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The combat was excellent but I didn't like the change in style


Pretty much sums up my thoughts, its a very good action game in its own right, but honestly failed as a Devil May Cry game for me, the style change was really way too drastic to the point that it kinda completely lost its identity as a DMC game.

Nailed it!

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Hell no, why should I pay monthly if I can get ALMOST the same experience with the Elder Scrolls Anthology?

Sure, no other players in this, but seriously, JUST other players to play with isn't BY FAR worth a montly fee of 15 $ or Euro

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Well the gameplay IS good, Dante's fighting style, what made his games very strong in the first place remains absolutely unchanged.

What most fans where p***ed off about was that they turned him from a stoic, cool, guy that was no fun to mess with if you end up on his enemy list into....well THAT THING in DmC

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People need to stop complaining about Gamestop trade in values. They can't give you 50$ for your 60$ game. They get thousands of them. Your copy of Madden 07 is worth nothing.


Sanity...here? o_O

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Will it continue fro MGS4? 4 was the first one I played from the series and i loved it. It was a lot to take in but I felt like I understood the story and it was an amazing one at that, an emotional rollercoaster. Will the 5th continue from 4, or is it completely different?


Nope, the MGS Timeline is jumping back and forth all the time with all new installments and 4 so far remains the Saga's final, V will continue the story arc directly after Peace Walker

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Very Simple Answer: NEVER! :)

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[QUOTE="trastamad03"]All I want to say is... Fvck World 2 in SAB.Wanderer5

:lol: They sure really ramp up the difficulty, also dragging it out like hell while they were at it. I don't mind the challenge but I sure hope W3 and 4 will have shorter zones. I rather have more zones than have really really long ones, which I don't want to think how long zone 2 will take in trib mode.

It wouldn't be that bad if not some inglorius basterd wouldn't have yelled "ARROW WALLS! LETHAL, ABSOLUTELY DEADLY ARROW WALLS YOU HARDLY CAN SEE EVERYWHERE!!!" at some point in the creation process ._.

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I wouldn't mind about the "making them more sexy part", but what infuriates me, as a Cosplayer myself is the "to encourage cosplay" part.

Is he, as much respect as I have for him for the so far great MGS Franchise and Storyline, really one of those idiots who think Cosplay is only Cosplay when it's sexy or the boobs of the girls jump out of the dresses?

We have enough of that on conventions already and if it goes with the character, just fine, but caterin to it like that and then even making a statement that almost says cosplay needs to be like that really wants to make me give Kojima a slap to the face.

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Hah! Battlefield 3 ^^

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Heck yes! One of the main reasons why I bought Black Ops II and the Season Pass for it!