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Kingdom Hearts II - Long Lasting Obsession - Finally Done!

Oh what have I waited for this day of joy. A long sustained dream has finally come true. I just finished Kingdom Hearts II today, finally, after abouttwo long longyears of waiting.

Why so long you ask? Well, first of all: No, I didn't need two years to beat that game alone ^^ Well, let mebegin it in terms of a well know video game line:

"This is My Story"

It all began when I saw Kingdom Hearts II in a store shelf quite some time after it's release, maybe one of the last product lines of the game that has been sold. Till that point I never was that much interested in playing Kingdom Hearts, even as big fan of Final Fantasy and I was as well aware that my all time favorite Final Fantasy character Squall Leonhart was in it.

But on this special, fateful day, maybe it have been faeries that made me decide to buy it (and because it had low price :P ).

Well, I bought it, took it home and started to play it. And some hours in the game it hit me like an Avalanche. I sat there in front of my PS2 and my only questions about that game had been:

"What? Who? Where? How? Why?......" and many many more of this kind, or in short: I realized I'd never be able to get the whole story if I'd never played Kingdom Hearts I or Chain of Memories.

And here layed the big and massive problem that forced me to wait: I couldn't obtain it anymore anywhere, not one single store was selling those games anymore...I looked out for about two years for them everywhere I went when I had the occassion, but without any luck.

And then, just about 1 month ago Lady Luck just visited me, a friend of mine send me exactly those two games among some others in her gaming collection and I couldn't belive my massive fortune.

So I finally was able to play KH I and Chain of Memories, and getting their stories, now feeling ready to finally play Kingdom Hearts II which I just finished today.

And it was TOTALLY worth waiting THAT long to finish the story, never before has ending a game felt THAT rewarding!

The game itself is a true epic masterpiece ofall ages of video gaming, the final bossfight was something that was just outright awesome and when the end credits finally rolled I felt a obsession releasing my heart.

A bittersweet feeling of finally beeing able to finish it but at the same time saying goodbye to something that followed me for so long.

Though knowing that the game will live on in my Heart, which is something not many games to with me. And when I think about all other fans of Kingdom Hearts who carry the memories of life of this awesome adventure in their Hearts as well I think I'm a bit closer to understand what "Kingdom Hearts" is and really means...

...it's way more than just the games explanation of it, it's something where I'm glad and touched deep in my heart by the fact that I'm a part of it now as well :)