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Oh, hello, there, gentle viewers. You caught me catching up on an old favorite.

Andrew Wells: [to camera] Oh, hello, there, gentle viewers. You caught me catching up on an old favorite. It's wonderful to get lost in a story, isn't it? Adventure and heroics and discovery: don't they just take you away? Come with me now, if you will, gentle viewers. Join me on a new voyage of the mind. A little tale I like to call: Buffy, Slayer of the Vampyrs. Title is quote from Andrew on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. On Saturday, I spent all day preparing my portfolio to Ryerson. I sent them my portfolio on Monday. Yesterday, they emailed me saying that they received the portfolio, but they can't read it without me paying a "film fee". I thought this was most ridiculous thing ever because they want me to pay them money,but I haven't even got accepted to the school yet. Anyways, I'm going to be sending them the money on Monday. Even though this is one thing I find really strange about their school, there are many other things that I love about this school. So, I'm doing whatever it takes to get into this school. It was also my grandfather's B-Day on Saturday. My grandparents came over and we ate lasagna, ceasar salad, and garlic bread for supper. Then, we had spice cake for dessert. It was a really good cake. On Sunday, I uploaded a Dawson's Creek video to youtube. Pacey's Waves There was a snow day on Monday and Tuesday. Exams started on Friday, but I didn't have an exam on Friday, so I got to stay home. I only went to school on Wednesday and Thursday to get the exam review and the ask the teacher questions about the exam. I've been studying all week. My math exam is on Monday. I started watching Instant Star. So far, I'm enjoying it. I'm actually excited for the later seasons when some of the actors from Degrassi guest star on the show. I finished Beverly Hills 90210 Season 10, which means I finished watching the whole series. I'm a little sad that it's all over. I wish I took my time watching season 9 and 10, but I was watching 2-4 episodes every day. Beverly Hills 90210 Season 10 Final Review
Beverly Hills 90210 Season 10
Janet & Steve - Janet & Steve are my favourite characters this season. I love Janet's pregnancy storyline. I love how she had baby girl named Madeleine. I love Janet and Steve's wedding and their adventures of married life and parenting storyline. I loved the Darby, the Nanny plot. I actually enjoyed Steve's brother showing up revealing he dropped out of college and then deciding to go back. I love how they decided to make their own newspaper business after getting bought out.

Dylan - I love Dylan a lot more this season than last season. I love Dylan going back to college and graduating. I love him being a god-parent to Janet and Steve's baby. I loved his storyline with getting gay bashed with his friend Andrew. I love how helped Andrew when Andrew was being discriminated against at work. I love Dylan's kidnapping storyline. My favourite Dylan storyline this season was his father showing up, revealing he faked his death and entered the witness protection program.

Donna - I love Donna breaking up with Wayne, who ended up being a huge jerk. I love Donna finally breaking up with Noah after all his lies. I love how Donna finds out that Gina is her sister. The death of her father was surprising and heartbreaking. I love her marriage to David. I was waiting in anticipation for this happen.

Gina - I love Gina hiring strippers at the club storyline. I hated how Gina blackmailed David's father. I didn't like how she broke up Jackie and Mel's marriage. I hated how this all affected Erin and made her very upset about the whole situation. I didn't like how she earned
David's trust just to betray his trust again. I love the storyline of Gina finding out she's Donna sister. I love how she finds out that Donna's father is her biological father. It's heartbreaking how she finally accepted him as a father figure and he dies. I know Gina was supposed to be the next Valerie, but she wasn't the same. I'm glad Gina left the show while I was beginning to like her again.

Kelly - I love Kelly's aftermath of shooting storyline. It seemed like she had a small PTSD storyline that lasted a couple of episodes. I love how she's a god-parent to Janet & Steve's baby. I didn't like her engagement to Matt. I love how they broke up. I love how Kelly became a publicist. I hated how she was told to write a homophobic speech. I love how she quit that job and started her own Public Relations business.

Matt - I loved his work suspension storyline. I loved his spiked punch with acid and cheating on Kelly storyline. I hated how he lied to Kelly
about cheating on her. I'm glad that Kelly decided she didn't want to marry Matt.

Noah - I love Noah's break up with Donna storyline. I hated his drinking and partying storyline. I love his kidnapping storyline. It was so intense how Shane kidnapped him, held him hostage, and how they place went on fire after Dylan saved him. I didn't like Noah's relapse in drinking and depression storyline. It was awful how he broke into Donna & Kelly's apartment. After that moment, I love how he became sober. I loved his alcoholic's anonymous storyline. I love how he met Ellen and found out that she had a daughter.

David - David was so boring until halfway through the season. I didn't care for his jerk radio persona storyline. I did love the episode when he apologised for being jerk. I couldn't stand the Camille/Donna/David love triangle. I loved Donna and David's friendship storyline. I love how they created this "Losers" club. I love how they started watching horror movies together. I just love how David proposed to Donna and how they got married.

Nat - Nat didn't have a storyline this season, but I love how he walked Donna down the aisle on her Wedding day. Skins "Everyone" was anamazing season premiere! This episode was intense with Matty crashing his car, which puts Grace in a coma. The end of the episode makes me wonder what happened between Franky and Luke. I honestly think he tried to hurt her.


"Mama Can You Hear Me?" was a alright episode. I enjoyed Austin and Dixon hanging out. It was interesting how they "egged and toilet paper" a sorority house. It was funny how they broke a window. The end of the episode made it seem like there will be consequences for what they did, so I'm looking forward to that. Liam's hit and run storyline was dissapointment because it mainly focussed on Annie's jealousy of Vanessa. I do love how Vanessa told Liam the whole truth, but I was kind of hoping she would turn out to be evil. I love how Navid found out about Silver dating Greg and that Maisie is his daughter. I love how Navid told Adrianna about it. It's not the best storyline,but it's better than some of the other storylines on the show.

The L.A. Complex

"Who You Know" was an awesome episode. Connor's plot was most interesting in this episode. I love how he can't cry on camera. The ending was so intense when he burned himself with hot water. I'm not sure if he was doing this because he was trying to make himself cry or instead of being a "cutter", he's a "burner". I'm loving Tariq storyline with dating Kaldrick. It's really sad that they have keep their relationship a secret. I love how Raquel goes to an "AA" meeting, meets a movie producer, google stalks him, and lets him read her script. I can't believe Ricky wanted to make a sex tape with Alicia. I love how Nick figured out that talking about his sex-life makes people laugh.

My Top 5 Dawson's Creek Storylines
5. Andie's Departure

Andie's Depature is my fifth favourite storyline. Andie's my favourite character and it was really sad to see her go. I'm glad the writer's gave her a big storyline before she left the show. It's surprising that she takes an ecstacy pill. It was so intense when Andie blacked out and ended up in the hospital. I'm really glad that she didn't die. It's so sad that she decided to leave. I wish the writer's would have come up with more storylines for her. 4. Dawson & Mr. Brooks Friendship

Dawson's Creek 414 A Winter's Tale
Dawson & Mr. Brooks friendship is my fourth favourite storyline. I love how Dawson stole his boat in "The Two Gentlemen of Capeside" to save Jen and Pacey out in the storm. I love how Mr. Brooks doesn't like Dawson and just wants Dawson to pay off the damages of the boat. I love how Dawson founds out that Mr. Brooks used to be a film-maker and he founds out so much about Mr. Brooks life. I love how Dawson decides to make a documentary of Mr. Brooks. I love when Mr. Brooks starts treating Dawson like a friend and when he starts to get sick, he allows Dawson to help take care of him. It was heartbreaking when Mr. Brooks went into a coma and died.
3. Jen's Downward Spiral in Season 2

Jen's Downward Spiral in Season 2 is my third favourite storyline. The first time I watched this show, this was my least favourite storyline, but after watching season 2 a couple times, this storyline has become one of my favourite storylines on the show. At first, it's fun watching Jen's attempt at getting Dawson back. Then, it's fun watching her become friends with Abby. Her storyline gets more intense when she becomes really depressed and starts drinking. It doesn't help that Abby is depressed as well, so they drink together. The first time I watched "A Perfect Wedding", I just couldn't believe the way Abby died. After Abby's death, I like how Jen becomes friends with Jack and she becomes sober again.
2. Jack's Coming Out Storyline

Jack's coming out arc is my second favourite storyline. First of all, I love how Jack was introduces as this clumsy boy who wanted a job at The Ice House. I love his passion for art in season 2. I love the episode where the teacher forces him to read a poem in front of the class and the poem was about a guy. I love how Pacey stands up for Jack and spits in the teacher's face. That teacher was such a jerk. Anyways, I love how Jack comes out to Andie and his dad. It's just heartbreaking watching his crying scenes. It's awful how Jack's father doesn't accept him right away. I love the episode when Jack and his dad finally get along and his father accepts him for who he is.
1. Andie Goes Crazy

Andie going crazy is my favourite storyline on Dawson's Creek. First, I love the episode where she buys medication for herself and she lies and says it's for her mother. It's so sad how Andie's mother is mentally ill after her brother Tim died. I love how Pacey treats her mother like any other human being. Anyways, I love the episode "Election" when Andie gets so mad, she throws a book at the mirror and breaks it. I love the episode "Rest in Peace, Abby Morgan" when Andie looks in the mirror, sees Abby, turns around and Abby is gone. I love the episode "Reunited" where Andie dyes her hair brown and she starts talking to herself. I love how she starts seeing Tim and she goes crazy. The scene where she has to choose between her brother Tim and Pacey was heartbreaking. I love how she chose Pacey. I love how Andie leaves but comes back better.
Honourable Mentions
Jen's Death
Tamara & Pacey's Affair
Mitch's Death