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Final Fantasy XIV: Error Access

It's actually Early Access, as everyone who preordered the game got a code to access the game early.  The only problem is, most of us can't log in now.  I was playing just fine this morning, when transitioning to a new area, I got disconnected with a 10102 error message.  I keep getting it when I try to log in, and occasionally get a 90000.  Once, I even got a 2002 with a message saying the entire lobby experienced an error.  

So what's the problem? From my understanding, the Duty Finder which is the player matching system for dungeons and other instances, is experiencing major problems.  The reason why many people can't get in right now is SquareEnix is imposing a log in restriction so they can try to optimize the system.  This explains why people who try to log back in are getting "Disconnected from server" errors.  

The beta's over.  The game has no launched, although not officially.  Last week's infamous 3102 error at least has the excuse of "It's beta!  They use this time to find these issues!"  Well, we got a 3102 during a period of time (Early Access) that was marketed to us as a bonus incentive for preordering the game.  For whatever reason, GameStop ran out of codes when I preordered from them, and had to cancel my preorder with them to preorder it on the PSN.  There really shouldn't be an excuse for keeping tens of thousands of people who actually bought their game out of their game.  

I wish this issue could  have happened yesterday while I was at work.  But no, it has to happen on Sunday, my day off, just like the 3102 glitch last Sunday.  And well, yesterday didn't go very smooth at all anyway.  On top of being at work for the majority of the day I come home and have to wait another hour and a half for maintenance to end, then I had serious wi-fi issues and couldn't even log into PSN.  Once I finally got in, got to play for an hour or so until yet another emergency maintenance.  

And I can understand the need for emergency maintenances, but the problem is, IT'S NOT FIXING ANYTHING!  This is at least their third attempt to fix an issue that's been  happening near the beginning of Phase 4.  Now that a good portion of Early Access is being wasted trying to fix this issue, people are starting to worry that this probem will persist into the official launch.  And when that does, the new influx of players will only continue to make it worse.  Right now, FFXIV is in worse shape than Phase 4, and Phase 4 had more people... 

I know glitches happen on MMO launches, but this goes beyond expected into the realm of ridiculous.