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Spike:Passions is on! Timmy's down a bloody well and if you make me miss it I'll

Giles: Do what? Lick me to death?

Title is quote from Spike on Buffy.

The weather has been weird here with snowing, then all the snow melting.Right now, there's not a lot of snow outside, butit's getting colder out so the snow that has fallen is going to stay.I'm hoping we get more snow. MyUncle Gilles came over last weekend to fix the snow blower,and I can't really use it untilthedriveway is covered with snow.

Over the weekend, I did some online Christmas shopping. I took advantage of the "Black Friday" sales on Amazon. I bought Friends Season 4 and Sopranos Season 6 Part 2 for my brother. I bought a book called Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry and a Yeah Yeah Yeahs CD for my sister. I still need to go Christmas shopping for my mom.

I found a Buffyvideo I made a long time ago about Willow.

Willow: Witchcraft Trials

I've started watchingSkins season 4. I think Emily is my favourite character in the second generation.

This week I finished editing my haunted house movie. The movie turned out way better than I expected. Now I'm going to send the movie to universities and colleges that I applied to.

dexter-logo.jpg Dexter picture by Jon_MW_16
"Get Gellar" was an exciting episode! I love how Dexter and Travis work together to get Gellar. I love how Dexter finds Gellar's dead body in a freezer. I love how Dexter realizes that Gellar has been dead all along and basically Gellar is similar to Harry except for evil. I love how Dexter realizes that Travis is the one who killed all those people. I'm still loving Debra's therapy storyline. I like her therapist. She's smart.

BeingErica-1.jpg Being Erica image by Jon_MW_16
"Erica's Adventures in Wonderland" was an amazing episode. It was so weird how Kai proposed to Eric. It was way too soon in their relationship. I love how Dr. Tom sends Erica to an alternate universe where she has a perfect boyfriend and she still friends with Jenny. It was sad that he wasn't at all the perfect boyfriend. I love how Erica realizes that her relationship with Kai can't work because they're from two different time periods. I love how Erica realizes that she's still in love with Adam and that they get back together. Dr. Tom's plot was interesting with thinking of retiring from being a therapist. I think that's why Future Erica was crying when she saw him. Ivan and Dave's wedding was so beautiful.

glee_logo.jpg Glee picture by Jon_MW_16
"I Kissed a Girl" was an amazing episode. In this episode, there was a video that aired that outed Santana out of the closet. Her plot was so intense. I love how the boys sang to her and telling her that they accept her and that it's okay for her to be herself. I love how one boy was picking on Santana and all the girls from Glee club stood up for Santana and they all sang "I Kissed a Girl". It was heartbreaking when Santana came out to her grandmother and her grandmother kicked her out. I was enjoying Puck and Shelby's plot but now I want Puck to get back together with Quinn. I can't believe that Quinn is so lost. I can't believe she wanted to have another baby. I love what Puck said to her. Coach Bieste had one of the best plots in this episode. It was awful how Sue starts dating Cooter and it's only beacuse Cooter kept getting mixed signals from Coach Bieste that he started dating Sue. I love how Coach Bieste sang "Jolene" and she wants to Cooter back. It's so sad how Kurt lost the election, but I love how Rachel admits to stuffing the ballots abd she gets suspended and can't compete in sectionals.

90210 logo
"Project Runway" was a great episode. I love that Teddy got a great sendoff. I love how he made up with Silver and Shane. I love how he got a coaching job. I love how his character has closure. I love Annie's plot of everyone thinking she's rich because they think she won the inheritance. I've been loving Dixon's storyline. I was hoping to see him have plots in rehab. I love how Dixon was kind of struggling throughout the episode and I love how his love for Adrianana is what's keeping him from doing drugs.I love how she has to get the necklace back and all this time Jeremy has it. Naomi's plot is so boring. I thought the Holly versus Naomi storyline was going to be over, but then it turns out that Holly's mom hired Naomi to be an Event Planner, which the job Holly wanted, so that could only lead them fighting again. I was really hoping that Navid and that cop would get Navid's uncle jail in this episode. I just hope they do it soon because storyline has been dragging on for too long.

"That's What You Get for Trying to Kill Me" was exciting, but also sad episode. In this episode, Malcolm and Bridget find out that Charlie is holding Gemma hostage. I love how Bridget tells Andrew everything. It was so sad how Charlie shoots Gemma and now she's dead. I love how Siobhan shows up and shoots Charlie and she makes it look like a murder-suicide. It's also interesting that Siobhan is letting that guy from Paris think that she's pregnant with his baby. Juliet's plot was very interesting with saying that Mr. Carpenter raped her. I think the writer's of the show want to make it seem like she's lying and that she's making it up because the Mr. Carpenter rejected her, but I think there's going to be a twist and she's telling the truth. I really didn't understand Angent Machado plot, but I'm glad he's still alive and I was happy to see Amber Benson in the flashbacks.

My Top 5 Freak and Geeks Couples
5. Sam and Cindy

Sam and Cindy are my fifth favourite couple. They were cute together until Cindy became boring.
4. Harold and Jean

Harold and Jean are my fourth favourite couple. I think they're so different that they are funny together.
3. Daniel and Kim

Daniel and Kim are my third favourite couple. Their fighting is so entertaining.
2. Lindsay and Nick

Lindsay and Nick are my second favourite couple. I love how they both really cared about each other.

1. Ken and Amy

Ken and Amy are my favourite couple. I love how Amy brought out a softer side in Ken. And I love how they're both witty. My Top 5 My So-Called Life Friendships

5. Brian/Sharon

Brian and Sharon are my fifth favourite friendship. I thought they were funny together.
4. Rayanne/Sharon

Rayanne and Sharon are my fourth favourite friendship. I love how their friendship brought some humour to the show. They were so funny when they gossiped about Angela.
3. Angela/Sharon

Angela and Sharon are my third favourite friendship. Even though they didn't talk at the beginning of the series, I love how they were still invovled in each other's lives and they eventually became friends again.
2. Rickie/Brian

Rickie and Brian are my second favourite friendship. I love how Rickie and Brian slowly became friends and basically bonded over being outsiders.
1. Angela/Rickie/Rayanne
MSCL Rickie, Angela, and Rayanne
Angela/Rickie/Rayanne are my favourite friendship. I love how they all so different. I love how Rayanne is the only outgoing one of the three, but she brings out the adventurous sides to Angela and Rickie. Have a good weekend!!!