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Games That Need Reviving

I've been without my PS2 for awhile now until a couple of days ago when I got it back. As I looked at my old PS2 library I started thinking about which of these old series I miss the most and wish someone, ANYONE would revive.


The first is my favorite JRPG series, Suikoden. I've played III, IV, and V multiple times and still enjoy them (that's right, someone enjoyed IV lol). The first Suikoden isn't that bad either even though it's an old PS1 game. I think there's a lot left to be explored in the world of Suikoden. Suikoden V introduced the southern continent with the Queendom of Falena but the New Armes Kingdom and Nagarea Theocracy are still left unexplored. Even some places addressed in other games are still largely left alone, Camaro Free Knights, Zexen Confederacy, Gaien Dukedom and even the Holy Harmonia Kingdom are mostly left alone. There's probably even more that could be done with the lore of Suikoden. I always loved the turn-based combat and the way it was setup in pairs (or formations in V). The strategic battles (Naval battles in IV or RTS battles in V) were always a fun way to break up the gameplay sequences. The games always had a cool cast of characters with the 108 Stars of Destiny and it was always enjoyable to try and recruit them all. I just wish Konami hadn't abandoned the series after V (and don't you dare count Tierkreis, that doesn't count even though it was a pretty good RPG on the DS). I wish it'd come back but have literally zero expectations of it happening...(Here's a cool map of the Suikoden world


The next series' is Dynasty Tactics and Kessen. Or rather, I wish Koei would get back to it's roots with historical strategy games set during the Three Kingdoms Era in China or Warring States Period in Japan. Dynasty Tactics is like chess on steroids, cocaine, and also jacked up on energy drinks. There's so much strategy in the games, trying to setup Tactic Combos require a lot of foresight and one little slip-up throws everything awry. Kessen is an even better strategy series from Koei, especially with the first and second games. (The third game was only strategy in name, it was a lot more like an action game than anything else. Still wasn't a terrible game though). I've spent so much time playing through the two games with their cool setting and strong real-time strategy gameplay. Unfortunately Tecmo-Koei is only interested in action games now with multiple Musou series now (Shin Sangoku, Sengoku, Kaizoku, and Hokuto) and games like Ninja Gaiden.


The next is Onimusha which personally I always thought was cooler than DMC. I don't know if it was the setting (I don't think it was because I really like 3 which was partially set in France). It was a little more strategic which was something that I really liked about it. The games were just a lot of fun and combat was varied with the different weapons your characters had. I didn't really get into Dawn of Dreams but I think I didn't really give it much of a chance back in the day and want to play it again soon. For some reason I actually think Capcom could bring the series back. They always seem to be doing crazy things that I wasn't really expecting lol


The others aren't really series I would like to see brought back but are games that I wish would have gotten a sequel of some sort. The first is MS Saga which is a Gundam RPG. The game itself really wasn't anything that special and I doubt if many people even took notice of it's existence at the time. The thing I truly love about the game is the customization involved in equipping the Mobile Suits for the characters. The story and combat could've been improved (a lot) but an RPG with Mobile Suits was a really cool idea for me.


Another game is Legaia 2 Duel Saga. I don't know how many of you played the game but it had one of the most inventive battle systems I've ever seen. Fighting wasn't just "Attack" or "Magic -> Fire" or whatever. You fought with directional button inputs and stringing together a chain of attacks. So an attack would be like "Down, Up, Left, Left, Up, Right" and you'd attack six times in the corresponding directions. Beyond that you couldn't use "Up" attacks on short enemies or "Down" attacks on flying enemies. Along with that the game included Arts which were used by putting together certain chains of attacks (and no, you didn't have to memorize any of them). It was such an interesting battle system with some really intense/epic boss battles. It was a really awesome RPG that I only finished recently and I'd love to see another game with the same combat.


Feel free to share some of the series you miss from back in the day or whatever if you want :)

First Blog, Top 5 video games

So this is my first blog. If you want to see more from me, please don't be a stupid troll or tell me I'm stupid for liking some specific game. If you would like to RESPECTFULLY disagree or would like to say what your favorite games are, I'd welcome that. Thanks for reading :D

Note: the most important factor I put into my rankings are a game's Replayability, or how many hours I've put into a game (without getting bored). I think that is the true sign of a great game.

5. Medieval II: Total War (and its expansion pack)

To be honest, I've only fought maybe 5 battles. What I really like about this game is the Campaign part of it. There are enough kingdoms (given even more with the expansion) to keep things interesting and fresh. It is simplistic enough not to drive me crazy but is complex enough not to make it too easy or boring. I play this game often and it hasn't gotten old yet.

4. Fallout: New Vegas

Most people seem to like Fallout 3 more but those games aren't even close IMO. The introduction of iron sights, mods for guns, increased number and variety of weapons, more helpful and interesting companions, and finally just how much more there is to do make NV much more impressive than 3. I've played through it 4 times, but unfortunately cannot play through the game as long as I want as it begins to freeze and crash as I go. If there were no technical problems with this game, it probably would've been number 1 on this list...

3. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn

First off, Fire Emblem is my favorite video game series/franchise. But Radiant Dawn is my favorite of the series. It is far more epic than any of its predecessors; it has over 40 battles (most of the other games range from 25-30). The story is entertaining and fits in nicely with Path of Radiance. The introduction of third tier character classes allows you to train your character to be even more badass. It's actually easier than every game that came before it because you can save mid-battle (despite what GS had to say about it, they were being extremely nit-picky IMO) I've actually played through this game 8 times (my total for all FE games is about 30)

2. Assassins Creed II

It's, it's just fun as hell. Assassins Creed was neat, but this game is amazing. I'm not even quite sure how to describe exactly what I like about it, the combat is awesome as it was before with new weapons like the pistol and double hidden blade (which also allows for some cool new assassinations). I personally love the story, think Ezio is a likable and funny character, and really enjoyed the Italian Renaissance setting of it. Basically I freakin' love it!

1. Final Fantasy Tactics (original or PSP port)

I love these kind of games, turn-based Strategy RPG, but this game is the best ever made. First off the main character (and other characters) is believable and interesting. I love the story and the way it changes from a simple knight fighting rebels to something much more. The combat/battles are awesome. In most games I dread the random battles that appear on the world map (or whatever the game uses) but in this one I welcome them. I love it when I get a random battle of 11 enemies (outnumbered 2 to 1), it doesn't let me to just spam Attack from the front of the enemy. I actually have to strategize and plan out where my units will be, when they're attacks will take place, and think of what could go wrong with that strategy. I love the variety of job classes, they allow you to customize your battle party extensively, meaning that any two playthroughs will not be the same. It's because of this that I've played through Final Fantasy Tactics over 10 times (on both platforms). I love this game and consistently play through it once a year. If you haven't played it I would STRONGLY urge you to give it a try.

Honorable Mention:

Final Fantasy XIII: Everyone seemed to hate everything about it but I truly enjoyed the story, I found the combat to be exciting with many intricacies that no one seemed to understand (hence why they didn?t like it as much as I did)

Valkyria Chronicles: One of the most interesting combinations of genres I've ever played. The battles were both epic and strategic. And the sort of graphic novel/anime animation is beautiful.

Persona 4: Probably my favorite pure RPG, I thought it improved upon everything that Persona 3 had, especially the story. (Note: Considering buying a Vita just to get the port of this haha)

*I have a feeling that Assassins Creed III or Borderlands 2 might make their way onto this list, if they do I'll be sure to update it ;)