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Where is the acount management link in media go anyways? Haven't been able to find it :X

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I have to use Media Go for my PSP,funny thing, that Welcome Back Promotion for PSP doesn't even show up when I use my PS3 for the Store, just on Media Go.

Well, at Media Go it shows up (with LOTS of other content which my PS3's PSN Store NOT has included), but when I click it it just say's No Content was Found.

Any Idea what I can do there or what may cause this problem?

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I have the exact same problem too, it always produces a network error code when I try to copy from my PC to my activated, registered, never fooled around withand Memory Stick Duo inputtedPSP.

This is the Error Code:

Network Connection Error 80048104

I googled it and it was said on some forums that it's due to virus protection software. I tried to deactivate it, I tried to run as admin, but nothing changed.

Whenever I try to transfer it this error message pops up and the transfer doesn't even start. After about 3 hours trying and googling everything I could I just gave up, annoyed and pissed like hell -.-

Anyone knows a way due to given circumstances I still can get my DLC from my PC to my PSP or what this error code in specific is?

TY in advance

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I'm frustrated as hell with Media Go, I downloaded DLC's for Dissidia Duodecim to my PC and whenever I try to transfer it Network Error Code 80048104 shows up. I looked it up on the Internet, it said it's the Firewall and Virus Protection Software that may be acting up.

So I tried to deactivate it all (Yeah I know how dangerous and kinda bad idea it is) but when I tried transfer it from my PC to my PSP it STILL produced this error code.

Can anyone provide help?