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I promise to play video games all my life!

My first blog posting ever, well I will let you know a little about my life as a gamer. In a few months I will turn 31, yes you read it right 31, I think I give emphasis to my age because when I think about it, I've been playing video games for nearly 25 years now. I always remember when I played Tennis in my Atari 2600 for the firs time I felt amazed by the effect of shadow that the ball had, the ball was a little square by the way, I yelled that to the world. The ball has a shadow! Hey, that was really cool at the time.

Years later, when I was about 10, a friend got a Nintendo (NES) we played Mario, of course, and a baseball game, and I remember telling my parents all about it, I make them believe that those games had graphics that look like real people, they looked like people to me, think, a little plumber who moved his arms, legs and head, look pretty real to me. That Christmas I asked for a NES, obviously, all the enthusiasm I showed my parents talking all about this great graphics console as a motivation for them to get me a NES for Christmas make them look for it every where, but in my country they didn't arrive yet to market, so I had to wait a year until next Christmas when my older sister who have moved to US got me a NES as a present.

Every time a finish playing it I would put every thing back to its original bag, yes I did, each control and its cable, every thing. Mario Bros. was the first game I played three times in a row, remember, those days we did not have a saving game option, yes I was that fanatic. Then came Megaman, Ninja Gaiden, more Megaman. During my summer vacation I played almost every night. Some early mornings I heard my mon getting up and that was the sign to turn off my NES and pretend that I was sleeping for eight hours. It was not easy for me to buy a game those days so thankfully we have rentals, that helped me a lot building an authentic love to gaming.

I have to admit, I was not to smart upgrading to next generation consoles, financially talking, and during high school I did not played as much as I did before, until one day I remembered all I just wrote above and felt so bad about not playing, I mean my video games were always with me after visiting the dentist or gotten sick or simply because I could not accept not getting to the next level, and that day I promised myself that I would play video games all my life no matter my age. I became a PC gamer most of the time, since I needed a good PC for university, it still not easy to buy a console in my country, because of the price they have here. But I am fulfilling my promise and after some saving, I'm getting a PS3, I'm married now therefore it is not easy to save money for that kind of spending, but I will try my best to keep my promise.