing it for a long time it could be a way of the PS3 to clear the RAM after playing.

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[QUOTE="ShermheadRyder"]What do you guys think of this? I personally think it's ridiculous; adults should have the free will to choose to play what they wish. http://uk.gamespot.com/news/saints-row-iv-ban-upheld-in-australia-6412149Jacanuk
Who gives a flying buttprobe what they do with physical disc. People can just buy it online and download it so i cant really see a problem,

You might think so, but the goverment is very well capable of forbid the distribution of the game online as well. Try get Dead Island from a german Steam Account, good luck!

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As disheartening as it may sound....the military doesn't really take any chances. They have a strict protocol of procedures to follow in hopes of minimizing risks that will minimize deaths. If there are suspicious looking outsiders/stragglers/characters outside of their quarantine zones...or quickly made "make shift QZ"...they will most likely be shot on sight. bnarmz

Pft yeah right, even as a soldier, YOU take a rifel in your hand and shoot a father and his child daugther....I'd really want to see you doing that without any remorse at sight.

There's a reason why child soldiers are used in the real world: Most trained soldiers, no matter how good their trainig is, no matter how drilled to kill they are WILL hesitate to just kill a child.

And in the case of the intro you can CLEARLY hear that soldier tries to argue with his commander and hear the hesitation in his voice.

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Err...wait...what? I mean like...err...wait...what? I mean like...err...wait...what? I mean like...err...wait...what? I mean like...err...wait...what? I mean like...

......somebody slap me on the back already, I'm stuck in an infinite WTF? Loop ._.

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Great alot of good advice here. Thanks guys.

Defiantly not going to rush through it and take my time and explore.

Some said blow up megatron, some said don't. Any downfalls from blowing up megatron?


Yeah, no more Transformer Movies for Optimus Prime won't have a villain anymore :D

Sorry, just HAD too post that xD

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I'd say it has the identity of uniting 3 generations of Sony Consoles: PS1 Classics Programm and can play PS1 discs, PS2 Classics Program and HD Collections (and the first generation of PS3 systems could even still play PS2 discs as well) and of course, the PS3 games library itself.

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In the beginning, do as much missions around Megaton as possible and..I dunno which abilities it were you needed, but if you help the town to disarm the Nuke Bomb they'll grant you a house in there you can bring your loot and stash into, very good for beginners. The Missions around Megaton also serve as kind of advanced tutorial, afterwards you'll have some nice stuff, some experience and will be halfways prepared for the rest of the wasteland