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An open letter to CNet and Gamespot

First off, I would like to say to CNet's corporate office, if what i have heard is true, then what you have done is not only unethical, but absolutely stupid. Adam Smith did not say to act in your own self interest, but in your own Rational self interest. There is nothing rational about firing a man who has dedicated over 10 years of his life to this website without giving him or his co-workers a proper warning. I understand that at the end of the day you guys are running a business, but any business/economics student knows that this was a bad decision on your part. When you fire an employee who has gained tremendous respect among your audience and his colleagues, the losses in the long run are much worse. First off, you lose your audience, as you can tell from all the cancelled subscriptions already. Second, you can probably tell that many of Jeff's co-workers are upset, and when employees are upset, they do not work efficiently. You also run the risk of losing other valuable employees as a result of this. I honestly believe in the long run whatever losses you take from firing Jeff will be greater than the amount which Eidos paid you for those advertisements.

To the Gamespot editors

I feel sorry for you and I hope that you guys can stick this one out. You may have lost a valuable member of your team, but you are a very talented group who I am sure will do whatever you can to fix this situation

To the community

1. Anybody who is still b***hing about Jeff's Zelda score should just shut up. This man has lost a job he has worked at for over a decade that he loved. This is way more important than any stupid game. This a person's job, censorship, and journalistic integrity. If you believe your precious Zelda is more important, then you need to rethink your priorities. I played the game and had a good time too, but I respect his opinions and take his reivew for what it was, an honest opinion. And btw, 8/8 was too high in my opinion
2. Hats off to anybody who is talking rationally and intelligently about this situation. Do not let the annoying little kids throwing insults deter you from showing your honest opinion
3. Vote with your dollar. That is the beauty of a capitalist society. If we do not like something, we can show it to the company by not giving them our money. If you have a paid account, then cancel if if you wish.

To all other media outlets

I am glad to see your thought's on this issue being expressed. Many game sites have already voiced their opinions, but special attention should go to Ziff Davis. It's great to know that, although you guys may be competitors, there is still some respect for each other

I have more to say about this, but i am running out of time.