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@Samslayer: if u have the money for it definitely go with the asus rog swift.

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Do i need a PC splitter cable?

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Ok so I still can't seem to get my Astro A40's mic to work on my pc. I know it works cause it worked on my old ps4. I have this sound blaster program that's on my motherboard says the headset is undetectable pretty much. I set up everything right in my playback sounds and recording sounds. It shows when I'm playing games that I have a mic but no one can hear me and it shows I'm not talking on there. I think I have everything plugged up correctly. Do I need a different cord or what?

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@Samslayer: I'm sure u already know this, but just make sure your graphics card and monitor, both have display port. Btw yes definitely go with display port.

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@GTR12: Microsoft said to expect the first DX12 games to be made available around “holiday 2015″

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@04dcarraher: I knew dx12 will allow you to actually use more of your CPU for gaming, but didn't know it was going to stack vram. Do you know if dx12 will be released with Windows 10? Because that's not that far away.

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Never used a g-sync monitor. I use adaptive v-sync on my monitor. So would g-sync 1440p at 60hz gameplay feel as smooth as adaptive v-sync on a 1080p monitor at 120hz?

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1440p 144hz. I prefer a smoother gameplay over picture quality.

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@dcno07: I have a 980 and love it. I also game at 1080p, but in the future I'm going to get a 1440p monitor. So since you only game at 1080p if I was you I would sell them and sli 2 970's, won't be much more than 1 980 and it would give you better fps than a single 980.

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