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Misogyny and Grand Theft Auto


No surprise Carolyn Petit would knock the game for being "profoundly misogynistic".  Is it?  Well, I'm sure it is because ... well... it's Grand Theft Auto.  Is it a bad thing?  Contextually, no.  is murdering people a bad thing?  Contextually, in a video game, no.  People aren't dying in real life when you run them over in a video game.  Is grand theft auto a bad thing?  Contextuallly, again in a video game, no.  You're stealing cars in a fictional computer rendered environment.  No cop is going to arrest you for stealing a Lamborhini knock off.  You're free to do whatever criminal overload activitiy you can do within the game, except it's wrong if you do anything negative towards women.

Carolyn's moral compass is askew.  She can write about how wonderful this game is, which takes her through countless murders, shootings, robberies, all that kind of good stuff, but yet she's hung up on the fact that "it mistreats women".  Well, sorry to say, this is a game about ... crime.  Unfortunately, criminals tend to be aggressors towards women, so why should that not be reflected in a video game?  Is your character supposed to take a break from his violent world and take a hooker out to a five star restaurant and a Broadway show?  No... it's GTA being GTA.  Leave GTA alone. 

The irony of Carolyn's review is that she knocks the game for being "politically muddled" yes also states that it's "profoundly misogynistic".  To who, excactly?  To feminists?  Isn't that indicative of her own poltical beliefs?  Shouldn't she be keeping those kinds of biases out of her review?  I find it a bit unprofessional.  I feel it's unfair to knock a game for creating a fictional story where misogyny is reflective of a morally ill world.  This just irks me.  I'm tired of seeing this term "misogyny" thrown around.  Go ahead and say that because I'm a man, I don't understand.  Well, understand this.  Rockstar isn't who you should be expecting to strive to reduce the amount of misogyny in the video game industry.  It's wrong to expect an apple tree to suddenly start growing oranges.  

Now, could GTAV have had a female protagonist?  Well, sure.  Are they obligated to?  No!  It's THEIR game, THEIR story, not yours!  Upset that you can't play a female character?  Don't buy the game!  That simple!  It may be disappointing, but at the end of the day, it's their creative right to make three male-centric storylines.  I'm going to link to you a Jimquisition that I just recently watched, which sort of echoes how I feel on the matter.  


Yes, he does bring up the question of "Why not?"  But the answer to that question is... they simply don't want to.  Sucks, but that's the way it is.  Maybe other developers will make more games witih female protagonists, but leave it to THEM to make those steps foward.  Don't expect people who won't want to do something to do something.  Find other people who will.  

Sorry if this offended you, but this is exactly how I feel.