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Haven't been in the mood lately

Anyone who bothers to follow my blog outside of Awesome User Blogs has most likely noticed a lack in activity.  Yeah, well, since GS is doing god knows what with Awesome User Blogs, I haven't really felt compelled to write any new articles.  I hate to be the kind of writer that will only write if he can get his pieces seen, but honestly, isn't that the point of writing?  Still, I should be writing for my own sake, but it's been kind of a one-two punch lately.  Just shortly before GS canned AUBs and started doing GameSpotting (which apparently is featuring blogs more than 100 days old and just letting them sit there), DefaultPrime, the site that I review for, has entered into hiatus status.  So, I haven't been writing reviews either. 

I was relying on that site to give me some games to review for them, since I can't really afford to buy two or three new games every month like I used to.  I've just been playing games that I've had for a while until I got something from them to review.  I've been playing Red Dead Redemption on the PS3 the past month, and it's taken ages for me to finish that game, when it really shouldn't have.  I just can't seem to stay focused on anything for too long.  Anyway, I'm playing Undead Nightmare right now and am loving it.  You can expect to see a user review for that game here, as well as reviews I've had on DefaultPrime.com from the past several months that are no longer viewable to the public.  

So yeah, I'm sorry for the lack of activity lately.  Maybe I'll bring back my Now Playings, but I wish more people would comment in them.  I don't even know how many people even pay attention to this blog anymore now that editorials don't matter.  I'll probably end up starting up my own blog site, but that will have to wait until I get a new laptop.  My screen on the old one went out so I've been using my TV, and it hurts my eyes after a while.  Do me a favor, if you read this blog and have nothing to say, say something anyway so I at least know you still read it.