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Ok, I've finished the campaign of BF4 now and as much fun as it was gameplay wise to have that much options and relativley open level design, but who the hell wrote that story?

"Let me show them my face" - War Ends

I mean, seriously? WTF? So, why didn't the guy just show his face to the enemy soldiers right from the beginning and would have stopped the battle at all? Did I miss something? Or have the story writers REALLY become THAT lazy? Was Casey Hudson in Charge AGAIN?

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I tried to find the specific game boards for GTA V / GTA Online, and neither the forum search nor the index found anything helpful. Either the searching function is broken as hell or you guys said goodbye to single game boards?

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According to Infinity Ward, playing CoD :P

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Hey everybody, I saw this game is for free in the US, unfortunatley not in the EU, but for 20 bucks for the Trilogy I think about picking it up.

But I'm a bit confused, here on GameSpot the games are all marked as PSP, but in the PSN Store it also says the Trilogy is compatible with PS3.

Anybody can give me intel if they only mean for downloading or also playable on PS3? Thanks a lot!

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Played it a bit on PC, and sure it IS fun for a while, but it still has it's rough edges, like bad balancing, no real goal to play towards to, the point / unlock system is overly complicated etc. etc.

It sure has potencial, but it still needs a lot of polish. Then again, I haven't played it in a while so maybe it has gotten better already.

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I would like to know that as well, for I've only played DMC 1 - 5, but not Bayonetta yet, though I'm interested in it.

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In short and just to answer the question (I didn't read a single bit of the waaaaay to long initial post):

They do after I've finished a game and really liked it to se what's left of it and what there is left to be done. But not until I've beaten the story or spent my time with it on my own.

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@Arach666 said:

That review is the actual official GS review,it says member because most likely he hasn´t been with the site for a long time and his profile is updated as such(new site),or it was one of those reviewers that didn´t had an actual site profile,that was pretty common on GS quite a few years ago.

The review itself is even listed on gamerankings.

Oh well, ok...jeez what a chaos and mess....hope they iron out the new GameSpot soon, but as it is right now I reeeeally miss the old GS :/

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I tried to find a Review for the pretty old game "The Dig" and whilst it's great to HAVE user reviews around here for these kind of things, do you really think it's a good idea to feature them as some kind of official review?

Unrelated: With black background on the site the topic title that I type in is Grey on Black, pretty bad choice of colors.

And where the eff is the button to post this? o_O By the time you read this I'm sure I've found it, but wow, what a messy design o_O

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Does anybody else see a problem with Tequatl as he is now?

Sure, he now poses a great challenge, but the rewards, except from some tweaks, are mostly the same and while the Living Story is ongoing people will try to beat the hell out of it until everybody has beaten it down, but when the living story ends, who in the end will be still willing to go trough all that fuss for mostly the same loot?

I think Tequatl will be dead after the Living Story if he now stays like this, considering he is nowhere that special of a boss story- / lorewise.

Makes in my personal opinion now also absolute no sense that he now is stronger than Zhaitan......


he gives a crapton of loot, including some exclusive, best in slot gear. once people get the hang of taking him down, it won't be that much of an issue to take him down. the problem is with people that think he's too hard because they couldn't take him down on the first couple tries. remember how hard dungeons felt like at launch? and even though ANet hasn't nerfed or buffed any of them, they became significantly "easier" on the perception of the average player. why? because people learned the mechanics, learned how to play that content properly. if tequatl was defeatable on everyone's first run, you bet your ass that in a couple months it would go back to the same facerolling, mash 1 to win method of taking bosses down. as for lore reasons, we spent the final third of the personal story doing nothing but weakening zhaitan through guerrila tactics. we cut his food supply, his magic, everything. by the time we got to him, he was cornered and weakened, but still he was way stronger than tequatl ever hoped to be. the fight might be stupidly easy and boring, but that doesn't mean that lore-wise, taking him down was stupidly easy and boring.

Well, but a dungeon doesn't require a minimum of 80 players to get it done, especially most people are already fed up with Tequatl because instead of the "real fight" they land on Overflow Servers where significantly less people are ) Automatic Event Fail before it even has begun.

Also, Dungeon's HAVE been nerfed throughout the time, I can speak from experience there, Twilight Arbor Story for example.