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Anyone else always has to think Edward could be a modern version of Guybrush Appereance-wise?

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Well, just check out how many views the posts there have and how many go answered with "0"


This really isn't funny anymore....I mean, it's not like Battlefield 4 would be a total niche game now, would it?

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Not to mention you can't set up your soldier equipment anymore outside of the battle. It's amazing, they had this feature in the PS3 version of BF3 right from the start, and didn't add it into the PC Version until there was a massive protest about it. And now they forget it AGAIN?!

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- A guy in your team talks like Wade from GTA V
- A guy in your teams talks NONSTOP (preferably in a foreign language) and abuses the chat as free phone (that happens more often than you'd believe....)
- you get killed and see in the killcam that that guy get's stalked by someone from your team to knife him instead to shoot him and rescue you
- you spot enemy soldiers a billion times and after spotting 1 billion and one they STILL happily camp ever after

....any experiences I forgot / you want to share?

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Yeah, the freezing is a pretty common issue and has nothing to do with your disc or the console. The game is just effed up in that part, may be bad coding or it's just to much to bear for the PS3, regarding that the next gen version is not far away.

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At this point I am seeing plenty of negative feedback here about the site overhaul but what I am not seeing is any written response from anyone at Gamespot. Maybe there have been some responses buried in the threads here and I have missed them but I've read quite a lot of the posts here and have not seen one.

I'm sure I am not the only one who would like to know what the reaction to our feedback is at this point and what if any changes are being seriously considered or not in clear terms.

My own personal greatest point of dissatisfaction was the complete dumbing down of my profile page with my games collection and the replacement with "stacks" which are an unsorted mess with no information about each game anymore including my ratings of them. Also, my followed games list simply disappeared. What is more, the stacks are not working. I am unable to add new games to my collection for example. I have to think that this site rollout was at least tested on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers and yet many are reporting this feature is broken at such a fundamental level.

So please, could we now get some open and honest communication from Gamespot about what is being done, what will be done and what you are not planning to change? For many of us there are decisions to be made based on your response. So it would be much appreciated.

I've been a member for a decade and I am trying to be polite and respectful in this request despite how displeased I am. I hope you will have the courtesy to reply not just for my benefit but for many others here who probably like myself grow tired of talking to each other about all of this without any real news from Gamespot.

Thank you.

Your followed games list is here. I agree its hidden and maybe not very obvious. We'll make that better

Stacks will be getting a revamp very soon. Regarding adding to stacks, its a known issue which should be fixed in the next release.

We've already addressed the big issues with user reviews and are working on more. In the next big release you'll get your ratings on stack items and more sorting/filtering ability in User Reviews. Also your rating on a given game will show up wherever that game is featured. This will likely be released early next week.

In a release to come soon after you'll get sorting ability etc. in stacks.

Hang in there and please keep up the feedback.

Just forget all the update stuff. Save yourself a lot of work guys and just roll back to the old GameSpot. That's ALL we want.

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Dunno if this is the right section, for many Let's Players will also be affected by this, but partially I think the discussion is better suited for Off Topic (if any mods thinks it belongs to PGD though, feel free to move it)

The reason why I'm writing this: I'm a medium active YouTube user and so far liked it there, I chewed down that you needed to create a freaking stupid G+ Account for it, and ever since my activities there have become way less frequent, but I still enjoyed watching videos and commenting on them.

But what they are trying to do now, what I saw when I logged in to my Mailbox on YouTube was just beyond sanity:

If it's to small or too bad quality: In the little orange field it says most comment notifications now will go to Google + instead of the YouTube inbox.

Seriously, how despaired can a failed wannabe social network get?

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Did you really love Gamespot so much before all of the site changes?

A few months ago people were already complaining because this or that segment or feature was dropped, and this or that reviewer gave a game a bad score.

And now everyone wants things to go back to the way they were a few months ago. But none of you were happy then, either!

It just makes me chuckle.

There's a pretty big difference between SOME stuff you don't like, but still can live with, especially when the site functionality WORKED as intended, and a TOTAL overhaul where NOTHING is left to be liked.....

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???? These new forums are really setup to ask questions more so than comments. Yours is a mindless one. It would have been more helpful to everyone if you could stipulate as to what sucked and what's actually ruined. Instead we get an elementary one liner which I hope gets moderated into oblivion.

For someone who has over 250 posts you should be ashamed of yourself.

Word. Meanwhile anybody cares to answer to my pretty similiar and way more fleshed out topic a bit below? No? Ok.....

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Yeah, they really BRUTALLY effed GameSpot up now, been here since about the days of Dissidia 012 and I LOVED the site so far. Then they severed ties with GameFAQ's which made every not so famous and active specific game board near dead, but at least Blockbuster Games still had it's audience on the Boards.

When this state was JUST about to recover they transformed a PERFECTLY functioning system into THIS CLUNKY MESS and it took me about 2 days to even FIND the new game specific boards now, typing in a game in the search bar often results in that stupid "Nothing but a barren wasteland" result (Oh Ho Ho....how funny.....NOT!) and after I found it and wanted to start a legit discussion for Battlefield 4....guess what: Have you seen how many topics now go with ZERO answers? Even in AAA Board forums?

This is just sad and ridiculous and if GameSpot doesn't do anything about the HORRID state it is in right now I guess I'll be among the users who will use this site less and less frequently until I'll be gone for good.