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Not awkward, guys. Not awkward if we let it be awkward.

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Marshall: I think we're going to wait on the baby thing. I mean I love babies. Babies rule. Pudgy arms and stuff. But, uh, they make you old. Kinda like this anchor weighing you down to one spot... forever.

Claire: I'm three months pregnant.

Marshall: [surprised] Not awkward, guys. Not awkward if we let it be awkward.

[nervously smiles, then walks away]

Title is quote from Marshall on How I Met Your Mother

Last weekend, I made a Dawson's Creek video.

Andie's Bay

This week I've been very busy with culminating activities. For Data Management, I had to write a story based on a fairy tale or children's story that included math problems. I choose to do my story on Peter Pan. For Writer's Craft, I had to write 4 stories. I already had 3 of them written, but this week I was working on the fourth story. It's about a girl that goes to the hospital and placed under quarantine. I have all my culminating activities handed in.

I only have one exam this semester. My Data Management exam is on Monday, January 30. I don't have a Writer's Craft exam. This week, I'll be focusing on studying for my one exam.

I finished watching Skins (US). It's not as good as the UK version, but I still love it. I wish it didn't get cancelled. I wanted to see if they would change the characters every third season like in the UK version.

Buffy Season 8 Review
Buffy Season 8
I really enjoyed the season 8 comics. I found them to be very entertaining.

What I Loved About the Season 8 Comics:
- Warren and Amy as Mini Big Bads
- Faith working with Giles against rogue slayer Gigi and warlock Roden
- Dark Willow in the future
- Kumiko, Toru, and Raidon steal Dracula's powers
- Dawn's transformation from giant, centaur, to a doll and back to being human again
- Harmony's Reality Show
- Return of Oz
- Twilight is Angel
- Spike Returns with Bug Minions
- Andrew as a watcher

Things I'm Not Sure About:
- Buffy getting rid of all magic

What I Didn't Like about the season 8 comics:
- Giles' death
- Humans obsession with vampires and against the slayer army

The Guild Season 5 Review:

The Guild
The Guild season 5 was amazing! I love how the gang goes to a gaming convention What I love about this season:
- Codex attempts at trying to keep the guild together
- Codex Stalker
- Zaboo's caffeine addiction and obsession with getting seats at panels
- Vork & Madeleine
- Finding out Tink is adopted and that she wants to be a fashion designer
- Clara's interest in the steampunk-themed booth
- Bladezz trying to be famous
- Guest appearances from Nathan Fillion, Tom Lenk, Eliza Dushku, and Dichen Lachman

How I Met Your Mother Seaosn 7

"46 Minutes" was an entertaining episode. I actually liked Lily's father in this episode. It was funny how he knew the exact layout of the house. The plot sort of reminded me of a saw movie. I love the different opening credits once Barney decides to become the leader. I love drunk Ted. Kevin and Robin were funny with not being able to say no to each other. I love the ending where the gang visits Lily and Marshall.

Glee Season 3

"Yes/No" was an excellent episode. First of all, I love how this episode is about Becky. I love how she formed a friendship with Artie. I love how Artie stood up for Becky in Glee club. It was so sad when Artie rejected Becky when Becky wanted to become more than just friends. I love that Sam and Mercedes gave more detail about their fling during the summer. One of my favourite plots in this episode was Finn finding out his die in the army, but he died from a drug overdose. It's awful how Emma's parents oppose to Will marrying Emma. I love how Will decided to propose to Emma anyways and she said yes. It was shocking when Finn decided to propose to Rachel.


"Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?" was a great episode. I love this new storyline of Annie thinking Vanessa is responsible for Liam's hit and run. I love how Vanessa and Annie have the same purse, which they switch at a party, and now we find out Vanessa's real name is Claire. I love how Silver finally found out everything that was going on with Navid. I love how Navid's father decided to turn himself and Navid's Uncle in. I love how Silver meets Greg's daughter, and if I'm not mistaken, Greg's daughter is the baby Adrianna gave up for adoption.

"Witness" was an amazing episode! I love how Jake returns and reveals that he witnessed the events of what happened to their parents but his memory is blocked and can't remember a thing about it. I love how Jake and Cassie travel through his memories. I love how we find out that witch-hunters started the fire and that John Blackwell is still alive. I also love that Cassie found that ring. I think it will be interesting to see if Faye tries that "Devil Spirit".

The vampire Diaries season 3

"The Ties That Bind" was an awesome episode. I love how we find out that Bonnie doesn't know her mother. I love how she tracks down her mother and it turns out that a hybrid has already compelled her and her step-son Jamie. I love how Klaus threatens the witches and they reveal the coffins but Damon already moved the coffin that can't open. I love how Meredith steals Damon's blood and later reveals that she uses vampire blood to heal patients. Tyler had the best plot of the episode with trying to resist his sire bond by turning back into a werewolf. It's very interesting that Damon undaggered an original and it turns out to be Elijah.

The L.A. Complex

The L.A. Complex is a new Canadian drama set in L.A. about a group of people trying to become famous. Cassie Steele from Degrasi plays a girl named Abby. Jewel Straite from Firefly plays a woman named Raquel. Dayo Ade who played BLT on Degrassi plays a guy named Dynasty. This show reminds me of Melrose Place. I love all the small Canadian references and even some references to Degrassi.

"Down in L.A" was a good series premiere. I love the introduction of all the characters. My favourite plot in this episode with Abby having sex and then taking the morning after pill.

"Do Something" was a great episode and better than the series premiere. I love how Abby gets evicted from her apartment and has to live with Nick. I love how Nick gets experience for being a stand-in for Connor. I love how Connor and Katee are actors playing characters in a hospital drama. I love how Alicia is a stripper, but she's trying to make money, so she can be a dancer. I love how Raquel can't get any roles for tv shows. My favourite plot in this episode was Kaldrick King working with Tariq and they end up kissing at the end of the episode.

My Top 5 Shows That Are Currently Airing

5. The Secret Circle
The Secret Circle
The Secret Circle just halfway through it's first season and it's already one of my favourite shows on television right now. I have enjoyed every single episode so far. I love all the characters and the storylines are exciting.

4. Dexter

Dexter is one of the most well-done shows I watch. I look forward to watching it every season. Each season is very exciting because you never know what's going to happen next. I can't wait until the seventh season!

3. Glee

Glee is the one show that makes me laugh every time I watch it. I just love all the characters and their energy. They make me smile everytime I watch the show. Once in awhile this show can even make me shed a tear or two.

2. Being Erica

Being Erica is one of my favourite Canadian shows. I love the premise of this show with Dr. Tom sending Erica back in time to fix her regrets. This is an amazing show with new adventures every week. The series just recently ended and even though it had a proper ending, I still wish it had another season with Erica as a doctor.

1. Degrassi

Degrassi is my favourite show currently airing. It's also my favourite Canadian show. I just love all the characters and storylines in this show. This is the most relatable television show I've ever watched. I love how this show deals with real issues with actors and actresses that are the same age or close to the age of their characters.

Honourable Mentions:
Skins (UK)
How I Met Your Mother

Previously,I made a blog about my top 5 television shows of all time. Here they are if anyone didn't read it.

My Top 5 Shows Ever

5. My So-Called Life
4. Angel
3. Degrassi
2. Dawson's Creek
1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Questions of the Day:

What are your Top 5 Shows That Are Currently Airing?

What are your Top 5 Shows out of all the shows?

Have a great weekend!!!