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Sony lost the war before it even started

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Sony sony sony i really do pity you.You can win a console war hands down but your completely brainless towards the handheld world.As you all and I know, last generation the PSP was destroyed going up against the DS but hey it was Sonys first time entering the handheld world so it was obvious mistakes were going to happen.But with those mistakes we also expected for Sony to learn from there faults,yet it doesnt seem like they have.

1.No new way in spicing up games

First and foremost every console should have some sort of system seller.Weather its a feature or games,a system seller is needed to make the console worthy of buying.Yet the NGP has none.I dare all of you to think of just 1 system seller going for the NGP.If you said games..Wrong!If you look at the NGPs games that have already been announced all you see is the same franchises that have been on the PS3.Which yes is a bad thing.If you know Sony, you would know that when it comes down to there handhelds all they do is put there big franchises on the system and tweak the controls.Nothing special is put into there games because there handheld sysems have nothing special to offer

2.What the 3DS has to offer

Yet with the 3DS the main system seller is the 3D.The 3D effects ingame not only look amazing but it also creates fun and innovative new ways to play games.But it doesnt stop there the 3DS has 2 more system sellers which are the mic and the camera (yes the camera is used in games).

3.Developers will go to the 3DS(Lower developement cost + Bigger audience)

With all of the praise the NGP is getting for how powerful it is,in a way its one of its biggest downfalls.Developers now are cheap and there going to look for the best way to save money but still put out a great gaming experience.All the power packed inside of the NGP raises the development cost of games causing the developers to spend way more money making games on the NGP rather than the 3DS.So basically game developers can pull off what they want on the 3DS and sill have a cheaper development process.And along with all off this the 3DS fanbbase is double if not more than the NGPs.Developers will go for the 3DS.

What Sony fails to understand is that we dont need a PS3 on the go.If we want a PS3 we should go buy a PS3.But when making a new console it needs to have its own identity.


Best Gaming Innovations of 2010

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1.Nintendo 3DS

1 word......amazing

The Nintendo 3DS is by far the best innovation of 2010 if not the best out of gaming altogether.The system allows you to play games in full 3D with no 3D glasses required.One of the best things i love about the 3DS is that it gives developers more freedom than theyve ever had before.The 3DS, regardless if you buy it or not, is helping gaming in general because it excerises these developers minds to create really innovative and creative new things not just for the 3DS but for all platforms.Personally i cant wait to see the amazing things developers will do with the 3DS and its technology.

2.Kinect and Playstation Move

Nobody pushes the power button on there xbox anymore,thats sooo 2008 :P

Kinect is one of those things that I didnt expect to see till a few years ahead,I mean the whole thought of controlling a game solely on your voice and by your body movements seemes so futuristic to me.Though i have to admit the first time i heard of Kinect i thought it was useless and in a way i still of now.But the reason its on my list is solely on because of what the Kinect delivers.You can turn your Xbox 360 on by just saying a simple command.You can do absolutely everything on the dashboard just by your the sound of your voice and by your body movements.And not to mention the games you play utilize this same technology.Iv played dancing games before and sure they were fun,but just the sheer image of playing it on the kinect seems to blow that whole experience away.The technology of the Kinect is very revolutionary but i still need to see developers take the system more seriously and make hardcore games for it,only then i would consider buying one.

Gotta love having gameplay overhauled

The thing i love about the Playstation Move is that its giving us gamers a whole new experience with games we already love and games overall.For example look at Heavy Rain.This game is already fun with a controller but now that its Move compatible the whole experience has switched up.Now you will actually feel like your in the game,doing those moves.Move is making games much more realistic than anything we have experienced.

3.Halo Reach's Forge Mode

Customization at its finest

Halo 3s forge mode was amazing in its time.It gave gamers freedom to customize maps to whatever they liked and it was very fun.But at the same time it had its limitations.You couldnt build things in air nor could you make objects phase through other objects,those were 2 big problems in Halo 3s forge mode that gave us all plenty of ire.Though Halo Reach fixes these 2 problems and adds plenty of more content for our liking and enjoyment.

Reachs forge mode is all about letting you do everything you wanted to do in Halo 3 without getting raged.This time around you will be unleashing your creativity on a very large island where possibilities are damn near endless.When first starting off you will be given $10,000,some items,and a very big area to make your map on.When you start building you will notice that there are way more items to play around with and you can even customize the maps scenery and the maps bases.Simply put theres nothing on consoles that can come close to what Bungie has done with Halo Reaches forge mode.The amount of detail and customization we can now utilize is through the roof.


So what did we learn in 2010?

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Heres what i learned..

1.Bungie still doesnt want to show us their true potiential

Why Bungie?Why?!?!

Everyone knows Reach was an awesome game but it was kinda what we all expected.Bungie has only been working on 1 console(360) and they havnt even touched a PS3.So why is Halo Reach not as graphically impressive as Uncharted 2?If anybody Bungie should know how to utilize the 360s hardware perfectly.

2.Never...Ever give into Hype

Setting the bar?Yeeeea right

Now its ok to be excited for a game but never set your heart on things youve heard or even on what the developers have said.Yes,Im looking at you Gran Turismo 5.GT5 was suppose to be the best racer of all time with Playstation 4 graphics but for all of you who dont know all the cars in GT5 are split into two sections.Premium cars are cars that look amazing.By far the most detailed cars in a racer to date but there are also standard cars that look very PS2ish.GT fans waited 3+ years to look a half ugly game.Fail.

3.PC gaming is a whole generation ahead of consoles

is this surprising?

Crytek recently stated that PC gaming is a whole generation ahead of the PS3 and 360....hmmm :roll:

4.Activision will continue to be greedy retards that will never give some of there games the respect they deserve

Why dont all of us gamers just skip a call of duty and see what happens..

This isnt very surprising but each time Activision announces a new Call of Duty you cant help but to think why.They recently just announced Modern Warfare 3 for 2011 which is going to sell a crap load.A new Call of duty each year is really tiring out gamers as it is me.

5.Just because a game was in development for a long time doesnt mean the game will be amazing

I loved Alan Wake,it actually won my GoTY but for how long the game was in development doesnt match the games overall quality.I was expecting Alan Wake to have as much content as Assassins creed 2.


Xbox 360 took 2010

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After 2 years of PS3 domination the 360 finally bounced back.Overall 2010 was a good year for PS3 but it was a even better year for the 360.I tried to be very accurate with the lists i made so without further ado here are the achievements both consoles have made in the year 2010..

1.Grand Turismo 5

2.God of War 3

3.Heavy Rain

4.White Knight Chronicles

5.Yakuza 3


7.PlayStation Move

8.Modnation Racers

1.Mass Effect 2

2.Alan Wake

3.Halo Reach

4.ESPN (Fall dashboard update)

5.Splinter Cell Conviction

6.Fable 3

7.Crackdown 2

8.Metro 2033

9.Limbo (XLA)


As you can see the 360 s***** on the PS3 this year


Just one more...

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If your on my xbox live friends list you would know that im completely addicted to Assassins creed 2.Iv put in 7 hours into the game yesterday and 5 today.The game is very engrossing and when your playing it, it gets to be very hard to put the controller down.Just one more mission,just one more feather,just one more assassination contract,just one more... The characters in the game feel very lifelike and real.There responses and actions are believable.And you may even catch yourself getting emotionally connected to some characters throughout the game.This all results in one of the best stories in a game that iv ever played. I also love how the world is in Assassins Creed 2.Some cities that you visit are poor.Everything is dingy and the buildings looked lived in and dirty.Citizens look poor and there cloths often have rips and tears in them.And you also visit rich cities where everything is brightened with color and all of the buildings look clean and new. Like GTA,Assassins Creed 2 works on a real whether pattern.The days go through sunrise,sunny,sunfall,and then night.And everything looks extremely beautiful.Bricks on buildings are amazingly detailed and the ocean glistens when the sun rays hit the water.Graphically everything looks perfect. And i must say this feels like the next evolutionary step from GTA.The city feel so much more alive than GTA ever did.The cities actually have personality. I cant belive i just hit 100 blogs :P ~JordanizPro

VGA Nominees.What game are you voting for?

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So for GoTY they have... 1.Red Dead Redemption 2.Halo Reach 3.God of War III 4.Call of Duty:Black Ops 5.Mass Effect 2 Which game are you guys voting for?Im not sure which one im voting for just yet :| And honestly the only game out of the bunch that shouldnt win the award is Black ops.How did that game even get mentioned when they were nominating games for the GoTY? I mean the game is fun but its not like its anything new :?Just sayin. ~JordanizPro

What is your GoTY?And your most wanted game for 2011?

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The year 2010 has now come to a close (as far as games are concerned) and all of the big games of this year have now been released.And im sure all of you have played a s*** load of games this year (as i did :P) so my question is what is your GoTY?And also what is your most wanted game for 2011? My GoTY would have to be Alan Wake for sure.Iv wanted this game for a long time and it delivered on damn near all aspects.And for my 2011 most wanted game Gears 3 all the way :D:D:D:D Enjoy your weekend everyone! ~JordanizPro

How many of you are getting Black Ops this week?

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I was too lazy to reserve my copy so i hope my GameStop will still have some extra copies on Thursday :| So any of you guys getting the game this week?Anybody going to the midnight launch? ~JordanizPro

I feel refreashed

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Im back now..kinda.I know the break wasnt very long but i guess it was all i needed :| and im so pissed GameSpot took away my Mario avy :evil: but i like the avy i have now too :) more blogs on the way 8) ~JordanizPro

Happy halloween!!

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Stay safe guys and have fun :) i still dont have plans for tonight :| oh well i might just chill and look at The corpse Bride :P