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It's been a while,

It's been a while since I posted on my blog here last, so I thought I should make an entry!

LEGO Indiana Jones comes out on Monday! Yay! I've got it reserved so I also get a free T-shirt and a game code (I said to the guy at Game Stop that the code ends up on the internet anyways, but he said that the code is different for each copy,) and a sign said that it was an exclusive character, so hopefully it really is exclusive and not just something you can unlock in the game normally.

Some thoughts

I was just thinking today- is my save the koopas series good enough that I should make more or should I let it rest in peace?

In other news, my birthday came by on the 2nd! I recieved:

  • LEGO Rouge Shadow set
  • LEGO Crab Crusher set
  • LEGO Mini Trains set
  • LEGO Bridge Chase
  • Wario Ware: Smooth Moves
  • Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol
  • Pottery Wheel (My friend was confused when he first read it as potty wheel)
  • Rock Tumbler refill kit
  • And More!
Additionally I would like to ask anyone who reads this to check out some of my reviews and rate them and leave comments please!


Games that have 400 reviews... What's the point? no one is going to ever read most of them.

Video Game Music

I don't know for sure, but I would say that downloading videogame music off of the internet for games you have is legal. After all, you own the game, you technically own a licence to play its music as well. Thoughts?


Well, Christmas is over and I got a lot of great presents! There was mostly just LEGO stuff, but that is what I want most. No one is too old for it contrary to popular opinion.

in the video game category, which is probablely all that anyone reading this will care about, I didn't get the biggest amount ever, but here is what my whole family got videogame-wise.

Dad: None

Mom: Pink DS, Tetrisphere

Older brother: My Sims, Off Road Extreme *Special edition* (So special...)

Me: Chibi-Robo (Awesome game), Big Brain acadamy for the DS

Slightly younger brother: High School Musical: Sing it! for Wii (He has down-syndrom, is a huge fan of High School Musical, and loves singing, so this seemed like an obvious choice for him. Even if it isn't that high quality of a game.)

Youngest brother: a Scooby Doo DS game (He loves Scooby Doo), Nintendogs Dalmation and friends, Kirby 64

We may not be the most modern, but We don't always go by how new it is.

Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas eve. Since my family comes from Norway, we have a tradition of opening one present on Christmas eve because in Norway presents are opened on this day. I got Big Brain Acadamy for DS. Pretty cool game so far.

Christmas presents!

Christmas time! I have now purchased presents for everyone in my family except my Dad. Man, he is hard to buy for. Of course I also need to get my friends presents.

Started playing AC:WW a bit again

Well, I started a day or 2 ago playing this game again, and while it is enjoyable, it still seems to lack the life of the first game. (not counting Animal Forest.) I hope they do better on the next one. I did make a fairly nice Boo pattern at the Able's sisters, though.


Well, I got Mario Galaxy on the release date and have been having an awesome time with it! It is arguably the best game I've ever played, passing up even Zelda. Link may be able to stand on the ceiling, but Mario can stand anywhere! The enemies are also great, something many games lack. But I will stop here, because this is starting to become a review, and if I wanted to do so I wouldn't do it here.

It is very strange ho there are Boos underwater.