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Meaty Os

I just tried out the flash demo for Meteos. If you don't know of the demo, check it out in the thread I discoved it in. It had potential to be addicting, but if you read my posts in that thread, you'll find why I stopped. *sigh* Fine, for those too lazy to read it, the demo's seriously broken. The game never gets harder. I only lost because I started zoning out. I know it's some simple flash demo, but I can definately see the potential this game will have in its full version on the DS. It's already out in Japan, and I've been thinking of importing it, but I guess I should wait because the PSP's coming soon, along with Lumines, so my hands will literally be filled for some time. Still, I'd kill to know when we can expect Meteos in the States.

Speaking of PSP... three more days!!!

A Touch of Zelda

To start the day off, I tried to play Xenosaga II but was very discouraged as a result of how a few battles ended. It's a chore to play that game, it really is, and like most chores, it gets put off again. So... I picked up my DS and spent some time playing Yoshi Touch and Go. It's a great little game. Simple at first, but very addictive and challenging later on. It's just a shame there aren't more modes or stages to help extend the playabilty. I'm only addicted to it to see if I can finish all the modes and maybe break a few more records but once I do all that, I don't see myself playing very much more of it.

I also played Zelda a little more, but not much today. I was doing some mandatory things around Hyrule Town in order to find a particular Minish that has information about how to reach the fourth dungeon, but wouldn't you know, just when I think I'm getting close, what do ya know? I got to go fetch an item clear on the other side of Hyule. Typical Zelda, isn't it?

*sigh*... 4 days left until the PSP.

The DS helps make work fun!

It's kind of a misleading title because I haven't really been playing a DS game per se, just been playing Zelda: Minish Cap on the DS. Still, I do enjoy playing GBA games on it because the backlighting really helps to make the graphics stand out. Anyway, I cleared the third dungeon and **spoiler** was disappointed to find that Wind Element I set out to find wasn't there. Turns out I have to forgo that particular element for now **end spoiler**. I got the Orcarina of Wind now so traveling around Hyrule will be a little easier, and I just discovered that I can use the Cane of Pacci to flip over those jars to make them portals to shrink myself, so I've been exploring more of Hyrule Town and found the figurine guy. I've got about 60 figurines now. The way you get them really reminds of how you got the trophies in SSBM on the GC.

Anyway, the only thing worth mentioning is that my game colllection is on GS is now up to date, so feel free to browse it whenever you like. :)

Why am I fighting it...

FFXI screwed me up bad... I'm finding it hard to want to sit down and play other games now that I'm no longer playing FFXI. I know I need to finish Xenosaga II. I'm about a few hours away... but dammit, I just don't want to play it! I could play a bunch of other games instead, but I just don't feel like playing ANYTHING! Even my new Yoshi Touch and Go, a game I know is addicting, can't seem to beckon me. Am I burnt out? I dunno... I feel sort of like an inmate who's been locked up for a long time finally set free and has no idea what to do now... damn FFXI...

I'll tell you what though... the PSP has been on my mind every god damn day since I preordered it. Less than a week now and I'm aching for it... I want to play the puzzle bliss of Lumines. I want to play Wipeout Pure. I want to do multiplayer wireless Ridge Racer... I think PSP will get me geared up to keep gaming again. Oh yeah, it also seems like the most gaming I do nowadays is at work on my DS. I broke a record of six million on Zoo Keeper at work. I beat almost all the games in Wario Ware Touched at work. I started Zelda at work and got the third dunegon at work. In fact, I've never turned on MInish Cap in my own home.

So what do I do while I'm at home that keeps me from gaming? ... I watch TV while posting on the forums... Pathetic, I know... I thought I would finally be able to get to my other games once I quit FFXI and I actually did play Xenosaga II a lot since then, but I should have finished that off a couple of days ago and started on other games... I guess I just got to force myself to get Xenosaga II over with and then I may get into gaming once I play games I really like again. By the way, I couldn't find my charger this morning and thought I left it at work, so I went to work without my charger and I didn't even have enough juice to make it to 12:30. I had to go to 7 without my DS... and that just sucked...

Breaking free again

It's been about a week and a half since I played FFXI. It's nice to finally be free of that game again. This time, I'm "only taking a break" because I didn't want to delete my character again and waste all that time I played like I did with my Tarutaru. The reason for this sudden inactivity is because the friend I was trying to catch up with in level quit herself. So now I'm free and back on GS.

What have I been doing lately? Well, I've been playing Xenosaga Episode II and am not really having as great a time as I've had with the first game. For some reason, I just can't grasp the battle system and that makes every battle seem like a chore. The dungeons and puzzles are a joke and the story and cutscenes aren't really impressing me this time around. What's worse is that I'm about a few hours from finishing it and I just can't seem to do it. Man... talk about a disappointing sequel. The only time I felt this disappointed about a sequel was DMC2.

Wow... it's been a long time since I've entered in this journal. Last entry was before the DS came out. Speaking of the DS, I love that system. I currently have SM64DS, Zoo Keeper, Warioware Touched and Yoshi Touch and Go and I love them all, but I'm still trying to get the hang of Yoshi. The forums are crazy though, with all these DS vs PSP discussions. I'm just happy I'm fortunate enough to be able to own them both. I cannot wait for the PSP! Just seven more days!

A can of mixed nuts

To start this entry off, I'm ashamed of myself that I've let four days slip past without a single entry. It's aways hard for me to keep up on any journal. Anyway, I found myself playing more and more FFXI as of late, and spend a good deal of Sunday trying to get my THF to 15 while farming at the same time. I spent some time yesterday partying in Valkrum Dunes where I eventually leveled to 16 and then I put a stop there so I wouldn't pass Yin too much. She has a 15 SAM and I would really like to party with her again some day. The game's trying to work its claws back into me, but I'm fighting this time. I only got on today to pay someone back some gil the lent me. I didn't even get back on last night because...

...I was playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I wanted to write in my journal last night but ended up being too tired because of the game. The game's great so far, just like the other two, but it's too similar in ways where you (I) get distracted so much, you end up being bored for a while. Anyway, I'm playing it right now. I just completed the Home Invasion mission where you have to burgalarize a retired war vet's house of guns without waking him up and then driving to a lockup without attracting any heat. It took me a few tries. The first, I ended up not being stealthy enough. Then I blew it the second time by accidentally running over someone and then I couldn't shake the cops. Now I can perform burglaries at night whenever I'm not on a mission to make some extra loot.

As far as Paper Mario (N64 version, in case you forgot) goes, I've been doing a lot of slacking, mainly because FFXI is becoming a thorn in my side again. I did find the Dry Dry Ruins though, which is the game's second dungeon, and I think I have most of it done. I also got my Stone Hammer upgrade so now I can hurt enemies a little more, not to mention finding two Power Blocks that increased the attack power of my party members Kooper and Bombette and teach them new moves. I have most of the dungeon done, I think, and I would have finished it last night but I found out GTA:SA got released early so I went out and picked it up and started playing.

Oh yeah, there's the business about recent game purchases. I already told you about GTA:SA, but Kirby and the Amazing Mirror arrived in my mail box yesterday as well. I love Kirby games, regardless of their difficulty, or lack thereof, and it'll be the next GBA game I start. When that will be, I'm not sure. I also went to Best Buy today where I found Project Gotham Racing 2 and RalliSport Racing 2 for 20 bucks each. Why am I just now getting them, you ask? Well, I didn't pick them up when they got released because back then, I was taking a break from the genre when too many racing games kept pissing me off. Since I waited, I was able to snatch up both these awesome titles for only 20 bucks, and before they got put in their Platinum Hit cases. Also, I saw Outrun 2 got released today, and I wanted to buy it, but I haven't read any reviews on it so far and didn't know how it turned out. If it looks good, I may have to buy it. Outrun was so much fun; I hope the sequel does it justice.


Down goes another boss in Paper Mario! The victim this time is Buzzar, the giant vulture. Apparently, he tried to nab me before I could enter Dry Dry Desert. When he first confronted me, he asked what my name was and I told him Luigi, and he let me go, so I screwed up and exited out a few screens and came back in because I wanted to fight him (got to get Star Points when I can). Anyway, I wasted time switching over to Goombario and then Tattling him for info (for those that don't know, Goombario has an ability called Tattle which scans for vital statistics and informs you of strategies). I also didn't have any timing down, so I got owned on the first bout. The second time around, though, I as prepared and owned him back. He's pretty hard, and he didn't give me nearly as many Star Points (exp) as I wanted, but I beat him nonetheless.

Still on the subject of death, I played FFXI after that and partied with Yin (new nick I'll use for her so I can stop referring to her as 'her') and another LS member and we decided to kill yagudos in Giddeous. Sadly, it took a turn for the worst and I ended up forgetting about one of the holes that drops you down a level filled with stronger mobs. My party decided to jump down after me and we all died together. Someone was nice enough to come raise us while we had a PLD come down and protect us while we healed. We decided to move out to a safer place when he had to go AFK for a few minutes, and calamity struck again. We were jumped by a yagudo pop and we tried to fight it until our PLD came back, but after the smoke settled, I was the only one left. When our PLD came back, he was like, "What happened?" Death sucks... Anyway, I'm going back on now so hopefully, things will go a little smoother now.

Another one bites the dust

And another one goes, and another goes, another one bites the dust! Sorry... Anyway, I just finished X-Men Legends. God, I loved that game! Great game! I was watching the ending when ****spoiler**** Apocalypse appeared watching on a monitor and said something along the lines of "Enjoy your victory while you can. The time of Apocalypse is nigh." I was so excited that it was setting up for a sequel, I exclaimed my joy to Oilers when he gave me confirmation with news of an upcoming sequel. Ok, now, you remember earlier how I said beating Master Mold was impossible because I got beat up badly before I started fighting him? I just remembered that there was an X-traction point (the game's save point system and party exchange system) in the battle area. It seems impossible to beat because I ran too low on healing items, but it never occured to me to swap out or resurrect my fallen team mates in the X-traction point. So after I ate dinner, I turned on the Xbox and did just that whenever someone got killed. I finally beat the game! I can't believe how easy the solution was!

Regarding Paper Mario, I didn't play it as much as I wanted to. I took the train to Mt. Rugged and explored a little bit when I bumped into the mail delivery bird (can't remember his name) who lost three letters on the mountain. I found the first two, and I'm sure once I find the third, he'll join my party. Then it will be off to Dry Dry Desert where I assume I'll find the second dungeon.

I was playing FFXI again last night, only for a couple of hours this time. I got my THF up to 10 and was just focusing on farming a little bit, trying to get some income. The economy on Pandemonium is much different then it was on Titan. Everything's a lot more expensive. Of course, farmable items sell a lot better as a result. When I left Titan, a stack of silk thread was 8K, but over here on Pandemonium, it's a whopping 13K! The catch is that the drop rate of silk was reduced drastically during one of the upgrades. Square-Enix can be really annoying when it comes to updating stuff. I'll probably get on again tonight and see if I can party with her, but for now, on to Paper Mario!

A little of this, a little of that

I need to get into the habit of making sure I enter every night. I forgot to late night, and the night before and I always make it up the next day, which just doesn't seem right. Anyhow, I took Sonic Advance 3 with me to work yesterday to finish up the last zone. It's really hard playing a game like that at work, because I have to pause it every few seconds when I get new calls (I'm a directory assistence operator just so you know). It took me the whole day to finish up three lousy acts. I tried to finish off Dr. Robotnik in his final form before I left, but I wasn't successful. So, when I got home, I quickly ate, turned on my SP and turned off Robotnik for good. Scratch another game off my backlog list. Some day, I'll have to keep playing it with the other characters and look for secrets, but with so many games, I'm just happy to see the credits.

Afterwards, I turned on Paper Mario and played through it for a couple of hours. I managed to clear the first dungeon. It's about as basic as first dungeons can get, but I was treated to a cool and hilarious boss battle. Fighting the Koopa Bros. (which are a satire of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) in the mock Bowser suit made me laugh. I blew it apart and had to fight as they stood ontop of each other and whaled on me with spinning attacks. I nearly lost but with at-the-last-minute strategic planning, I came through by the skin of my teeth. One Star Spirit rescued, six to go. Tonight, I'll be venturing into Dry Dry Land. I shall let you know how that goes tomorrow.

Sigh...I played FFXI for about four hours last night. I know it sounds like I'm making excuses, but I decided to play the game and watch a couple of DVDs I haven't opened. I figured I don't do anything when I watch my DVDs, so I might as well just play FFXI. Why I really wanted to play it was because of my friend. It took her a while to finish up what she was doing, but eventually, she changed her class to her level 9 monk and gathered up more of her LS members and we had a party going in Tahrongi Canyon. We weren't really that effecient, but I was actually able to party with my friend for the first time, and it felt pretty good. I know that made her extremely happy. I really wish I joined her server from the get go. I wouldn't have nearly as much resentment towards that game that I do now because I would have been playing it with her.

Returning to the N64

Last night, I dug my N64 out of the deepest recesses of my room and plugged it back up. Why, you ask? Because I also finally unwrapped my copy of Paper Mario. Believe it or not, I never played this gem before. Anyway, I sat down with the title for a good four hours or so, and I must say, I regret not having played the title before. There's a major charm about this game that cannot be denied, and the game just screams of unique art direction. I can pretty much care less for the story because it's about as cliche as any Mario game can be, but it's the dialogue that keeps up the slack. Just as with Mario and Luigi, the game's lines continuosly crack me up. I also love the battle system and the party set up. So far, I have Goombario, Kooper and Bombette. I played through the Koopa Fortress for just a little bit, but then headed out to save and quit, since it was getting late.

As far as FFXI goes, I only played it for about a half hour. I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to play the game without being powerleveled by her, so I'm going to wait until she's available to do that. She says that once I reach 15, the linkshell will be able to form a party where we can all level up together, but as I said before, I don't want to get to 15 without her. I probably could have soloed my way there, but being a THF just absolutely sucks in the early levels.

Ah, I almost forgot. I've been playing X-Men Legends for a while now and just got to the last level. I don't think I can beat this game... When I enter the last room, I must have had to fight like 20 Sentinel Advances with six of these spider-looking sentinels. Everytime I try, I end up getting so beat up and using most of my health potions. To top it off, Master Mold fights me right after I kill those sentinels. He wouldn't be so bad if I had an option to go back and buy more potions, but he spams missiles at me and summons more sentinels to fight me at the same time. It's just impossible!