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Decreasing Passion or just a phase?

Hm, after my Dissidia Games tells me now that I have played about 80 days consecutive this game and I really loved it so far, I just have very few goals left:

1 - Store to 100 %

Right now it's at 98 % and I can't find out what I'm missing, really an annoyance with such an overwhelming shop offer

2 - Exploring the Rest of the Labyrinth

Haven't even started with some of the cloisters and still want to obtain all Labyrinth Exclusive Shop Items (if they could be the missing 2 %?)

3 - Obtaining all Friend Card Titles

Though this could really be difficult for there is still no good guide around for what to do.

Well, so much about that, and as much fun as the game is, I've started to play some other games too again and don't miss playingDDFF too much.

So I wonder, it's just a passing phase and I'll pick up and play it again or it's over with the obession now...well, future will tell!