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Snyder: What is that, the new drug lingo? Student: No, it's my lunch.

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Snyder: Alright, what's in the bag?
Student: My lunch
Snyder: What is that, the new drug lingo?
Student: No, it's my lunch.

Title is quote from Principal Snyder. Principal Snyder has some really funny moments on the show.

Last weekend, I finished Skins season 4. I couldn't belive that Effy's therapist was crazy and killed Freddie. I'm so happy that everything isgood between Naomi and Emily. Sometime this weekend, I'm going to start Skins season 5.

I found the first video I've ever made. It was about the potential slayers on Buffy.

Slayer School

On Wednesday, my gifts for my brother and sister came in the mail. I was surprised at how fast they arrived. I wasn't expecting them until next week.

I called my sister the other day. She's coming home onDecember 18. Even though I still have school until December 22, I still get off school at 11:35 A.M. every day, so we've planned to go Christmas shopping for my mom after I get home from school December 19 or 20.

Yesturday, I got my graduation pictures take. The young woman took about 30 pictures, and I had to pick the 10 best ones. I was actually pleased with my pictures because I'm not photogenic. Usually, I'm blinking or my smile is either too big or too small. But this time, I took very good pictures.

I have some amazing news. I got early acceptance into the University of Waterloo. Usually, you don'tget acceptedto colleges and universities until February. I'm so happy right now!

dexter-logo.jpg Dexter picture by Jon_MW_16
"Ricochet Rabbit" was another exciting episode. It was so interesting how Dexter went off to find Travis and then he kills the wrong guy. I love the end of the episode where Dexter finally calls the police. The ending was shocking with Angel visiting Steve and Beth and Travis knocks out Angel. I love how Deb connected the Jessica Morris case to Thomas Matthews. Her panic attack was so intense. I love the way she talked about Dexter in her most recent therapy session. It was so sad how Dexter told Lewis he found the video game offensive.

himym.jpg HIMYM logo picture by Jon_MW_16

"Symphony of Illumintation" was an amazing episode. I love how this episode revovle around Robin being the narrator and telling a story to her two future kids. It was heartbreakign to find out that she couldn't have children and that this made her really sad. Marshall's plot was entertaining was trying to decorate the house, but the neighbour kid just ruined it for him. I love the end of the episode with Ted surprising Robin with all those lights.

BeingErica-1.jpg Being Erica image by Jon_MW_16
"Purim" was a great episode. Initially, I found it strange that Erica would be upset about Julianne and Brent dating, but once we figured out that it was because she was the last to know, then it made all sense. I love how Dr. Tom sent her back to the time where she was celebrating Purim with her family. I love how Jenny and Erica got caught sneaking out and they had to stay. I love how Jenny was a loyal friend to Erica. I couldn't believe how rude Zayde was. I love how Erica showed him that her father has the right to raise his kids the way he want. I love how Zayde was willing to get to know Erica after that. Julianne and Brent getting into a fight was so sad, but Julianne drunk was hilarious. I love how Julianne and Brent got back together at the end of the episode. Dr. Tom's plot was interesting with telling Dr. Naadiah that he resigns. But it's shocking to hear that when he leaves he'll never see Dr. Naadiah, Erica, or any of his patients ever again.

glee_logo.jpg Glee picture by Jon_MW_16
"Hold on to Sixteen" was an awesome episode! I love how Rachel and Finn go to a bar to find Sam and then they find out that Sam is a stripper. I love how Sam returns to glee club. I could see that Blaine was going to explode, but the things he was saying to Sam was just rude and out of character. But Blaine redeems himself in the next scene when Finn reveals that he's jealous of Blaine and they both actually become real friends. Sectionals were amazing. I love seeing Harmony again. I love seeing Santana and Mercedes singing leade at sectionals. I really love how Tina got a solo in sectionals along with Mike. I just love all the songs that were sung at sectionals. I love how Mike's father shows up at sectionals and realizes that Mike is meant to be a dancer. I love how Tina sent out all of Mike's applications. I love how Rachel is the one that gets Quinn to realize that she shouldn't take Beth away from Shelby. I love the end of the episode when New Directions and The Troubletones sing together.

90210 logo
"O Holly Night" was an excellent episode. My favourite plot was the Liam and Annie plot. I love how Liam figures out that Annie was escort and I love how he tells Silver. The end of this episode was so shocking with Liam getting into an accident. He looked dead. It was interesting how the mystery girl called the police and said it was a hit and run. Navid's plot was almost disappointing but it wasn't. In this episode, Navid screws up trying to get his uncle in jail, which almost made me mad until he got beat up, and then I felt all this sympathy for him. I love how Silver's new love interest has a daughter and she's still willing to be in a relationship with him. I love Dixon and Adrianna's decision to work together in the music industry. Naomi's plot was alright. It seems like the feud between Holly and Naomi will never end. In this episode, Holly says that Naomi wins, but then she sleeps with Austin.

My Top 5 Edgemont Couples
5. Mark and Laurel

Mark and Laurel are my fifth favourite couple. Although they were completely annoying half the time, the other half of the time they were completely amazing. I love how they stayed together throughout the seasons and that they overcame so many obstacles. 4. Gil and Erin

Gil and Erin are my fourth favourite couple. I know it's unintentional, but they are so funny together. I love how Erin is overly dramatic about everything and Gil has no idea what's going on half the time.
3. Jen and Chris

Jen and Chris are my third favourite couple. Before they became a couple, I would never in a million years picture them as a couple, but they're actually great together. I love Jen's pregnancy storyline and Chris being a very supportive boyfriend. It was hearbreaking when she had a miscarriage, but I love how Chris was still there to support her.
2. Scott and Brenda

Scott and Brenda are my second favourite couple. They were so adorable as a couple. It's so sad that Myles Ferguson died. His portrayal of Scott made the character so relatable. I love how they started out as barely knowing each other to learning different things about each other as the season went on.
1. Craig and Kat

Craig and Kat are my favourite couple. I love how they both were on this anonymous chat site and decided to meet and they find out they have so much common. I love all their bickering. I wish they lasted longer as a couple, but they make really good friends anyway. My Top 5 Life Unexpected Couples
5. Baze and Emma

Baze and Emma are my fifth favourite couple. I'm really biased because Emma is played by Emma Caulfield. I'd have to watch the show again to see if I actually liked them as a couple because at the time I didn't really care what was going on. I just enjoyed seeing Emma on a television show again.

4. Tasha and Jones

Tasha and Jones are my fourth favourite couple. I know them being a couple wasn't a huge plot in the show, but I liked them more than other couples.
3. Cate and Ryan

Cate and Ryan are my third favourite couple. They were so much fun to watch together in season one. I really liked Ryan, but I'm glad they didn't end up together because they both wanted different things.
2. Cate and Baze
Cate and Baze
Cate and Baze are my second favourite couple. I love how they are complete opposites that care very deeply about each other. Even though I liked Ryan, I'm happy that Cate and Baze ended up together in the series finale.
1. Lux and Bug

Kat and Bug are my favourite couple of the show. They were so adorable together. I love how Bug looks all tough, but he's so cute, and he's actually really nice. I love how he cared about Lux. His proposal to Lux was amazing. Have an amazing weekend!!!