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No idea where else to post this, sorry if I'm wrong here, but since a while I can't post or like on the GameSpot FB Page anymore, only share. What's that about? o.O

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Coming next year, the two point scale. Good or bad.SolidSnake35

YouTubeSpot xD

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[QUOTE="Black_Knight_00"]I never understood the point of gambling. It's like an implicit admission that the game you're playing is boring.El_Zo1212o
I always enjoyed watching poker on tv rather than actually playing it. There's a certain glee in watching one dude bet huge when the dude across the table's just sitting back totally ready to gut him.

And I never understood how somebody at all can enjoy looking at dudes who do nothing more but to stare on cards and each others faces...... :/

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Valve has hit the jackpot with Steam. They don't need to make games anymore. Not AAA games anyway. Look at Activision with CoD, look at Blizzard, who haven't made a game for 6 years after hitting the jackpot with WoW. Steam is Valve's CoD.

Why bother investing on making new AAA games when people are already throwing money at you for a service where you do nothing but get a cut on other people's games?


Well, from a business point they could just lend the licence to another studio and let it develop it for them, also getting a pretty big cut there. At least that's what most other studios do when they don't have the manpower to stem it all alone because they're to busy with other stuff.

Of course that would lead to a whole lot of new problems like "Will this studio do the franchise justice?" or "are they experienced enough?" or "Can we trust them in delivering our vision the way we imagine it?" etc. etc.

Well ok, Valve is pretty much known for quality and a certain "Valve-Standard" as I may call it here, so, I doubt we won't see that solution at any time soon.

Slightly OT: Jeez, I'm one of the few humans on this planet who never had big interest in the whole Half Life franchise, but due to the massive hype and talking about it even I start to discuss that topic....thanks internet -_-

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Hey everyone,

as we all (or certainly most of us) know, EA has earned some reputation as worst company of america twice in a row, and certainly it WAS justified for pulling BS like the Mass Effect 3 Ending Controversy,... rightout devastating Dragon Age 2...


I've always felt that EA's deleterious effects on BioWare were overrated. To me, BioWare's downhill slide started the day BG2 was published - everything after that is just...meh. But EA has served as a covenient whipping boy for the problems that have plagued BioWare games since the aforementioned date - poor writing, simplistic and unbalanced gameplay (except for anything based on D&D rules), no attention to detail, recycled environments, and so forth.

I dunno, Mass Effect 1, Dragon Age Origins and to a certain degree also Jade Empire all were received pretty well among fans and to a certain extent also to critics. There are probably some more games of BioWare after Baldur's Gate 2 which still "felt" like a BioWare game I can't think of the top of my head right now.

Also, at those people in the thread claiming about banks, Monsanto etc.: For sure, but we're on a gaming board here and EA had earned that title. To discuss if there are companies who are way worse should be the topic for another thread on a whole nother board I'd say, so let's keep it at games :P

Also, what do you think of the CEO change in general? Was it a neccessary and good step? Or do you think it's worse now?

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Hey everyone,

as we all (or certainly most of us) know, EA has earned some reputation as worst company of america twice in a row, and certainly it WAS justified for pulling BS like the Mass Effect 3 Ending Controversy, making C&C Generals 2 F2P, rightout devastating Dragon Age 2 and the Sim City cashgrab, but let's face it:

All of it was done under John Ricitello and since he's gone as CEO and now Andrew Wilson has taken over and promised that he will look into that matter, EA since then has done things like saying goodbye to Online Passes for good, added a 14 day digital games return policy for it's Origin Service, said that they, in the development of DA3 / Inquisition want to focus more on the strengths of DA:O and also said they realized the problems with things like always Online, that they even learned from the Sim City catastrophe and it has lead them to consider to scrap Always On for Sims 4.

I'm in no way speaking for or against EA, all I'm interested in is to discuss if EA as it is now and if you see it going up in your reputation, or still where it is or you wouldn't trust them further than 1 inch?

Really looking forward to discuss this matter with y'all :)

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Looking totally forward to The Witcher 3

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Lately a friend told me this:

When he plays a FPS and he's able to kill an opponent before he get's killed, he'll usually be good in the game, and vice versa, when he get's killed before he can strike his first kill he will usually suck in the game.

I'm not really believing in this, but that statement of him made me wonder, anyone else of you have any "first match" rituals, superstitions or whatsoever for a new FPS?
And what do you think of this "myth"?

Really interested to discuss about it with you.

Oh, and yeah, maybe we should expand it to ALL genres :) Post ahead!

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Does anybody else see a problem with Tequatl as he is now?

Sure, he now poses a great challenge, but the rewards, except from some tweaks, are mostly the same and while the Living Story is ongoing people will try to beat the hell out of it until everybody has beaten it down, but when the living story ends, who in the end will be still willing to go trough all that fuss for mostly the same loot?

I think Tequatl will be dead after the Living Story if he now stays like this, considering he is nowhere that special of a boss story- / lorewise.

Makes in my personal opinion now also absolute no sense that he now is stronger than Zhaitan......

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[QUOTE="SKaREO"]That 10 year old pile of garbage won't even run Windows 7.whitey_rolls
Doesn't mean there are no good games for it. Look at Halflife 1 for FPS or any of the old D & D games for RPG (baldurs gate, neverwinter nights 1) I think those would run

Two good advice. Add Diablo II to it, that should work as well. Specs are so low, it might even run on a toaster and still is great fun if you like hack'n'slash & looting and till today stays the most popular Diablo...and in my opinion also the best so far :)