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I am some sort of alien egg aboard The Nightjar.
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[QUOTE="Randolph"]The Wii U seems to be stuck in a rut, and Iwata just awkwardly stands around repeating "please understand" and "we apologize". I just can't fathom a solution to their console problem, and even hardcore Nintendo fans were let down by their E3 Nintendo Direct. I mean, Mario 3D World looks like it will be a fun game, but just about everyone expected something more than what is, essentially, a $60 3DS port. We expected Mario Galaxy on steroids. We got a portable game in HD. Even Mario, their flagship character, just doesn't seem to take the Wii U seriously. It's like they've already resigned themselves to the fact the this system will not be a huge success, so they don't see the reason to go balls to the walls and make games like Galaxy when reasonably well made yet extremely lazy efforts like NSMB and 3D World will still turn a tidy profit regardless. They are penny pinching the Wii U into oblivion.

I don't see a solution short of A) Buying Sega Sammy or B) Somehow doubling their development studios. They're still the best developer in the world for my money, but they're pretty much running it solo.
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[QUOTE="1PMrFister"]Rare. There is no other answer.JML897
Square, though

Those have got to be the two best answers right there.
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Ryan has been part of the group of critics I have followed and enjoyed since I finally got my own job and really got into gaming back in 2001. Needless to say, but still: it's terrible, it's awful, and life ca really suck sometimes. My deepest condolences to his friends, colleagues, and especially his wife.

It's the kind of awful that refuses comprehension.

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the problem is that one comapny wants to own the entire economic food chain. you buy their console. you buy games they have specifically licensed. even when you buy a used game you have to kick over cash to play it. and they control the digital marketplace for their games exclusively. this is all about microsoft controlling how you acces entertainment and getting a cut every time you do so.

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It depends on how much you want to get from the story. It's one of those plotlines that benefits from seeing it throug twice, but if you're not interested in that, there's no need to buy it. I bought it and don't regret it for one moment, but I was also very into the story and world of the game. It wasn't just fifteen hours and done for me.

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I've always been with Sony because their consoles have always been better. After Sony's reveal a couple of months ago, there is absolutely nothing that Microsoft could do to change my mind. I hope it has online connectivity to play games aswell as a no used games policy just to laugh my ass off.

I would love to hear a cogent argument about how any single company's consoles have "always been better."
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Metro will be an interesting case. In the end, what we see is what the market will bear. We probably won't like it, but we will end up ponying up for the things we really want, and that will naturally vary between each person. I lookay mass effect 3 as an e ample, as its seen a ton of single player paid DLC. I haven't paid f any of it and wotpnt until I does on sale, but its frustrating that there's another half of a mass effect game locked ino $10-15 chunks. On the other hand, I paid for the BioShock season pass, because I believe in the prospective quality of that content, but I also believe in a reasonable value of another, again, rouly half are of content, but at a more reasonable rate of $20 for all of it.
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I'm not normally an early adopter, but this gen has dragged on so long. My body is ready.JamDev
This generation is certainly showing its age as pc versions of muliplatform games keep on looking better and better, but I still wonder what the next gem has to offer beyond shinier visuals. As Nintendo is finding out with the WiiU, you have to really sell someone on a reason to upgrade.
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if ever.


I was planning on skipping next gen, and still might, but that Deep Down trailer has me in the wait and see mindset.

My thoughts are that I have too many odler games I want to play.  I have a decent backlog (consisting msotly of RPGs so it'll take me forever to get through) and there are bunches of older games for many systems I want to play. Meanwhile, I have seen evry little that excites me about next gen.  Evil Within or whatever it's called (new Mikami game) looks like it might be good, but it could just turn into an action fest.  Meanwhile, my favorite company, Nintendo, has awful support for WiiU, so it looks like it'll jsut be another console to have soley for the exclusives.  If I ever ended up buying a enxt gen console, it'd probably be the PS4.

Although I will be getting a 3DS soon, not sure if that counts.

I'm in a similar situation. I'll be getting the pop tart 3DS XL soon, and I've got a ton of old games I need to play still, or want to play again, or still haven't even bought yet. I could see holding off of a next gen home console until 2015/2016 easy, at which point I'd probably just rather have a new computer anyway.