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You could have like a world with no shrimp.Or with you know, nothing but shrimp

Title is quote from Anya on Buffy the Vampire Slayer I finished Roswell season 3 last weekend. Roswell is such an awesome show. I really became addicted to this show watching episode after episode. Right now I'm watching all the special features. I also made another Buffy video. It's about Glory. Glory This week I figured out which schools I'm going to apply to. I'm applying to Humber College, Toronto Film School, Ryerson University, York Univeristy, University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, and Northern College. In Data Management, I had my first math test. It was so easy. In Art, I drew the values of fruit. And I also made a rough copy for a painting I'm working on in the class. In Writer's Craft, the work load has increased a little bit. This week I wrote a shortstory about a poker game and I know nothing about poker. And I wrote a shortstory in the point of view of Rosa Parks when she sat at the front the bus. My birthday is on Monday. I'm so excited! I'm turning 19!

himym.jpg HIMYM logo picture by Jon_MW_16

"The Best Man" was a great season premiere! I love how this was the story of Marshall ruining Punchy's wedding and everytime you thought the wedding would get ruined, it didn't. I love how Lily is pregnant and doesn't want to tell anyone for at least 3 months because she thinks it's bad luck. I love how Lily pretends to drink but she ends up giving all her drinks to Marshall. I love how Marshall gets really drunk and blurts out to everyone that Lily is pregnant, but he didn't say Lily's name and he pointed at Kelly, and she was so angry because she was keeping her pregnancy a secret as well. The end of this episode really makes me think that Robin could be the person that Barney is going to marry.

"The Naked Truth" is an awesome episode. I love how Marshall is trying to get a job, but he has to go through all the embarrassing stuff online and try to take it down before his boss-to-be looks at it. I love how there's a video of Marshall streaking in college. I love how Marshall tries to get that video deleted, but he gets drunk again and streaks again. I love how Barney just sat in that restaurant until Nora came back. I love the end of the episode with Ted seeing Victoria.

glee_logo.jpg Glee picture by Jon_MW_16

"The Purple Piano Project" was an awesome season premiere. It's too bad that Sam and Lauren left the show. I really liked Lauren and started to like Sam at the end of the second season. Does anyone know if they will return as guest stars? I love how Quinn has a new look and a new group of friends. It's been awhile since I've seen a character who smoked on television, so I think this was really appropriate because there are many teenagers who smoke. I love how Blaine has transfer to McKinley High. He was so cute bursting out into song. I can't believe the piano caught on fire, but I guess Santana poured gasoline on it or something. Sugar was hilarious. Vanessa Lengies is a great Canadian actress. I love how she was an awful singer and she has aspergers. I love Rachel and Kurt's friendship. I love seeing Lindsay from the Glee Project play this girl named Harmony and she intimidates Rachel with her big voice.

90210 logo "Rush Hour" was good episode. It was much better than the season premiere. I love how Naomi and Annie join a sorority and they have all these challenges they have to accomplish before they join. I love how Holly put Naomi through hell just to get revenge because Naomi bought the mansion that she wanted to buy. I love how Naomi wants revenge and she wants Annie to stay in the sorority because she needs her help. Jeremy was such a jerk to Annie. He flirts with her to information out of her because Marla gave Annie all her money. It's scary how he thinks Annie is responsible for Marla committing sucide. Leela was so silly running away, pretending she got kidnapped. Adrianna seems like she's redeeming herself this season. I love how Dixon and Liam don't hate her. I love how Liam bought a bar. I love how this girl named Jane comes into his life. It was so sad when he revealed that he feels guilty for the death of the guy he worked with on the boat. Dixon is finally getting a good storyline. I love how he takes Austin's ADHD pills so he can stay awake. "Bound" is a great episode. I love how this episode revovled around not being able to control their powers. One of my favourite scenes is when they're in Chemistry class and Faye is using magic on her experiment and she does that same to Cassie's experiment, but then Cassie gets upset, and their beakers or whatever they are called blowup. It was so intense how Faye's powers got so strong that she pushed Sally with her powers and she fell and hit her head. I love how Dawn used her powers to heal Sally. I love the end of the episode with everyone doing the spell to bind their powers. the-vampire-diaries-1.jpg The Vampire Diaries picture by Jon_MW_16 "The Hybrid" was an amazing episode! I love how Klaus tried to turn Ray and his pack of werewolves into vampires, but it didn't work because Elena's still alive. Matt and Jeremy was so cute in this episode. I love how Jeremy needs Matt so they can contact Vicki. It was so weird how Vicki wants Jeremy to bring her back to life, then Anna appears and tells him not to listen to Vicki. I love the Tyler plot of confronting his mom about putting vervain in his coffee. I love he turns into a werewolf infront of her, so now she wants to protect Caroline. The end of the episode was shocking with Bill revealing he's Caroline's father.
"She's Ruining Everything" is a great episode. This was much better than the pilot because it was less confusing. I love how this is the aftermath of Bridget killing a guy out of self defense. I love how she tries to get rid of the evidence but something is always happening, so she can't do it. I love how she bonds with Juliet in this episode. I love how Bridget goes to look for the body and it's gone. And this episode confirmed that Siobhan faked her death, which confused me in the pilot episode. My Top 5 How I Met Your Mother Couples 5. Ted and Stella
Ted and Stella are myfifth favourite couple. I love how Stella was previously Ted's doctor trying to remove his butterfly tattoo. I just loved their first "two minute" date. I thought Stella was funny.
4. Barney and Robin

Barney and Robin are my fourth favourite couple. Ever since season 2, I wanted them to get together. I think they're perfect for each other. I love how Barney had the biggest crush on Robin in season 3 and 4. And when they finally entered a relationship in season 3, I thought it was entertaining. I'm really hoping Barney is getting married to Robin this season.
3. Ted and Robin

Ted and Robin are my third favourite couple. I love them in the pilot when Ted steals the blue french horn for Robin. I love how Ted does the rain dance to make it rain to prove to Robin that he really cares for her. I love how they got together in season 2. Even though they were completely opposites, they were funny together.
2. Ted and Victoria

Ted and Victoria are my second favourite couple. Victoria is actually my favourite girlfriend of Ted's. Victoria was nice. She was also awesome because she fit in well with the group. Ted and Victoria's relationship was so cute. It was so sad how Victoria left for Germany. I can't believe she returned for season 7. 1. Lily and Marshall

Lily and Marshall are my favourite couple. I love them because they are so funny together. I love how they work in a team. I love them since the pilot when Marshall proposed to Lily. Their breakup at the end of season 1 was devastating. I love how they got back together in season 2 and I love their wedding in the park in the season finale. Right now, I'm so happy that Lily is finally pregnant. Next blog will be a birthday-related blog. Have a great weekend!