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The Ultimate Game control

I recently have been paying attention to Sony's Motion Control, as well as Microsoft's Project Natal. Motion Control allows for the detection of and use of two controllers ideal for sword fights with or without a shield as well! The video looks really quite amazing! And the Project Natal detects your entire body, and if one can combine this technology (software + camera mostly), you can be truly immersed in virtual reality, where your every move matters. Project Natal's function could serve as a means to move, and dodge, whilst the Motion Control features can function as your weapon and shield, or as demonstrated, bow, gun, etc. Can you imagine a virtual reality where dungeons and dragons can no longer be based on a nerds imagination, but rather one could be truly immersed in a PC game? I would be so very interested in the integration of this technology on to a PC, Play said game using this Motion Control and Project Natal tech! A game I would LOVE to play using this tech is probably Darkfall, I just wish there weren't so many hackers and exploiters on that game, the combat is revolutionary!