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So.... Christmas

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Well, Its that time of year again...


The one event that seems to suck up everything around it. The fandom behind it was felt midway through freaking Novemeber for me. I could understand maybe a week or two into December, but Novemeber?

Anyway, quick question, what are your thoughts on Christmas?

Do you enjoy getting presents? Think its overrated?

Whistle and Ill come to you

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I can't say I've ever been truly scared by a film, but this short film from the 1960's really sent a shiver down my spine.

Most horror flicks nowadays rely too much on blood and gore to deliver scares but I was quite happy to watch one that relied on atmosphere, build-up and no fancy technical wizardry to deliver the goods. The acting, script and just about everything else are all there, and it has dated very well. Its just a good, old ghost story.

I really recommend people check this out. The DVD of it goes for a bomb on Amazon (usually nearing a 100 pounds) but its easy to find on a site such as youtube.


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I've been warned twice now in the past week, I'm sitting on 3 moderations now.

Its a figure I want to keep down but stopping myself from saying certain things isn't always easy.

Anyways, quick question: how many times have you guys been moderated?

So I just played the Battlefield 3 PS3 beta....

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And it was really solid. Graphics were amazing, the gameplay quick and frentic and the one map included was very enjoyable to play. The sound was amazing too.

Of course being a beta there were a fair amount of bugs and glitches but it was still totally playable. Right now Skyrim is sitting at the top of my to-buy list but BF3 is now a close second.

Battlefield 3.....

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Anyone else really looking forward to this? From what I've seen, it blows MW3 out of the water.

I'll be updating my rig to play it on PC as my current one doesen't reach the minumum specs.