You know what they call this in the Couv? BBQ weather!

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Title is quote from Robin on How I Met Your Mother.

Winter is coming. It just started snowing ealier this week, but none of the snow has stayed until today.

Yesterday, I went to a party with Sasha. It was really fun. We met this guy named James. He's so funny. He was telling this story about his bus ride to the party and some of the strange people on the bus.

I put another Buffyvideo up on youtube.

Buffy - Dollhouse Style

School is going well. I'm doing well in my classes. I'm applying for universities and colleges soon.

dexter-logo.jpg Dexter picture by Jon_MW_16
"Just Let Go" was a great episode. It was really sad how Brother Sam was in a coma and then died. I can't believe Nick was the one who shot Brother Sam. I love how Dexter kills Nick and then his brother Brian shows up as part of his conscience. I didn't like Angel at the beginning of this episode. I found he was too hard on Porter. I loved Angel at the end of the episode when he was nice to Deb. I love how Deb in staying in therapy and she throws a party. It was sad that Dexter didn't show up to the party. I love how Travis let that woman go free.

himym.jpg HIMYM logo picture by Jon_MW_16
"Disaster Averted" was an awesome episode. Barney and Robin's plot was awesome. It was so sad how everyone's father called during the hurricane, except for Robin's father. It was sad when her father finally called, but he really didn't care about her safety. I love in present day that Barney and Robin start kissing at the end of the episode. I thought I was going to like Marshall & LIly's plot, but it was funny every time the guy in the bear costume showed up. I love how Barney doesn't have to wear the Ducky tie if Marshall slaps him 4 times and now Marshall has two more slaps left.

BeingErica-1.jpg Being Erica image by Jon_MW_16
"Being Ethan" was a great episode. I love how Erica bumps into Ethan after not seeing each other for a couple of years. I love how Ethan was telling Erica his story of his recent break-up and Erica could see his story like Dr. Tom can. I love how Erica thinks that Ethan picks girlfriends that are nothing like him, so she goes back in time and sets him up with a girl exactly like him. I love how Erica's boyfriend at the time gives everyone pot brownies. I love how Erica realizes that Ethan needs a crazy girl is his life. I love Brent and Julianne becoming a couple. And I love how Erica kisses Kai at the end of the episode.

glee_logo.jpg Glee picture by Jon_MW_16

"The First Time" was an amazing episode. It was so much better than "Pot O' Gold". I love how Artie has his own voice over and he's excited to be the director. I love how both Blaine and Rachel want to lose the virginity so they can have better understanding of their roles in the play. I love how Blaine meets Sebastian who convinces Kurt and Blaine to go to a gay bar with fake IDs. I didn't like how Sebastian is trying to seduce Blaine, but I'm happy that Blaine has no feelings for Sebastian. Mike's father disowning Mike for being in the musical was so sad. My favourite part of this episode was Cooter asking out Coach Bieste and Coast Bieste is crying because no one's called her beautiful before. The play was awesome and I really enjoyed the cover of "America".

90210 logo

"Vegas, Maybe?" was a great episode. I actually enjoyed Navid's plot in this episode. I love how his uncle had this secret package that he needed to deliver. I love how Navid gets wired up and it turns out he was delivering socks. But that was supposed to be just a test and Navid passed. I love how Annie thinks Adrianna brought drugs to rehab. I love how Dixon admitted his drug addiction to Annie. I actually hope he goes to rehab. I love how Liam is a celebrity now because of modeling. Teddy and Shane's plot was nice. I love how they didn't talk about politics. Their fake wedding was so cute. I love how Silver video tapes the wedding and she accidentally sends it to Marissa. Naomi's plot was alright. I just wish her relationship with Austin was completely stable so she can move on to other storylines. I felt so bad when Annie caught Patrick with another woman.

"Balcoin" was an excellent mid season finale. I love how Cassie is finding out more about her father's side of the family. I love how everyone found out that Jake is a witch hunter. I love how Adam saved Cassie after she got kidnapped. I feel so bad for Jane. It's awful how Charles and Dawn screwed up her memory. I can't wait for this show to return in January!

the-vampire-diaries-1.jpg The Vampire Diaries picture by Jon_MW_16
"The Homecoming" was an awesome mid season finale. I love how they had this plan to lure Klaus to see Mikael's body. I love how Klaus shows up and Damon's who plan failed because Klaus killed Mikael. I love how Katherine was invovled in this plan. I'm so glad Katherine isn't dead. It was so sad how Rebekah and Elena had this most beautiful moment and then Elena stabbed her. I love how Klaus gave Stefan his freedom and now Stefan wants revenge, so he steals Klaus' family coffins. I'm glad Tyler and Caroline broke up. Tyler turned into a jerk.

"Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead" was an awesome episode. I love how Bridget got away with having a miscarriage. I love Bridget reuiniting with Malcolm. It's so sad that Malcolm is addicted to drugs. I love how Bridget and Andrew want to help him. I can't believe Bridget introduced Malcolm to Charlie, who's working for Siobhan. It's so interesting how Tyler works for Andrew and he meets Bridget as Siobhan. Now, I think it's interesting that Bridget may now know that Siobhan is actually alive. Juliet's plot was interesting with flirting with her teacher and then her teacher rejecting her.

My Top 5 Popular Couples/Relationships
Even though some of these couples didn't last long or was close to happening but didn't because of the season 2 cliffhanger, I wish these couples were given more of a chance. 5. Carmen and Josh

Carmen and Josh are my fifth favourite couple. I just love how Carmen reveals that she's dating Josh in the episode Caged. I love how Carmen and Josh told each other stuff that they never told anyone else.
4. Sam and Harrison

Sam and Harrison are my fourth favourite relationship. I love how they were really great friends. I really wanted Harrison to date Sam at least once during the two seasons that aired.
3. Brooke and Harrison

Brooke and Harrison are my third favourite relationship. I love how they used to be really great friends until Brooke became popular. I love how they become closer in the series. I also wanted them to date at least once during the two seasons that aired.
2. Joe (aka Harrison) and Mary Cherry

Joe and Mary Cherry are my second favourite relationship. I love how Mary Cherry give Harrison the nickname Joe and I love how she had the biggest crush on him even though he was "unpopular". I love how they dated for one episode.
1. Lily and Josh

Lily and Josh are my favourite couple on the show. I think they lasted the longest as a couple on the show. They were really adorable together.
Honourable Mentions:
Jane and Mike

I just like Jane and Mike being together for the purpose of having Sam and Brooke live in the same house.
Suger Daddy and Exquisite Woo

I love Sugar Daddy. He was so nice to Exquisite Woo. April Tuna and Emory Dick

Both April and Emory are funny characters, and together they are even funnier.

My Top 5 Veronica Mars Relationships/Couples
5. Veronica and Keith
Veronica and Keith
Veronica and Keith are my fifth favourite relationship. In my opinion Keith Mars is one of the best television dads.
4. Veronica and Duncan

Veronica and Duncan are my fourth favourite couple. I thought they were cute together.
3. Weevil and Veronica

Weevil and Veronica are my third favourite relationship. I love how these characters work together, yet they are so different. I also love this relationship because it brings so much more humour to the show.
2. Beaver and Mac

Beaver and Mac are my second favourite couple. They were so cute and adorable together. It was sad how their relationship ended with finding out that Beaver raped Veronica and was behind the bus crush and then he commits suicide.

1. Veronica and Logan

Veronica and Logan are my favourite couple. In my opinion, they have so much chemistry. I just love all their bickering. Next blog will be myTop 5 Roswell and The Vampire Diaries couples.