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Shopping list for the next year.

Fable Anniversary (360)
Pokemon Y (3DS)
Diablos 3 (PS3) 
Smash Bros (3DS) 
Legend of Zelda a Link Between Worlds (3DS)
Grand Theft Auto V (PS3)
Ratchet & Clank into the Nexus (PS3)

Meh DS collection

With the end of this gen comes the completion of my DS collection. I have obtained all the games for the system that I wish to play or heard were good. Tell me if I missed any notable games. :) 


Pokemon  Pearl

Pokemon Heartgold

Pokemon Black

Pokemon White

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Kirby canvas curse

Kirby Mass Attack

Kirby Squeak Squad

Kirby Super Star Ultra

Legend of Zelda: Phantom hourglass.

Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Castlevania:  Dawn of Sorrow

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

Castlevania:  Order of Ecclesia

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trial s and Tribulations

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

Professor Layton and the Last Specter

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time

Mario and Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story

Mario Kart DS

New Super Mario Bros DS

Metroid Prime Hunters

Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars

The World Ends With You

Custom Robo Arena

Yoshis Island DS

999: Nine hours, Nine persons, Nine doors

Animal  Crossing Wild World

Bleach Dark Souls

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective

Chrono Trigger

Radiant Historia

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Final Fantasy IV

Rhythm Heaven

Elite Beat Agents


EDIT: Picked up Final Fantasy IV, Rhythm Heaven, and Elite Beat Agents. 

Pikachu, you will be missed.

This is a outline for joke speech of sorts we are giving in class. I was supposed to kill of a cartoon character and write a eulogy for them. This just an outline so the grammar might not be perfect :P

I AG) My fellow Pokémon, teammates, and friends. We are gathered here today to mourn passing of our dear friend Pikachu.

II RA) Its good to see familiar faces as with us today such as Squirtle, Bulbasuar, Charmander,

III Thesis) Pikachu was a selfless Pokémon who fought our oppressor at every opportunity.

C) He was a close personal friend, and I have known him for a most of my life.

P) Pikachu gave made the ultimate sacrifice. Pikachu fought for the rights of Pokémon everywhere. Pikachu will be missed.

I For those of us who werent there, I feel that you should know Pikachus death was an unnecessary and completely avoidable one.

A There is more then enough blame to go around, but most of the blame rests solely on the shoulders of our oppressor the ten-year-old Ash Ketchum.

1 The day started out like any other, our comrade and leader Pikachu trudging along behind ash as we pushed onward, the disembodied narrator rambling on about our recent escapades.

a Also as usual in mere minutes Ash and his big mouth had attracted the biggest, meanest trainer within a hundred mile radius for us to train with.

2 The opponent sent out a monstrous Charizard and Ash reached into his bag for my poké ball to force me face this Charizard on the field of battle.

a Before Ash had a chance to send me to my doom, Pikachu, knowing that none of the rest of us were any match for Charizard.

b Thats not to say that Pikachu was a much better match up.

Its not that Pikachu wasnt an extraordinary Pokémon, rather just the fact that a 10 pound mouse stands no chance against a several hundred pound dragon and ash should have known that.

3 I wont go further into detail, but the direct result of that battle is that Pikachu is no longer among us. Pikachus, death at saved the rest of us from a similar fate, and we can never forget his sacrifice.

Pikachu was more then just our hero, he was also an symbol of Bravery in the face of oppression.

II As captured Pokémon we live our lives as prisoners, following orders, obediently trapped in poke balls until the end of our days, but not Pikachu.

A Pikachu didnt just resign himself to his fate. Pikachu fought back against ash at every opportunity.

1 Pikachu refused to go into a poke ball. For as long as I have known Pikachu I have never once seen him in a poke ball.

a He simply refused to let someone force him into the cramped confines of a of one of those spherical prisons. Sometime he stayed out even when it would have been much safer inside the Pokeball. Come hell or high water Pikachu stayed as Pokémon were meant to be, on his own to feet. For him it was matter of principal. He wasnt going to let Ash take his dignity away.

B Then there where Pikachus less peaceful shows of defiance.

1 Pikachu frequently courageously attacked ash with electricity, openly displaying his loathing for Ash. This is something the rest of us simply could not do for fear of punishment later. Pikachu was unafraid to do what others wouldnt and stand up to ash and shock the crap out of him.

a Eventually it got to the point where ash had to wear rubber gloves, thinking, in typical ash fashion, that somehow rubber gloves were going to protect his entire body from electrical attacks.

C We cant forget Pikachus escape plans to rescue us all from our trainer.

1 Working with Team Rocket, and undercover Pokémon freedom movement, Pikachu worked his hardest to get us all back into the wild.

a Nearly every day Pikachu and Team Rocket together to plan an attempt to rescue us using secret channels of communication.

b Like clock work team Rocket would show up under the guise of a criminal organization to save us.

c Unfortunately the secret channels are fairly complex and the plans got messed up as they passed from mouth to mouth. As a result, all of the plans ended in failure and we werent saved before our leaders untimely demise.

I Pikachu was my friend, my teammate and my hero.

II He gave his live to protect others. He fought against the tyrannical ash to the very end. He will be missed.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Here is a little carol I wrote for the push lounge (which resides in the best board on gamespot!). I'm pretty happy with it :P enjoy!

Deck the halls with oer hyped games,

Troll ol ol ol ol, ol ol ol ol.

Tis the season to call names,

Troll ol ol ol ol, ol ol ol ol.

Don we now our fanboy clothing,

Troll ol ol ol ol, ol ol ol ol.

Filling posters hearts with loathing,

Troll ol ol ol ol, ol ol ol ol.

See the blazing flame war before us,

Troll ol ol ol ol, ol ol ol ol.

Listen to Mcshea troll and bore us.

Troll ol ol ol ol, ol ol ol ol.

posting here no matr your nation,

Troll ol ol ol ol, ol ol ol ol.

ispeakfact proclaims domination,

Troll ol ol ol ol, ol ol ol ol.

DLC and online passes,

Troll ol ol ol ol, ol ol ol ol.

Glitchspot is slow as molasses

Troll ol ol ol ol, ol ol ol ol.

Yelling, at each-other in rage

Troll ol ol ol ol, ol ol ol ol.

Heedless of the terms of usage,

Troll ol ol ol ol, ol ol ol ol.


Two weeks of crazy, then winter break and vacation.

My Acedemic to do list for the next two weeks. (not including nightly homework assignmetns)

Chem quiz for this current section

Chem quiz over next section

Chem test over chapter chem final

Chem lab exam

Plant Pathology 2nd draft

Plant Pathology final draft

Plant Pathology quiz current section

Plant Pathology quiz next section

Plant Pathology Final

Give final speech

Speech Quiz

Speech Final

SoC test

Soc Final

:| but then Winter Break Family is taking a trip to Florida to hit Universal and Disney land. :D


GS gives mobile gaming a kick to the face.

All discussion regarding mobile gaming are limited to a small low traffic board, segregated from other gaming devices for no apparent reason. On this board you can only compare mobile devices as opposed to the much more flexible and interesting SW. There isn't a personal computer wars board. There isn't a console wars board. There isn't a handheld wars board. The staff have essentially picked one group of platforms and segregated them from SW for no reason.


LOL at SW and GS vs MC for meta-game score system.

Recently dissatisfied members of SW have cried out for the SW meta-game to be based around Metacritic scores. This is almost certainly due to Gamespot's recent habit of bucking the trend and scoring games higher or lower then most other sites.

I can understand both sides of the argument

Gamespot is convieinet because we are already here, and the scores (usually) don't change.

There are problems with Gamespot some of them factual, others are theories I have cooked up.


Gamespot doesn't review every game.

Gamespot doesn't post scores on every platform for all multi-plat games.


Personally I think Gamespot manipulates scores for site hits on SW. Its the only explanation I can come up with for why wonderbook and Fable the Journey scored so high. They tend to leave big AAA games alone so they don't appear untrustworthy to random web surfers but there is definitely something fishy going on with the smaller name games. (again this is just my theory)

now for the lulz.

Recenty Kuramein (don't care a bit if I spelled his name wrong) made a thread asking for MC to be the standard for game scores in the metagame. Of course, becuase SW is gonna SW it was filled with idiots. However, what made me laugh was the end.

A Mod and JodyR part of the Gamespot staff came in to say nope we use GS for the SW metagame.575138_499919820033083_5129534_n.jpg

I thought to myself, well darn there couldn't possibly be a reason behind that right? (sarcasm)

If we switched to MC, their score trolling wouldn't work and they would get less site hits! Just some food for thought.

Gamespot be troll'n us.

I am leaving SW for PUSH. The BS moderations and the stupidity are unbearable.

I came to system wars around 10 months ago under the alias INB4UALL. My main account was Jonwh18, but I created inb4uall for the lolz on the handheld hardware gaming forums. Its not against the rules to have an alt account, and many posters do. I would have stayed in the handheld hardware forums, except GameSpot broke away from GameFAQs. Unfortunately GFAQs took the forums with it when it left. The only problem was the community stayed at Gamespot but ingored the new forums Gamespot created. As such, the forums died. The only active forums were the ones listed on the main forum title listing. Among those forums the only ones that had enough active posters that you could carry and actual conversation with someone, were System Wars and Off Topic. Wanting to talk about games, I went to System Wars. Not wanting to tarnish my main account by associating it with the filth I heard inhabited System Wars, I used my alternate account Inb4uall. Through the spring and summer that followed I grew attached to system wars. Arguing with fellow gamers was addictive. However, because of a TOU change that apparently happened right before I came to SW, trolls ran rampant having their way with the forum and its denizens. Some notable trolls I encountered during my stay in System wars include Phonemug, Groverslanding, ForzaGearsFace, iSpeakfact, Reach3, Kuramien, Shadowmoses, Sniper4321, CanYouDigit, RR360DD, MarioKart64fan, Seconhokage, Lowe, LoosingENDS, Tormentos, Darkdude, and Zychlop.

Zychlop was a particularly annoying troll. Now banned, he used to post no stop hate with his partner in stupidity, darkdude2k12. Unlike other some other trolls such as LoosingENDS, and ispeakfact, Zychlop was a new breed of troll. His OPs were almost almost exclusively comprised of one or two lines of Nintendo hate, and werent backed up by anything but his opinion. Following usual troll tactics, Zychlop would spout gibberish, and refuse to listen to reason, and repeatedly bump his own threads when they were about to die. A common tactic to deal with darkdude2k12 and zychlop was to spam pony and spiderman memes in their threads, along with anything else you felt like spamming.

Around that time, Lundy86_4 had a bit to much alcohol and came onto the forums, under the influence of alcohol. The results of this can be seen here as lundy tore local idiot, sonic1564,s thread to shreads.

His method was to rapidly spam posts such as F*cking shut the f*ck up you f*cking numpty.,PISS THE BALLS THAT CRACK THE ANUS IN THE SKY HIGH STRAWBERRY PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and TC is poop repeatedly. He later revealed that he was moderated once for the incident. He was giving a single warning if I recall correctly.

Back to Zychlop, the entire board, including myself was tired of zychlops Nintendo hate thread spam. Having seen how effective Lundys method of spamming posts to ruin a trolls fun by giving them a taste of their own medicine. I proceeded to spam posts such as ban Zychlop, and GTFO darkdouche This went on for a good many pages. As I was doing this, the general attitude of my peers in the thread was encouragement, and agreement. This was likely because Zychlop had been annoying the board with his garbage for a while now. I would post a link, but gamespot just come up with error when you type in the topic name. If you google the words ( ban darkdouche inb4uall) the topic will come up in google, under now that the wii U ....

Some time passed it was the next day and all of a sudden moderations started to fill my inbox. just short of 60 moderations to be exact. Among those moderations were FOUR suspensions. I was displeased to say the least. I hopped on my other account jonwh18 and went to the MCS to ask what the heck was going on. I was moderated, very severly for spamming when Lundy had gotten of with nothing but a warning, days earlier. I went to the MCS.

I posted this

"If you could look into the suspension of the account inb4uall. It received 37 + warnings and multiple suspensions for "spamming" in a thread nearly 24 hours after the posts were made. None of the mods thought that it was a problem at the time and I received no moderation. almost 24 hours later I start receiving a crap ton of warnings and multiple suspensions, for spamming a thread which posted by a poster who repeatedly spams anti Nintendo threads. If you check inb4uall's history the thread is called "now that wii U" which has been locked. if a moderator were to look through the thread they would see that many other upstanding posters on system wars supported my spamming of the thread, and my message. I would also like to point of that lately others have spammed threads in a similar fashion, I'm not tattling but examples of this are demonjoe and lundy (i am not sure of their exact account names). They said they received a single moderation/warning or no warnings/moderations at all. I have now received over 50 for the incident as a whole. I feel that this was a unfair moderation

Edit: I would also like to ask what is the deal with these suspensions? because the moderation for these posts happened hours later and not with in a timely manner, as in I wasn't told to stop while I was still spamming the thread there are mutliple suspensions. If not removed do these suspenisons stack? They all say the end on midnight 7 PT or something along those lnes but they were all hannded out almost at the exact same time. so are they all in effect at once or once one runs out will another of the suspensions go into effect?

I would also like to point out that the account is still continuing to receive warning notifications and being moderated (today) three days after the "spamming" event (the 12th) and the thread has been locked for some time now."

Mailer_DAEMON one of the mods on MCS responded with this, and I am posting this verbatim

You need to take it up with Customer Support, not dodge your suspension with another account.

I didnt even know gamespot HAD customer support to deal with suspensions. There certainly wasnt anything obvious anywhere saying if email this address with a complaint. What I DID see however was the MCS. the Moderation Clarification Station. I wanted an explination for why my account was moderated so harshly so I went there. I figured the whole point of MCS was to ask WHILE suspended or banned why you were punished. What is the point of waiting until after the suspension is up? At that point I have my posting privileges back and anything they do helps me in no way shape or form. Youll notice if you read Mailer_deamons incredibly unhelpful post didnt even provide a link to customer support. What he did do was promptly suspend Jonwh18.

Luckily I knew a Mod on Steam. Verbtex. Verb is probably on of the only mods on Gamespot which I have encountered that diserves to be a mod. He sticks to the rules

and is actually helpful. He took a look at my moderation for me and reversed all of the suspension on inb4uall. For some reason my posting privileges didnt come back right away. WE attributed it to problems with gamespots crappy site code and assumed that I would have privlages back at the end of the first suspension which was a week from my first moderation for spamming. He wasnt going to undo the suspension on Jonwh18 because I had infact broken the rules and posted in MCS while suspended. I honestly thought posting with an alt in MCS while banned or suspended was what the MCS was for, but whatever. I was fine with waiting a week. It was possible it said somewhere in fine print in the TOU what to do if suspended and I just hadnt seen it. So I would wait.

I was nearing the end of my week of suspension and I check inb4uall, which still couldnt post, even though all of the moderations had been reversed. But like a slap in the face I had a message saying that to replace my suspension I was banned. due to admin discretion

I went to steam to ask verb what the heck was going on and he said it was due to excessive spamming. The admins thought that warranted a ban. Even though it was my first offense, and the mods didnt moderate me during my spamming, or warn me until after I had stopped on my own and the warning were useless. However, I jonwh18, was reinstated by an admin and I was to be allowed to post on Jonwh18. I decided to cut my losses and just go with it. I wasnt happy, because I had made friends under the alias inb4uall, and the account had really become my main account by that point, but like I said, I wanted to cut my loses.

So a couple months pass zychlop is finally banned for his spamming even thought he had been filling the forums with his Nintendo hate threads for months at this point, but I digress.

This is where Free_milk enters our little story. Free_milk is an attention wh*re. There really is no other way to put it. He changes his System wars faction to align himself with which ever he deems to be the most popular or cool at that moment. He posts purposely annoying threads and posts just to annoy other posters. Lately he has posted porn in the lounge. (he deleted it before a mods could ban him, as he so rightfully deserved) He has run around posting spoilers to some of this years biggest games Assassins Creed 3, and Halo4. Now to top it all of he did the exact same thing I did. Spammed an anti Nintendo hate thread. He posted pictures of various Wii U controllers repeatedly through out the thread.

If you wish to see it the thread is here. Still unlocked I might add even though it is filled with gibberish.

Later he apologizes hoping for more attention in a separate thread. That thread is here.

In this Threads OP he states that he fully well expects to be suspended or even banned for his actions, am he should have been. But NO! Adobeartist, one of the SW mods, and resident Mass Effect Fanboy, posts this after locking Free_milks goodbye/apology thread.

You're not suspended, so feel free to return any time.

Does anyone else see the problem here? Both lundy and Free_milk escaped, basically with out any punishment what so ever. I on the other had was given 4 suspensions (not including the suspension on Jonwh18, because it was for posting on an alt account while suspended) and a ban, just for spamming. Seems a bit unfair no? Free_milk especialy deserved a ban. He posted Porn, in the lounge, which the TOU explicitely say will result in a ban, spammed the exact same type of thread, and posted spoilers for major games all over the forum. All within the time of around a week and a half. Surely he should at least receive a suspension? NO! he gets a

You're not suspended, so feel free to return any time.

This my fellow System warriors is why I am leaving SW and heading to PUSH. The levels of stupidity in both the SW posters and the mods that are supposed to watch over the SW forum have reached an all time high. Most of the good posters have left, the ones who remain are few and far and in-between. The trolls have no style and sound like broken records. And the entire forum has basically become a sewer where trolls run rampant, and intelligent posters are ridiculed and laughed at. To the few system warriors who arent in push, I will sincerely miss you. To the rest of the filth that resides in System wars. Good riddance.

Special goodbyes

To cheleman: I really really hope you make it into push so I can still talk to you, but if you don't, goodbye old pal its been great.

To Platniumgamer: Maybe one day you will make it into push, but until then I will, miss you.