Revisiting Eorzea (Final Fantasy XIV open beta)

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Previous beta impressions here

Alas, I am unable to play because of a nasty 3201 error that says that I'm still logged in.  It happened around 11 last night, and I still can't get in.  I'm frustrated beyond belief because the beta ends at 2am PST tomorrow.  Anyway, here's what I thought.

I start up a new character, this time chosing Lalafell, which is like FFXI's Tarutaru.  I make his hair and facial hair blue, give him a blue tattoo, blue eyes... Yeah, I love blue.  I also make him as short as possible, because they always make the most adorable Tarutarus... err... Lalafells.  Anyway, the job I pick is Arcanist, and I forgot that starting cities are dependent on what class you pick.  This means I wouldn't be returning to the beautful land of Gridania.  Instead, I start off in Limsa Limonsa.  

Now, Limsa Limonsa is beautiful in its own right.  It's a port city, carved almost entirely out of white stone, and set on a blue oceanic backdrop, the town bleeds serenity.  It's a multi-tired city, though, so making your way through it can be a bit confusing.  It also doesn't help that quest markers aren't greyed out when they're on another level.  The outside environments of Noscea are hilly and grassy and remind me a bit of the Konschat Highlands.  They even got Windmills to match.  

The class I picked was Arcanist, and it seems about 80 percent of players have picked the same thing.  Arcanist has the ability to summon Carbuncle, and they are EVERYWHERE!  I have never seen so many carbuncles together in my lifetime.  They also can exist within the cities, which makes their appearances that much more constant.  Playing as an arcanist is a lot of fun, and so far I'm enjoying it more than I did Summoner in FFXI.  It seems that  you might even be able to solo easier.

This is all due to the fact that your MP is no longer drained when you have a summon out.  This means you could just let Carbuncle do the fighting and stand back casting magic.  Arcanists have a basic healing spell called Physick, and you can also heal Carbuncle as well.  The rate at which your MP regenerates is entirely too fast, though, so the ability Aetherflow, which restores  your MP is practically useless.  

I spend a good amount of time doing quests but there was one quest that was infuriating.  I had to check a crate for its contents, and out popped a couple of tree slugs, which were no problem, but the issue is that they cast area of effect magic.  When I was watching the cutscene after defeating them, there were others who trigged the slugs and I got hit by their AOEs and was pulled out of my cutscene.  That's an issue that needs to be fixed before launch.

So anyway, I'm here on my day off... unable to play anymore of the beta, which I was really, really enjoying up until that point... Oh well.. The game's almost out anyway.