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Diablo 3

I am so sick of seeing people hurt the rating on this game, this game is great. If you get on this game's page you will see the user rating for users is in the 7's but the the GameSpot score is 8.5 and the Metacritic score is 88/100, and you may be asking yourself "How this is so?". GameSpot says I'm not supposed to hate on other people's reviews in my review so I'm going to do it here in hopes I can save at least one person from the lies people are posting. First of all I owe you an explanation on how I know the rating is a lie and what made the users rate it like that so let me explain. Reason #1: This would have to be the release of the game. When this game was first launched there were so many problems with it that it would make you drunk angry, saying curse words that don't make sense and strangely getting the urge to drink again. The servers constantly had errors, the game constantly crashed, glitches were to be found everywhere, and if you pre-downloaded the digital copy you would be lucky to be able to play it the day after it released. For this reason you can understand how many people raged and went on the site and gave it a 1.0 for the pure fact they have been waiting 10 years for it, and you can image how collector's edition buyers felt. Reason #2: That would be Character Creation. Diablo 3 has no way to change the physical appearance of your character so at the start no character will look different from the other, but the catch to this is that really matters little considering you will not even see most of the character's body when he is in armor and you will barely notice in a PvP while you are trying to combat the other player. But under this category the most common thing that made people rage would have to be Hardcore mode. Hardcore mode gives death literal meaning in the game, meaning that if you die.....your dead and your character cannot be revived taking you back the character screen telling you he is no longer playable. You can imagine how many people tried to get World First Hardcore Diablo kill and died while fighting him causing them to rage and once again poorly rate the game. Reason #3: This one is simple, people are stupid. I can't tell you how many reviews I read for people hating Diablo 3 for being Diablo 3. There were a few that didn't know that hardcore mode meant permanent death, a few who thought the classes would be the same, and of course those idiots who didn't realize inferno difficulty was going to be hard. I mean really people, of course the classes are not the same or it would be Diablo 2.5 and if you didn't realize that each difficulty setting would mean that you have to play through the SAME, I say again, the SAME story several times then you obviously never played of Diablo II or lack the ability to read the review before purchasing the game. If your mad at inferno mode then it's your fault for being bad at the game, they didn't make inferno mode just for Diablo III out of coincidence they it for people who will take the time to adapt to something difficult so if you haven't beaten it no one will look down on you unless you are out there complaining about it. I hope I was able to shed some light on the situation this game was put in and I really hope you go out and buy the game because it is most certainly worth playing with a great feeling of competitiveness. I will reassure you that the servers are generally running fine now without much problem for I can go 24 hours without being kicked off for maintenance now that the game has been out for awhile. I will also warn you with this reassurance that PvP is not out yet , for Blizzard wanted to hold back on it until it was perfect but will be coming in the time ahead along with my review of it.


The actual category of this blog would be Games/Rant, and I will accept you calling it either. I am writing this blog to offer Alternatives for people of who play nothing but what I call "bandwagon" games, or games that people like just because other people like them. Let's face it, we all play at least one for it can't be helped and I'm not saying any of these games are bad I'm just saying there are other games out there that are really unappreciated under the oppression of these "bandwagon" games. This game list will include but not be limited to one or more games of similar idea but with different Stories, Game-play, Theme, Purpose, and/or Mechanics. Halo------------------> Tribes CoD-------------------> Bf3 or Visa Versa GOW-----------------> Unreal GTA------------------->Saints Skyrim--------------->Dragons Dogma, Dark Souls, Far Cry StarCraft------------->Sins of a Solar Empire, C&C This blog is not complete and probably never will be for there will always be new games to add to the list as times goes on, and I will eventually add an explanation to my each of my recommendations for it is not the same reason for each.

Everyone Calm Down - GTA lV

I was looking over the Grand Theft Auto lV page and I noticed something.....people are completely obsessed about that game...or at least were.. GameSpot themselves gave it a 10 out of 10, which in their own words means it's "prime" and practically nothing wrong with it "for the time it came out". Well the point is there were plenty of things at least not "prime" about it, I mean sure it came out 4 years ago give it some slack but still lets compare it like this... Best Graphics: No ---> Dead Space Best Open World: Nah ---> Far Cry 2 Best Content: Nope ---> Fall Out 3 Best Shooter: Try Again ---> Gears Of War 2 Deserved A 10: Don't Make Me Laugh All of those ranks I gave above are debatable, especially considering Fall Out has a good bid on being the best Open World too ;D. But still, My point is that it's a great game.....but not the best calm down..

Account Leveling

The account leveling on this site is just plain dumb, if it really does reflect how much I post stuff then it is going to be the longest time till I get anywhere, and if it is how much I log in then it is REALLY dumb because I am on this site literally all the time, I just never sign in. So I think many of us would greatly appreciate it if GameSpot was just like "Hey this is what you must do to level, and this is what you must have to do certain things". If they do have something like this and I'm just being dumb, I would then greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me where it is.