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Newer games

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For the last few days I have been playing some older games that slipped under my radar, and have no idea howq I missed them, the first game, Organ trail, is a zombie take on Oregon trail, an edutainment game made by the learning company and lreleased to school, I remmeber the game well, as most people my age do, This game puts you in a zombie outbreak, and tasks you with the impossible task of surviving across america, from washington DC, To oregon, all with dealing, with illnesses, theives, biker gsngs, supllig your people with food, I have played the demo version, and while the full version has other elements, I don;t mind playing the demo, But do lan on getting the full game, not much doubt, The game is presented in a blocky sprite style, that many younger gamers may not appreacate, But I say give the game a chance, the demo is free, and will only vcost you your time, I have played the game a few times, and at best got about half way through the games world, (to my estimate) 3500 miles before thegame adurtly stopped, to show me my headstone, (which i think should be changed, but that's just me) It maybe cause I was struggling to barter more gasoline, and that may have spelled my doom, But i am unsure, the sounds sound as if their coming from an internal speaker, (like most games did back then) and gave the game more of a genuine feeling to the presenation, the full version, have kind of a mp3 quality soundtrack, and detracts from the games retro style, and feel, making it feel like it's trying too hard to be modern, short tunes should have been used instead But that's just me, This game dose a good job in capturing the feel of a zombie adventure, while paying homage to what a lot of people from my generation, may conssider to be their first gaming experience, even if it was an edutainement title... 

Arcadecraft: This indie game, I stumbled across while on in the indie section of xbox's games Arcadecraft is a managment simuulation title. set in the 80's with a focus in the arcade craze of the 80's, You'll have to watch out for unruly gamers who will damage your machines, but most are good mannered, and will happily play your arcade machines, buy drinks from your soda machine, rock out on the juke box (if you have those) and will cause no trouble at all, Clone titles, like space rocks, lunar module, titles that parnets might actually have considered buying, instead of the full priced asteroids, or space invaders, leave a lil to be desired, as dose the control... your avatar stands behind a counter, as you with controller dose all the work, I wanted to see my avatar walking the store, interacting with the machines, and customers, but sadly, that dose not happen the game drew me into the idea, of having a clue what it would be like to own an arcade, from just a few machines to, numerous to count, I too plan on purchasing this game, but the 240MS is a lil high, but I enjoyed this demo, as long as it would let me, before cutting me off, shortly before christmas (ingame) I felt satisfied having saved my game, being able to come back to it, before the time contraints pulled me out of the game, Arcadecraft is a glimpse into a forgotten (to most) career, Sadly the game only takes you through 8 sim years, from 1980, to 86, (which is an odd year given the great crash of 83) I would have liked to see the game take you through the crash, and have to maintain or rebuild your bisuness, as the industry crashed around it, and lead to the high tech games that came after it, in the 90's and 2000's and on upto current, But all good things must end, but this game seems to end too early, but i have yet to play the full, the game boasts 80 machines, and the propmt screen shows quite a few, Hopefully we will see many updates to a game, I have enjoyed thus far

upcomming titles

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quite a few upcomming titles have my attention, and i thought i would list them here

rock band 2: now don't get me wrong, i like gh world tour too, but sense i already have rockbands perphils why plunk down another 160 (or so) to get a new set, i will probally get this one at launch...

fable 2: a follow up to one of my favorite action rpgs, fabel 2 seems to be set in a much larger world, introcudes job minigames, and a new conversation system, as well as the new magic system and guns tp use for ranged combat... i will probally get this game at launch as well...

INfamous: an upcomming action game that places you in the shoes of a mutant that weilds tremendous eletrical powers, in what looks like a huge open world, the game looks nice, but i wish there was a character creation system and a list of powers to choose from, i will get this game later probally...

Prototype: i can't mention INfamous without mentioning Prototype an upcomming game that places you in a role of a shapeshifting mutant, that can morph his bosy in other ways to better has offensive and defensive stats, prototype also lets you absorb certain npcs memories, unlocking plot points and triggering cutscenes... i will also get this game later

i had to choose between the two games i would get INfamous before Ptorotype, because it's a ps3 exclusive, and you seen to be playing a good guy in INfamous, or atleast given the chance to be good... while in Prototype, it seems your cast as a bad guy right away, which i do not like...

Golden axe beast rider: no it's not golden axe 4, but it seems to be a step in the right direction, you play as Tryis flare, a female warrior, who is fighting to free her homeland i guess? not much has been said about the games storyline, even the arcade game set you on a path by saying, you king and queen was captured and the golden axe taken, unless they're hiding something about the games storyline, it seems they missed an important part of the game, the storyline...the thing that boithers me about this game is it seems to be more about cool kills more than anything else... But i will try to support this game nevertheless, and will try to get this game at launch, if not maybe a month afterwards...

Fallout 3: Though i have not been able to play the previous fallout games, or brotherhood of steel on the ps2, this game looks pretty interesting, roaming though a post apoc washington dc, (or any city) sounds interesting, and i am up for a postapoc game, i will probally get this in a few months after release, if not later...

Gaming ATM

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yesterday i read in gamespot news EAs even more greedy intentions, with EA trying to instagate a hostile take over, by buying shareholders shares, and reducing the vaule of the company as a whole, I gritted my teeth as i read this report, and began to wonder, how much is too much, and why dose the fair trade commision look into the fact that EA owns so many devolpers these days, and still wants more as if this isn't bad enough, my hatred towards nintendo as well, as i see how nintendo (IMO) is short changing stores, of wiis just to keep interest in their product what nintendo fails to realize is if they had much more wiis on the market, they would make much more, and there wouldn't have to be this rush when people enter a store to get a wii either for themselves or their children, but with the low quality of their games, one wonders why even get a wii, and i guess the ansewer is, cause it's popualr... also, with gamestop bragging about their earning over 7 billion dollars, i guess this is what happens when you buy up all the competion, i was always proud to call myself a gamer, but with greedy companies leading the market, it worries me, and makes me kinda ashamed to call myself a gamer...

My life, in general

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having finally gotten around to doing something with my blog page, i thought i would give my veiws in various things, this being, i will start with my musical tastes, what mp3 players i have owned, and other muscial stuff...

Music: i enjoy a lot of music, pop, rock, some rap, some metal, some instrumental stuff, so many genres, it's hard to pick my favorite

MP3 players: i have owned a few mp3 players, my first one was a I2go unit that i picked up at a thrift store while i was working there, it was a larger player, about the size of anaudio cassette (i think), i sold that to a friend, since i had another one at the time i sold it, I next purcashed a gamestar mp3 player that plugged into a gba (gameboy advance) it was an ok mp3 player, but was quickly claimed by my mother, but that's ok, probally a bad buy anyways (although i got it from Best Buy for $20 roughly)

the current mp3 player i have at the moment is a RCA lyra, that has a minmum of 256 megs of storage but has a slot for addtional sd card input, which i have used, this is a great lil player in my eyes, it has a built in FM tuner, a line in imput (which i have saved some of my favorite video game music, from both tv, and pc games) it has three backlight colors, red, blue and purple (i belive) and have grey text overlay, (is that term right?) it runs off a single AAA battery for about 20 hours from what the packaging says, and i agree with that statement

Future MP3 players: right now i am looking ata coby a/v player, that has good screen size (maybe an 1.5 inches and a built in litium ion battery) seems to be a good buy for 60-80 dollars from what i have heard, but there's no open slot for adding sd cards (a count against in my eyes) but it dose have a text and photo veiwers, which is nice, for the text, incase i want to read something, or look at photos...

My first Ipod: finally got an ipod and it's a touch a 16 gig model, i think... been waiting on this for a few years, i belive i got a 2nd gen model, at a pawn shop anout 5 months ago, i got it out of layaway on my birth month i could wait til my birthday, i went ahead and wiped the memory even though it had a lot of music on it, i wanted to make it mine, even though i only have about 20 songs on it, or so, it's been a good player so far, useful having wifi on an mp3 player, when i am out, or when i don;t feel like getting on my computer, i can get on the internet through my touch, which is nice... i have been mostly putting cheaper songs on it, cause i don't see spending more on most songs... i wish the ipod touches had a camera, it would be perfect, the iphone has not really even entered my mind as an option as i already ave tmobile service, and don;t feel like paying an arm and a leg for an unlocked iPhone...

my gaming 'life'

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70's-80's My interest in gaming began with the first video game machine the atari 2600 (go figure) I was the middle child and spent alot of time at home, i guess you could say i got the most use out of it. I later traded it in for an atari 800 which i kept til after i gradurated from high school IIRC til my managers apt burnt down and as a show of kindness i gave my 800 to his daughter, and have missed the machine ever since i had all the classics pac man, missle command, defender, asteriods, an atari art pad and cart. I also owned a commadore 64 at one time, but later sold it. at the moment i own 11 game machines and play most of them, and collect the others, trying to rebuild my lost collection. I also spent time and money in the arcades enjoying games like double dragon, castlevania, and so many more, I can't begin to list them all.

90's: In the 90's a i owned both the sega gensis and the super nintendo, and have enjoyed both systems, though sega put most of it's apples into the sports genre, overlooking other genres to excel in, however sega still hung in there with fighting games like golden axe, and streets of rage, alien storm, and introduced thier new mascot Sonic the hegehog, I thought sonic was the cooler of the 2 (mario and sonic) and enjoyed the games more than marios, and certainlly liked sonics TV show better, that's for sure. The super nintendo was a superior piece of hardware, and showed it off in almost every game with killer sounds and music, great graphics.

90's handheld wars: As if a console war wasn't bad enough there was also a handheld raging between nintendo, sega, and NEC (makers of the turbo grafix) the gameboy was realsed first and had a strong following because of it's battery life, and great game line up, NEC countered by realsing a portable version of their turbo grafix hardware, and had a good foot hold with TG16 owners, because the games they owned can be played with the turbo express small game cards known as HUcards this was NECS selling point, the machine was priced about the same as their home machine IIRC, sega realsed the game gear, a rectanuglar piece of gaming hardware, using mostly the same processors as the sega master system did some 5-10 earlier

3-d fighting vs 2-d fighting: FIGHT!! (heh) this topic will never die i am afraid, but that's ok, SNK made tons of money off thier king of fighters series, capcom cashed in with street fighter, and various crossover series, and SNK and capcom have joined forces several times now, While 3-d games like soul calibur/edge series has had great sucess, along withthe virtura fighter series (By Yu suzyuki and am2) of course theres the now home based fighting series dead or alive (DOA) I could go on like this forever, weither 2-d or 3-d fighting games are fun to play and have a certain apeal, but to me i like them both, capcoms street fighter series has a cast of nicely (sometimes too nicely) draw fighters, while 3-d fighters have goregous photorealistic backgrounds and killer character animation, making you feel kicks and punches as they pummel eachother.

95' - the 00's usered in the birth of the sony playstation, sega dreamcast, and N64 and sparked a gaming war between the 3 machines, the playstation was the new kid on the block, but with the name sony behind it, was more respected by non gamers and adults i bet, sony's ps1 is now a little over 10 years old as i write this

Sony and the game industry: Sony has become a games giant and is defantley responseable for video games being seen with more respect

My take on video game violence: back in the 80's games where relavtively basic and cute, but as technolgy advanced, and the world changed around us in the 90's and 00's games changed as well, but lets not forget that almost every violent act in the real world was being broadcast into our living rooms, i suppose putting it in a video game caused protective and overacting parents to call up toys r us' and ask they stop selling these games cause billy was taking off a person head in a video game, Also the media tried to cash in my bringing violent video games whenever possible as a possible cause to almost any teen murder case.

Columbine and violent video games: Let me start by saying there was nothing more shocking than what happened in Columbine to the students and teachers, but i feel the teens envovled with this travesty may have played too much Doom, but the real problem here is the lack of parenting these days and to let your child sit and play video games all will have effect on them, but it won' turn them into a gun toting lunatic

My favorite games: let me close this by naming my favorite video games, from both the arcades, and home machines, i will start with arcade machines:

Dungeons and Dragons series by capcom

Virtual On: Cybertroopers by sega

Offroad challenge by Midway

Street fighter series by capcom