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JonnyAvacado Blog

VB #7 The Return..

by on

Hey Gamespot,

Its definitely been a while since I have posted here, but you always return to those you love...or something like that...anyhow here is my new VB...I talk about Castle Crashers and other random things....hope you enjoy!!

On second thought, the embed feature is dead right now and I cannot post my VB into this blog...I am disheartened...check out my video section if you want to check it out.


Damn you uploader!!!

by on

Hey Guys,

I have been trying to upload my fifth video blog/RRW 1st video for the past 3 days to no avail... As soon as it works definitely check it out guys!

The death of a router...

by on

Whats up Gamespot?

I was chatting with EightBitWarrior on Tuesday night (after an extremely long Ninja Gaiden 2 session) when something happened...."Disconnected from Messenger" followed by "Disconnected from XBox Live". this had been happening on Tuesday afternoon, and I initially assumed it was a fluke. After the fifth time it happened during my conversation with EightBit I wondered if my router was the problem. Well, it was....We had a pretty bad storm here in Maryland that night, lots of downed trees and hail, furious lightning and thunder as well. So, in other words my router is fried... This is disconcerting considering I almost bought a new router last month when I had some extra cash. Probably best that I didn't though, considering that if the storm was the culprit, it probably would have fried that one as well.

I wanted to record some gameplay videos of NG 2 for you guys. So much awesome content to show everyone... So I will probably do that tonight, if time permits of course. Since the router is dead, I won't be on XBox Live...can't upload Karma scores...argh!! (I have the wireless network adapter) but I will be able to upload while still connected directly to the cable modem. So at least I have internet access...*phew*

Otherwise take care Gamespot and I will talk to you guys later!

P.S. Sorry about the abrupt end to the converstation the other night Mike...damn router..:o

Video Blog #4

by on

Whats up Gamespot? Here is my 4th video blog, I am not as tired this time around, so my thoughts are more clear...sort of..

Ninja Gaiden 2, can't wait!! Enjoy!


Video Blog 3

by on

Whats up Gamespot? Finally posting my 3rd video blog....Please excuse the pacing of this one...I was very tired when I recorded it last night. Just talk about general BS, gaming, memorial day, etc.



Ninja Gaiden 2 long to wait...

by on

Wow, the day is almost upon us. When NG2 will be unleashed upon our 360's.... As many of you may or may not know, NGB is my favorite game of all time. I stumbled upon the original in 2004 and played a little but did not get fully into it until I saw some gamplay videos over at I thought... that looks as if it may be the most rewarding game I will ever play, this was one of the very few times I was completely right.

Bigalski over at iberiansngrealm has some excellent karma run videos (with commentary) that were extremely helpful. My skill skyrocketed with the original NG and then I purchased NGB to get the included Hurricane Packs. Suffice to say I never looked back. NGB is a bit more punishing than the original. However the reward for mastering aspects of the game are worth any frustration associated with playing, and dying, over and over again. Eventually your skill will increase to where certain difficulties are boring and must be played with a certain handicap or goal in mind. Karma runs are an example and are excruciatingly difficult. Resets are so frequent that you wonder why are putting yourself up to this daunting task. Your scores are really the reason, and for the satisfaction of the gameplay. The game feels fantastic when you are good at it. I remember when I first played it in 04. I didnt hate the game but it wasnt fun because of its difficulty. Now that has changed. You're enjoyment of NGB is directly proportional to time and effort put into the game. I think that is why NGB is still my favorite game of all time.

The wait has felt far too long, but the reward from patience will be all worth it....

No More Heroes Gameplay and update!

by on

What's up Gamespot? Finally captured a gameplay video from the TV to PC after seeing how horrible the quality was on my NGB video. While the quality still isn't what I would consider "great" it does the job. You can see everything pretty well and there is no sign of lag or fluctuating light. Which is nice, the NGB video had a hard time keeping up with the different lighting effects of the game.

Anyhow I am going to post another video blog tonight because I think that Capin131 and Sonic5227 are right on the money. We need to keep video blogging. I really enjoy everyones videos as well, and even if people don't like mine, I still like making them. So that's what I am going to keep doing!! I am headed down to my parents house for the holiday, so we are having a big beach party and all, so I am definitely looking forward to that! Look for my next VB tonight, I should have it posted by then.

Here is the gameplay video I just captured last night... Take care and I will talk to you guys soon!!


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