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Achievements as of late

Well, I've played a lot of World Tour and Rock Band lately, so I'll run down what I've done.

I beat theGH:WT guitarcareer on expert(yes, even Satch Boogie)
I FC'ed(and Re-FC'ed with a better path) Everlong on expert guitar in World Tour
I GS'ed Welcome Home on Voxtar in Rock Band 1
I GS'ed GGAHT on guitar in Rock Band 1(took me long enough)
I FC'ed Living on a Prayer in World Tour(good song, but I HATE the solo in the World Tour version)
I thrashed Scream Aim Fire on expert drums in World Tour(for Wii with the World Tour drumset. I was at a friends house when this happened)
I GS'ed Highway Star on guitar in Rock Band 1
I 5 starred RttH on guitar in Rock Band 1

I've done more, but that's all I wanna list. Peace.

I'm back. finally.

After so many months of not being here, I've decided to return. Some may think I should've come back sooner. Some may not want me back at all. I will tell you this, though. No matter who you are, I'm back baby.

Video project idea

After playing through the career mode in Don King's Prizefighter, I loved the documentary style cutscenes. So much so, I'm thinking about making my own documentary style video series. I don't know what it exactly is gonna be about, but I'm pretty sure I'll find out before too far down the road. I'll start shooting the vids and as soon as I reinstall my editing software, I'll start making the vids.

Highway Star GOLD STAR!!!!

5 gold stars, 254,373 points, 96% notes hit, 508 note streak

When I got it on a previous run, I yelled the words "YES!!!!! FRICKIN GOLD STAR!!!!!" VERY loudly. Then, I got this run ON CAMERA. Needless to say, I was really happy. I can safely notch this one under my belt.


Haven't been on much cause of getting ready for school, so I'll let you all know what's up:

First up, no, my mom isn't dead. She is playing World of Warcraft(and so am i, just not NEARLY as much) and she doesnt get onto gamespot much.

Secondly, I have beaten all three songs in the GH3 "Guitar Virtuoso" pack. On my Soothsayer sightread, I beat all three big solos without star power. No, I'm not joking. My high score on Soothsayer is 446k.

Next up, I have played Don King's Prizefighter and I think it's an average game. The Career mode is nice and deep, as well as cool with it's documentary style cutscenes, but the rest of the game drags it down. I have gotten a high rank on one of the training games, the Jump Rope game, getting a ranking of 47th all time.

Last but now least, I GOLD STARRED HIGHWAY STAR ON GUITAR!!!!!! THREE TIMES!!!!! once, it was in Best Buy using the Rock Band guitar and the other two times came at home with the GH2 guitar. needless to say, when I pulled it off, I was happy, yelling the words "YES!!!!! FRICKIN' GOLD STAR!!!!" and pissing off my folks for yelling so loud. I'll post the score in a sec.

So, that's me in the last couple weeks.

Guitar Hero 3 "Guitar Virtuoso" DLC Pack

the best Guitar Hero 3 DLC pack EVER. It has the following three songs

Surfing With the Alien- Joe Satriani
For the Love of God- Steve Vai
Soothsayer-Buckethead(THANK YOU!!!)

I only really bought this pack for Soothsayer, since it's my favorite rock song EVER, but the other two songs are awesome as well and fit with Soothsayer very nicely. This pack costs 500 MS Points, but it's worth every penny. I warn you, though. the songs in this pack are VERY hard. I'll start posting scores of the three songs in this pack shortly.

A project

I'm doing something in Gran Turismo 4. Since I am lazy, I used a Gameshark to unlock all the cars in Gran Turismo 4 and to also get 1 trillion credits(Thanks, Gameshark!). Then I asked myself: "Self, which car in the game is the fastest down a 1/4 drag strip?" So, I'm finding out by running cars down the Las Vegas 0-400m(or 1/4 mile) track. I have only three requirements:

1. The car must be a race car of some sort
2. The car must be a rally car of some sort
3. The car must be a street car with at least 400 Horsepower.

After I run every car, I will take the ten fastest cars and run them in a series of three final rounds:

Round 1: Top 8 advance
Round 2: Top 5 advance
Final Round: Winner take all

I'll update when I get a top 10.

GH2 Feat Accomplished! Wait. GH2? Yep.

My old PS2 GH controller had whammy bar problems(it wouldnt recognize me using it) so I got a working used one today and figured that although I couldnt play GH3, I still had GH1 and GH2 to mess with. So, I went in to see if I could FC Message in a Bottle's Solo D which had given me fits cause I couldnt get the button sequence right. Well, after about 30 minutes of trying, BAM. Got it. Then, I got it on video. THEN then, I FC'ed the whole solo. I'm happy. Somewhat.

Another sign that I play WAY too many video games

Last night, at about 11:55, I was in the mood for some racing, but didnt have any XBOX 360 or PS2 racers on hand that werent NASCAR. Then I realized: "Wait! I have Gran Turismo 2 and a memory card with a save file for it(one that had really good cars. Thank you, Gamestop!). Lets play that!" So, I put in the memory card with said file, booted it up, and looked for a race to choose in the Simulation mode. Then the little voice in my head said: "Hey! Play an endurance race!" and I listened, so I went through the(rather short) list of Endurance races in the game and then decided to choose the Special Stage Route 5 All Night race(which was 50 laps). The car I had was a Mazda RX-7 race car(dont remember the exact name of it).

At first I was doing ok, but then I realized that the driving model in GT2 made all cars fishtail and spin out if you made the slightest error. Despite all this, I was 3rd by my first pitstop at around lap 17. Then, after some catching up countered by spinouts, I was 4th when I made my 2nd pitstop at around lap 35. At this point, I was hoping to salvage a 4th place finish in the final 15 or so laps. However, I didnt just make it to 4th.

In the final 10 laps, I made it up to 2nd, which surprised me considering that I kept spinning out just as I was making progress. Luckily, I didnt spin out at all in the last 10 laps and trotted home 2nd with a final time of 1:10:35, 21 seconds behind 1st. It wasnt a win, but considering I suck at Gran Turismo, 2nd was more than I could ask for. On top of that, I played the whole 1:10:35 race without stopping for a break even once, which just goes to show that I really need to get out more. Nonetheless, I was happy with my feat that I had achieved.