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Hello, folks. I started thinking about Gamespot again and figured I'd come back. It seems that I missed an ENTIRE season of Pickem and Espurs won that season. Looks like I gotta stop missing long periods of time on here.

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Biggest Disapointment: Carolina losing SO BADLY in the NFC Divisional game.

Person that should've come back to Gamespot months ago: Jrodsly

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I believe that Schutt has made a new design for them, but Riddell has been making them.
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The RCA Dome
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I finished 8th! out of 9 people........
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A pathetic attempt at humor. Worse then Jrod.Bobbles

Dude, shut up. It wasnt trying to be funny and I actually do have humor.

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My summer will be filled with Massachusets, church stuff, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band.
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Name: Jrod
From: Charlotte, North Carolina(or North Cackalack, however you wanna say it)
Age: 16
Favorite NFL Team: I think you all know(if you dont, it's the Carolina Panthers)

Other Favorite Sports Teams: All Carolina teams and the Boston Red Sox.
Consoles you own: PS2, 360, Gamecube, Sega Genesis, GBA SP, PSP, PC.
IDs for online gaming: XBL Gamertag is Jrodbad.
Family: I live with my grandparents in North Carolina, and my parents live in Massachusets(because they wanted to move up there a few years ago and I decided to stay in North Carolina. I dont hate em or nothing, I just wanted to stay in North Carolina)
Music: Rock.
Hobbies: Video games, collecting sports cards.

that's me in a nutshell.

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I'll go for it. I think I can hold my own.
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I'll try this. Might suck horribly though.

1. Miami Dolphins: Jake Long OT Michigan
2. St. Louis Rams: Chris Long DE Virginia
3. Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan QB Boston College
4. Oakland Raiders: Glenn Dorsey DT LSU
5. Kansas City Chiefs: Ryan Clady OT Boise State
6. New York Jets: Vernon Ghoulston OLB Ohio State
7. New England Patriots (From San Francisco 49ers): Aqib Talib CB Kansas
8. Baltimore Ravens: Leonidis Mckelvin CB Troy
9. Cincinnati Bengals: Sedrick Ellis DT USC
10. New Orleans Saints: Mike Jenkins CB South Florida
11. Buffalo Bills: Early Doucet WR LSU
12. Denver Broncos: Keith Rivers OLB USC
13. Carolina Panthers: Calais Campbell DE Miami(FL)
14. Chicago Bears: Jeff Otah OT Pittsburgh
15. Detroit Lions: Quentin Groves DE Auburn
16. Arizona Cardinals: Derrick Harvey DE Florida
17. Minnesota Vikings: Adarius Bowman WR Oklahoma State
18. Houston Texans: Lawrence Jackson DE USC
19. Philadelphia Eagles: John Carlson TE Notre Dame
20. Tampa Bay Bucs: Jonathon Stewart RB Oregon
21. Washington Redskins: Branden Albert G Virginia
22. Dallas Cowboys (From Cleveland Browns): Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois
23. Pittsburgh Steelers: Chris McDuffie G Clemson
24. Tennessee Titans: Andre Caldwell WR Florida
25. Seattle Seahawks: Felix Jones RB Arkansas
26. Jacksonville Jaguars: Phillip Merling DE Clemson
27. San Diego Chargers: Gosder Cherilus OT Boston College
28. Dallas Cowboys: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB Tennessee State
29. San Francisco 49ers (From Indianapolis Colts): Mario Manningham WR Michigan
30. Green Bay Packers: Anthony Collins OT Kansas
31. New York Giants: DaJuan Morgan S NC State

Bonus Question : How many trades will happen in the 1st round? none

sucky, I know.