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Willow: Kiss rocks? Why would anyone want to kiss... Oh, wait I get it.

Title is quote from Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Last Sunday, I uploaded a Buffy video to youtube. It's about the group that Giles formed with Oz, Larry, and some random girl in "The Wish" in the alternate universe.

White Hats

On Sunday, we had 3-hour drama rehearsal. I was in the booth doing the lights. There's a lot of lighting changes, so I was always doing something. I love doing lighting. Those 3 hours went by so fast.

On Monday, there was a 2-hour drama rehearsal after school. Instead of doing lighting, I did sound. Since I'm stage manager, I have to tell people to get ready before they go on stage. There are two assistant-stage manager's back stage. So I have a headset on in the booth and I just tell the assistant managers who needs to be ready for the next scene and when to tell people to start walking on stage. At the same time, I was doing the sound. There isn't a lot of music or sound effects in this play, so I can do both.

On Wednesday, my dog ran away, except no one knew he was even missing. I came home from school on Wednesday and my dog didn't greet me at the door, but I just assumed he was sleeping under someone's bed. Anyways, I checked the weather on the site and it said it was supposed to be snowing, so I open the door to check, and the dog is outside covered in mud. I had to give a bath.

It's a 4-Day Weekend. There was no school yesterday. My mom also went out of town, so I have the whole house to myself.

I just found out that The Secret Circle is filmed in Canada. It makes sense since Vancouver is a beautiful place and The Secret Circle has many beautiful scenes.

I'm reading Circle of Three: In the Dreaming. This is one of the books from the series that I never read before. This book is so strange, but I love it. The girls go to a Midsummer festival and they meet all these people dressed as mystical creatures who give them challenges.

"If You're Just an Evil B!tch Then Get Over It" was an amazing episode. I love how Bridget is working with Agent Machado to find out who's trying to kill Siobhan. I love how both Bridget and Machado figured out that Catherine's trying to kill her. It's official, Catherine is more than just a little crazy, she's insane. I can't believe she drugged Siobhan or maybe poisoned her and making it look like a drug overdose. I really hope Machado comes to Bridget's rescue in the next episode.

Degrassi Season 11

"Need You Now" Part Two was an awesome episode. I loved Eli's storyline. I love how he got so crazy in this episode with thinking Imogen's cheating on him with Jake and breaking into Fiona's house. I love how his therapist explained that it was just teenage hormones. Imogen's breakup with Eli was really sad, but I'm so happy they are staying friends. KC plot with so interesting. It's so sad that KC really misses Tyson. I can't believe he was thinking of suing the Powells. I'm glad he decided that he's going to do well in school to be a role model for Tyson. I love how the writer's remembered that KC was in a gifted class in season 8. I love how KC joined the Science Olympic team. I love Tori's plot of realizing that Zig isn't as committed to their relationship as she is. I love she confront him about it. It was so adorable how Tori got on the power squad because Zig decided to be the mascot.

My Top 5 Dollhouse Plots

5. Echo Versus Rossum

Echo versus Rossum is my fifth favourite storyline. I love the beginning of the show how Paul wanted to take down the dollhouse because Caroline wanted to take down Rossum. I love how we found out that the Senator Perrin is a doll. I love how the Senator's wife, Cindy, uses the Disruptor to capture Echo and takes her to Bennett who works for Rossum. I love how we find out that Caroline and Bennett both broke into Rossum, but Bennett breaks her arm, while Echo escapes leaving Bennett behind. I love how Bennett wants revenge. I love finding that Boyd is in charge of Rossum and the dollhouses. I love Whiskey shows up with the Clyde personality and she fights Echo. I love how Boyd turns out to be doll. It's very sad how he blows himself up, but I love how the Rossum building blows up.

4. Dr. Saunders is Whiskey
Dr. Saunders is Whiskey
Dr. Saunders is Whiskey is my fourth favourite storyline. I love how they revealed that Dr. Saunders was a doll. I love how Whiskey was one of the best dolls until Alpha attacked her. I wish she had a bigger role in season 2. It was interesting how she found out herself that she was a doll. It was sad how she left the show, but I was really happy Amy Acker came back to play the personality of Clyde.

3. Echo Verus Alpha

Echo versus Alpha is my third favourite storyline. I love how they set up Alpha to be the Big Bad of season 1. I love how his character was very mysterious and you knew was that he was a psychopath doll. I love how Alpha teams up with Paul to break into the dollhouse, but Paul doesn't know that Alpha's a psychopath. I love how how Alpha kidnapped Echo and combined all her previous imprints and placed them in her. I love how Alpha commanded Echo to kill Wendy as a sacrifice and Echo completely refuses and knocks out Alpha. I love how Echo saved Wendy.

2. Sierra and Victor's Love Story

The Sierra and Victor Love Story is my second favourite storyline. Since dolls are supposed to be in a blank slate, they're not supposed to feel romantic feelings for anyone. I love how Victor had what Topher calls a "man reaction" and after that moment, I love how Victor and Sierra develop feelings for each other. I love the episode where Topher catches them holding hands. I love how they have feelings for each other no matter what personality they have. I love how Anthony and Priya develop feelings for each other. I love how they stay together in the future and they even have a child.

1. The Attic

The Attic is my favourite storyline. I love how the Attic started off as this mysterious place where very unstable dolls are sent. I love how we found out very unstable/traitor employees like Laurance Dominic can be sent to the Dollhouse. I love how there was an episode devoted to the Attic. I love how the Attic was like some sort of nightmare. It was like it had many dimensions and realities. I found it interesting how all their minds are like computers, and that they can go from mind to mind.

Have an awesome weekend!!