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No .. not out of my mind :x

I've been out of my mind for ages now :P

I'm talking about the freakin' 30s here on Gamespot !! Up till level 37 it was cool but after that I really wanted to get out of the 30s .. Sadly it took waaaaay too long . Specially that idiotic level 39 that just seemed to go on forever .

For some reason ever since I joined the site , the 40s to me represented the old wise members .. well maybe not wise but it just seemed that those over 40 were the veterans .. of course people over the past years have levelled way beyond that and have reached crazy numbers but still . Getting to the 40s means you've spent quite enough (*cough*waytoomuch*cough*) time on this site . Now that I've hit 40 , I can sit back and let the level up meter go as slowly as it wants :)

lvl 40

Ahem ! A wild random picture appears !! :D

On another note , even though level 40 clearly says Abobo , for some reason it's just tied in my head to Aladdin !! Not sure if it reminds me of the monkey Abu or Jafar's mocking of Aladdin's prince name "Prince Abubu" but hey , Aladdin ftw!




Ok I'm out !

Madness of # !!

# of years of medical school in Egypt = 6 + 1 year as a house officer

# of year I'm currently in = 5th

# of months this year spans = 14 months (September 2012-November 2013)

# of subjects = TWO

# of days I have before finals = 38

# of days of the final exams themselves = TWO MONTHS (September to November)

# of approximate pages I should probably study = 2500-4000

# of pages I've studied so far = lol Zer0 !

Yoda Come at me bro

My 5 Golden Rules to enjoying Anime !

So if you read this blog you'll think I hate Anime or think they suck .. I really don't . I enjoy the heck out of them but this is the accumulated advice after many bad experiences :cry:

Without further ado .. here are my 5 golden rules .

Next blog I might review Sword Art Online which I finished recently !


Rule #1 = If it's bad , don't expect it to get good !

I may not have watched enough animes as the otakus out there but I've had my fair share .. I can't honestly think of a single anime where it wasn't good from the beginning , yet I kept saying it had potential and could get good , and it got good . The first couple of episodes are usually an indication of where the anime is going . Don't waste your time hoping for something that's not there unless you know for a fact it will get good from someone who watched it .

Only possible exception for me :Deadman Wonderland where it finally started realizing its initial potential and got super awesome near the end but then it totally ended suddenly .. unless they do season 2 and continue on the high they reached it will be another wasted potential .


Rule #2 = If it's good , expect it to get bad !

Japanese are super epic when it comes to creating new concepts for anything including anime . However they have this ridiculous habit of taking an epic concept and running with it in a weird direction . I've seen many an awesome anime suddenly take a weird/lame turn . So while I don't want you to get pessimistic , always be wary while watching a great anime that it'll suddenly change focus and get ruined . Just be on your toes so your hopes don't get crushed .

Example of this , my most recently watched anime : Sword Art Online . Without any spoilers , episodes 1-14 are EPICNESS . Episodes 15-25 are super lame !


Also : Darker Than Black . Season 1 was awesome . Then season 2 is the definition of "what the hell" .

Rule #3 (aka Rule #2.5) = Conclusions suck !

So this might sound like rule 2 but it's not . This is not just my opinion either my friends agree with me on it . My greatest advice to you to avoid disappointment is to expect a super crappy conclusion to every anime . This differs from the previous rule in that many awesome animes are epic throughout , but it's the final couple of episodes when they wrap things up that things get really really bad . Instead of an epic showdown between the hero and villain perhaps the villain will be vanquished with the power of friendship and love or some sort of thing . Or the fight will be so one sided in the hero's favour that it's zero fun or interesting . Or some crazy plot twist at the end that makes no sense will end the anime . Or perhaps even the anime won't end at all and they'll just leave things undecided !!

Some of the best anime I've watched have bad endings . Very very very few have good ones .

One of the animes which was great but had a rubbish ending : Fate Zero (Just the very ending , otherwise EPIC) Also : Soul Eater (Which was somewhat great but never I think reached my list of greatest anime . Then it ended on a low note with a rubbish climax and so much potential untapped. Then again it had the most epic character ever created . Excalibur ! Fools !!)


One of the epic animes which had an epic ending : Angel Beats!

Rule #4 = Be Patient !

This is more for those like me as some don't mind it . But I really advise against watching an anime that hasn't ended . Animes can be super awesome and they do cliffhangers really well . So waiting a week or two for the next episode can be really agonizing as you're dying to see what'll happen next . So wait for it to end and also probably check out reviews or comments on the anime (can be tricky avoiding spoilers) to make sure you're not wasting your time on an anime that turns south or ends the season on a cliffhanger .

Rule #5 = Ignore Every Previous Rule !!

Know what you're looking for and enjoy it to your heart's content . There are tons of anime out there that people say are epic but me and my friends hate . Others are considered lame or aren't well known but we love . Just like video games and review scores . Also , learn to look for what you enjoy . Many a time , I've completely ignored the story of an anime which sucked and simply enjoyed the fight scenes or the humor or what not .

Not every anime is perfect and none will have every aspect you love . Watch different anime for different reasons and enjoy them all . And occasionally you'll stumble upon an epic anime that'll blow your mind !


What's your Metal Gear Solid 3 of anime ? By which I mean obviously , what are the most epic animes you've watched in your opinion ? (Because obviously MGS3 is the most epic videogame out there and is used to denote EPICNESS :| If you disagree , I will forward the clock on my pc and age you to death :!: :x :roll: )

Adam out ..

Medical Breakthrough ? Uplifting blog !

Sometimes - most of the times , depending on your specialty - it feels as though we doctors (I say "we" hah .. I'm a couple years away but hey I've been working the ER for 4-5 months now !) are fighting a losing battle .

It feels as though it's not that people are going to live and we help them pass through sickness .. but as if everyone's dying and you're desperately attempting to pull back a few from the brink of death .

We're all gonna die of course and no one lives longer or shorter than he's/she's meant to , but the view can get cloudy after a bad day(s) losing patients in a row or being helpless against disease .

Then you see this amazing video and you get inspired .. in my case , you say to yourself "Man , that was supposed to be MY breakthrough !" . Watch the video and get inspired to contribute something to humanity whether you're a doctor or not !!

Here's a LINK TO THE VIDEO in case embedding fails . Here's a link to the PubMed abstract and the amazingly free research paper !!


Fire With Fire | Ross Kauffman from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.


Note #1 : This is purely in its first stages . It worked in one child (Emma) after so many life threatening side effects and it is still under study . The other child's disease I believe sadly relapsed :( .

Note #2 : The video provides an extremely simplified view of the treatment . Read the article for what actually takes place . It's super technical , however , even for someone like me who's had 5 years of medical education !


Change the world ! .. Adam out :)

Super Frustrating Platinums

Why am I returning to blogging again ? Honestly cause I really want to hit the 40s levels on Gamespot . The 40s to me have always represented veteran users on this site :)


Anyways .. last week I finally got my 15th Platinum trophy . It was bloody horrible . It took soooooooooo much restraint not to throw my controller at the wall !!

broken controller


The game in question was the remastered edition of Shadow of the Colossus . The game itself was great on the first plathrough . Unfortunately , I decided to go for the platinum and man was that an awful decision . Not only does it have trophies with ridiculous requirements (time wise .. requiring you to play for sooooo many hours) but the main problem was that when the game got remastered for the PS3 , for some reason they messed up the gameplay causing Wander to be super shaky on colossi . So if a colossus just breathed , that would shake Wander and interrupt his attack . That made getting through the Hard Time Attacks (defeating each boss on hard difficulty with minimal health and stamina and in a super tight fixed time) almost impossible . Specifically for two colossi .

At that point though I had gotten every other trophy so I was compelled to keep going . After many many days and even more frustrations and yelling ... I got the platinum .

Sotc platinum trophy


It's one thing to be difficult (something I love) and another to be extremely frustrating and hard due to bad design not challenge . But anyways , I intend on writing an editorial about trophies and what I think makes a good/bad trophy set .


What has been your most frustrating trophy and which has been the trophy you are most proud of ? I'm personally quite proud of my Demon's Souls platinum trophy . As for most frustrating or hated .. it'll have to be between this trophy and the Soul Calibur V trophy where you had to walk with the characters a ridiculous distance during fights ( I literally had to start a fight with infinite time then use a book to keep the analog pressed to the left so the character kept backing away .. it took hours ! )


Adam out !

Is bias or fanboyism bad ? No , says Football !

WARNING!! : This blogger operates under the delusion that you know what the true sport of football is. (Hint: The one that involves feet) Also, technical terms will be used! (Just one. Offisde goals.) Bear with it, there's a point to be made ... I think.


So during these two days, fans of footy all over the world were treated to two semi-final matches of the Champions League (Da Champioooooooooooooons .. ahem . Sorry, it's a reflex). Yesterday, Bayern convincingly dismantled Barcelona 4-0 and just hours ago, [Lewandowski] Borussia Dortmund destroyed Real Madrid.

Now I'm a supporter of Barcelona. As are many of my friends. More still, are Real supporters, and after our humiliating defeat yesterday they treated us to mockery of the first degree. In turn we wheeled out the excuses of us playing badly for a while now, ridiculous refereeing allowing offside goals to stand and other such trifles. 24 hours later, Real got served and we went on the offensive dishing out ridicule as good as we got it!

RM defeat

I hear the only remaining reader asking: What's your point, mate?! Well here it is. After all the comics,status updates and messages sent teasing and making fun of each other .. after all the dust had settled you know what he had all had? Good fun and a laugh.

We "fight" with each other and argue. We make fun. We make excuses. We say "Ours is the best". But at the end of the day, at least to those who aren't way too serious to be taken seriously, it's all in good fun. And you know what? It should be no different than fanboysim and gaming allegiances.

PC gaming is dead! Nintendo is for kids! Enjoy your RROD sheep! Endless updates and rubbish internet for you cows!

As long as individuals are intelligent enough to not take it too seriously, I believe light hearted trolling and enjoyable flame wars should be encouraged. As long as it's creative/amusing then I say keep it coming. People make such a big deal about how you should be neutral and love all gaming. Why? You could be neutral and support all teams playing a sport. True, you'd never experience any of the lows of any team since you wouldn't be affected. But you wouldn't get to experience the massive highs. A last minute goal in the extra time making you leap high enough to touch the ceiling.

You could argue that you should get all consoles but you'd be deluding yourself. Most gamers can't afford that. Why not give them the fun that comes with being a supporter of a company? Companies couldn't care less about the individual gamer and neither do the sport teams. Still, supporters of teams say "WE won. WE'll destroy you.". It's a nice sense of belonging to something bigger.

After all, while game journalists despise bias and fanboyism we all know that the sites they work for thrive on flame wars and trollbait articles. That's their main traffic! Food for thought.

Is there a Doctor in this forsaken blog ?!

Crazy Doctor

Shh ! Don't worry .. this'll only hurt .. like CRAZY !! :twisted:

Just a super-quick-dropping-by-to-say-hi blog :D .. Felt appropriate what with me levelling up. FINALLY !

So how has everyone been ? I'm going to assume you've all been great heh. Also that you've been playing games and such. Me ? I'm trying to. Making my way through ICO currently (which isn't as great as I thought it would be if I'm being honest) then hopefully getting to Shadow of the Colossus after that so I can reach the meaty stuff. Ni No Kuni which I bought but remains untouched and the DLC of Dark Souls ; Artorias of the Abyss which I bought as well.

Life though is too hectic. I'm at that point where you have too many options that you end up doing nothing :roll: . Plenty of great games to play .. Tons of awesome books I bought at the last book fair .. Medical Textbooks that I really wish to flip through. Yet here I am writing a blog xD

I'll end this with a couple of questions.

Big Boss

Question #1: Am I the only one who has persisted in NOT using Fuse or the WHITE theme for Gamespot ? Random I know but I like to feel I'm not the only one :cry: :D

Question #2: Please can someone out there agree with me that while MGS1 was epic and MGS3 was a masterpiece of gaming .. MGS2 was bad and MGS4 was atrocious ? I know people who only played MGS4 think it's the bee's knees but surely those who played the series can relate to what I'm saying. I know Shaun McInnis (GS staff) thought the same when he did a marathon of all MGS games.

Ah well what do I know. MGS5 is coming now and people are drooling over it. I truly think Kojima is overrated. He does amazing things but people should acknowledge he sometimes does things that are just plain bad. I think MGS5 will fall in the second category. Then again I'm a mad doctor ! :lol:


Really enjoying my time volunteering in the ER twelve-hour night shifts !

Adam out ..

Passing By: An Editorial !

Bear with me please in this blog even if you disagree (or don't ! See if I care. You basta- lol jk. But seriously. Stick with it. Or else.). It takes an unexpected turn near the end.

A lazy, haggard figure cuts through the crowd of bustling Gamespotters and announces in a feeble voice, attracting the attention of pretty much no one, that: "It is I passing by, Just Adam, once of these regions called GS."

In truth I never 'really' left and given everything I'll probably never 'really' return. Whether I pass by once in a while depends on the winds and the tides and .... enough nonsense.

To the dude/lady bothering to read this, I say good day to thee. I have been up and down tangled in that pesky thing called Life. I am a 5th year medical student which means you can often spot me prancing about the University hospital, with the stethoscope dangling around my neck and a beaming confidence of a grizzled doctor; really proud and as knowledge-hungry as the most voracious of ...... here I go with the nonsense again. Forgive me.

I am well. thank you, as vague a term "well" can be. Hope you are too. As I say I never truly left because I still use this site to keep up with game news, releases,announcements ... etc. I have come this night of all to share with you my opinion that you never asked for, about a subject you don't care about. Let us take a journey.


Stage 1 - Anger ?! [ The Games Industry is CRAP ]

Yes, first stage's not denial here. This is different. As I look at the industry it looks so bleak and so bad. Studios just keep taking all the wrong directions with games. Gamers just keep on supporting and demanding the most moronic of ideas and trends. Critics keep the vicious cycle of (good=kill it and bad=encourage it) alive. It's just a mess.

I give you Hideo Kojima. Kojima is moronic. Woah what? You know Metal Gear Solid 4? Greatest game of all time? Even haters love it? It's the worst out of the four main titles of MGS. It embodies everything everyone hates about games these days. Super-dumbing-down of gameplay? Check (Drebin store, most idiotic idea ever). Despised Turret Sequences? Check (about 5038288975329 sequences in MGS4 if I'm not mistaken. Zero of them remotely not-bad). Story? lolwut. Crappy Bosses? Yes sir (Inferior versions of already encountered bosses in the series). Believability and Difficulty non existant? Would you like 50 RPG ammo and an RPG good sir ? Why just press start and get them anytime. Check. Perfect controls of MGS3? Let's ruin them!! No cool CQC for you! Fun codec calls with funny cool characters? Nope! Camo and Stealth and Equipment scavenging? lolwhy? Practically limitless Night Vision, instaCamo and limitless purchase of enough silencers for weapons.

I could go on and on. What did I find good about this game? Nostalgic moments, some cool animations in the 45-minute-long-each cutscenes and awesome graphics!

Who loves this game? Everyone who more often than not only played MGS4. Amazing that not even the nostalgia factors in here. So cool graphics and a mess called a story that makes you want to say you totally got its deep messages so you seem intelligent but deep down you know it's utter drivel. Graphics then? B-b-but graphics don't matter, what matters is the game. Hmmm.

Dark Souls

Stage 2 - Light or Denial? [ Hope is kindled ]

Not all is lost! A game critic -no less- writes an article about his MGS marathon. How like you, it is clear to him that MGS 1 and 3 are the best. MGS2 is not bad but not great and 4 is the worst of the bunch. You head to the comments section in disbelief. Yes! People reminisce about their playthroughs of MGS. You are not alone. They all think the same. You are filled with false hope.

Demon's Souls gets best game of the year on GS! You don't care if they did it to look hip or if they really meant it. People are recognizing brilliant games. Heavy Rain comes. Journey comes. Oh what heavenly gaming this is. You get your hands on Dark Souls. You immerse yourself in it. You can't believe such magnificence exists.

People around you are saying it's awesome .... because it's so hard. You shrug and don't care. You know it's not hard at all. No matter. Some young gamers who can't handle it. It doesn't matter because you are surrounded now by the Dark Souls community. EpicNameBro on youtube produces amazing videos analyzing the lore of Dark Souls. You share in the boards of millions of posts discussing theories about things in the story. Your interpretation. It's magnificent. Gaming is amazing!! But ...

Heavy Rain Ethan

Stage 3 - Back to reality [ Shocked back to your senses ]

The gaming world doesn't care. They all though Dark Souls was a cool hipster game to get on the bandwagon of loving so you'd seem hardcore to your friends. It's "that super hard game that has no story but is so hardcore". You were deluded. You were the vast minority. Idiocy runs rampant again. It actually never stopped existing.

Skyrim. Enjoyed by many? Yes. Glitchy and broken to hell? Yes. Blandest environments? It's up there. Ugly? Yep. Crappy crappy floaty combat? Yes siree. Deep story? lolwut again.

Hmm surely these are all things that are panned by critics. The sort of thing that makes a great recipe for a failure of a game. A game that might still be played by a group of players or achieve viral status with its glitches and funky mods on sites like youtube and Reddit. But surely a game like that , that has not only failed in so many aspects but also whose developer has treated the PS3 players in the worst of ways (no certain dlcs .. game breaking glitches .. gutter-level quality compared to other platforms ... etc) , would never be critically acclaimed. Ha Ha laughed the critics in your face.

Demon's Souls

Stage 4 - Despair & Depression [ All is Bleak ]

Everyone around you is an idiot. Every game studio is turning to the dark side. Every franchise you once held dear has been ruined. Worse yet, everyone is embracing and loving the changes to the worse. How can they even have minds?! Industry keeps moving towards oblivion. There is no hope. You've gotten old. You are cynical. Game reviews are a joke. Gaming trends are a farce. This is the worst generation of consoles. Everything is slowly dying. Your appetite for gaming is nonexistant. Even the most exquisite of titles .. why bother? Why bother telling people about the amazingly deep story and backstory and lore of Demon's and Dark Souls. Why describe the amazing NPC moments in there. The touching tearful encounter with Maiden Astraea and Garl Vinland. Or the Hollywood epic ending for Biorr of the Twin Fangs.

Heck even most of those who played Demon's and Dark Souls never invest or care about the enchanting details. The world building. Heavy Rain? No. They never experienced the actually-tough decisions or heart pounding sequences in that game. All they see is the Press X to Jason joke.

Combat and gameplay are crucial when it comes to your games. How dare Little Big Planet, one of the most creative and charming titles ever, have its own version of platforming which people think is floaty even though it thematically fits with Sackboy? But Assassin's Creed? No it's cool. Let's have a million entries with the same Kindergarten or lower level combat where you wait , then wait , then wait a bit more , then counter! Hell let's even use that in batman and call it epic fighting.

All is lost .... or ?

Big Boss

Stage 5 - Acceptance

The industry is as magnificent or as bleak as YOU wish it to be. 99 times out of 100 you will never convince people of your opinion and make them abandon theirs. Why bother? What will you gain?! Why ruin your enjoyment because of what someone else thinks or does?

What is Call of Duty? It's the best series in the history of gaming. It's the worst series. It is both and it is neither.

Gaming is all about enjoyment. In enjoyment, subjectivity is KING. Objectivity is for idiots.

Why be objective about anything? All it'll do is ruin your enjoyment. Ruin the very same thing this industry is supposed to be about. Love a game that's hated and critically lambasted? So what ! Enjoy it!! Hate a game that's universally thought of as the "B3st gammee EvAAAAAaaR"? Simple. Don't play it. Don't try to force yourself to like it. Don't pretend you like it because it objectively should be liked. And finally, don't argue with someone that it shouldn't be liked. Just move on to a game you actually like and keep on gaming.

I may be infuriated with almost everything in the gaming industry. If I decided to concentrate on the bad I would get clinically depressed in less time than it takes you to shout Fus Ro Dah! Square-JustPleaseDieAlready-Enix .. Crapcom .. Elder Scrolls .. Assassin's Creed .. the list of annoying stuff is almost infinite .

I can, however, ignore all that and simply concentrate on what I currently enjoy. Atlus .. From Software .. Namco Bandai .. Sony .. psn titles .. upcoming big ones like Beyond Two Souls . There is still plenty to get hopeful and excited about. And who am I to tell you that you should despise what I dislike. That you shouldn't love AC or Skyrim. My Dark Souls is your Call of Duty. It's all about enjoyment.

And isn't that what we're all here for? To have fun and enjoy ourselves?

Of course not! But let's ignore those irksome individuals and do what we please.

Who knows when I'll pass by again or indeed if I will pass by again. Until then, enjoy yourselves. And if you happen, on a night when the moon is full, to see a shadow cloaked in a white lab coat, armed with a scalpel and yelling "Braaaaaaains! Why can't I learn neurosurgery already?! Give me braaaaaaains!" , just ignore him. He hasn't had time to game in a long long time.

Always Lazy, Always Brilliant


Lest they sleep soundly ...

This is an editorial which means there's a 0.001% chance someone like Synthia's reading it .

I am a level 35 and have been here for 3 years . That is enough to let me know complaining or objecting gets you absolutely nowhere on this site of ours . What they want shall come to pass no matter what .

So why am I writing this blog ? Well if there's the tiniest possibility that someone up there in this site cares for a second what users want .. and if that person is pleased with him/herself for doing an awesome thing with the comment system .. then this blog is to merely spoil his/her mood if for an instance .

I am simply documenting my objection for history to remember .

Please if you share my resentment for the comment system , copy paste this blog and make it an "Editorial" . Don't forget to change your LEVEL and Number of Years you've spent here .

We are a tiny tiny group . We don't make a difference . We are neither the huge masses of traffic , nor the constant forum inhabiters .. and we are certainly not the new hordes of users GS wants to attract to get more money . We are the small group of bloggers who make up the dying blogging community of GS . And even then , we don't represent all of that community .

Throughout the years I have watched as GS hemmorhaged users , friends of mine , who just couldn't take it anymore with the glitches and constant ignoring of feedback . Everyone had a different threshold and it seems with this last move coupled with the abrupt cancellation of the HotSpot for no reason , many will be reaching that threshold and packing their bags . But again we know you don't care .

I will end this blog with what's wrong with the new comment system in case the higher ups are so blind they can't even see it . But before that , a word of advice to the relatively new users here . Do not get taken in by promises of fixes , feedback listening and all that talk of rainbows and unicorns . As a relatively old member I have seen it countless times and I was taken by it more than once . Sweet sweet talk of coming fixes .. return of the soapbox .. and tons of other crap . Anywho , on with the list .

  • No BLOODY tagging ! This alone is 100% enough to completely destroy the comment system . What the hell is the point of replying to people if they'll never read the reply ? How the bloody hell are people supposed to know when someone mentions them in the comments of another blog or news story ? Oh and check this out .... apparently the solution for this is "Following the conversation" which ...... wait for it ..... notifies you ONLY when you come back to that same page !!! So basically you have to visit every place on this site where you leave or don't leave a comment to check if you're mentioned . Brilliant .
  • No emoticons . No editing of the font color , size . No spoiler use . Awesome .
  • Livefyre . Yet another bloody service we have to go through . This site has become a gigantic mess of services . Sound Cloud for audio .Fuse for God knows what . Livefyre for comments . Do they realize that Livefyre doesn't work for some people either based on their country or their firewall and proxy settings ? I'm not pulling this out my butt . I know two people so far who have to go through hoops to view the comment system .
  • User avatars that happen to be GIFs appear as a still image . Splendid .
  • Magnificent - sarcastic - choice of layout colors . Everything is totally - NOT - visible from the time a comment was posted to the Share and Flag options .


I've said what needed to be said . This is yet another partnership done by (cbs) I assume so they'll obviously never scrap it and they won't change anything about it . But unlike Fuse , this is one partnership I just can't dodge . For those who shall remain , enjoy the pointless crap that IS facebook and twitter functionality .

For those who see this as an overreaction or will happily go with the change ... your choice . But the day will come when they will screw sth you need and love . And then you might wish you had objected when you had the chance . It is completely futile . But at least don't give them the satisfaction of thinking they're doing something good or for the community . They are the most ANTI-community site I've seen .

Feel free to copy paste whatever you like from this blog and remember to change the category to Editorial . My days on this site seem to be numbered . There is little reason to stay .

Unsure-how-much-more-I'll-take-this Adam out ..