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A new episode of MADtv was on yesturday. It was very funny. I was going to do an episode review for it but it shows that there is no Episode #1312, so I had to add an episode. Tomorrow, if the episode is accepted I'll do an episode review.

Here's when the next 4 episodes will air:

April 5th: Episode #1313

April 19th: Episode #1314

April 26th: Episode #1315

May 17th: Episode #1316 (season finale)

So there's only 4 episodes left this season. Very short season. I wish there was more episodes. There might be a season 14. According to, Bobbly Lee is planning on leaving MADtv at the end of this season. Nicole Parker was going to leave after season 13, but if there's going to be a season 14 she'll appear in 8 episodes and then leave.

Ok Season 13 has been so unlucky so far. I doubt there's going to be a season 14. They had switch theatres, and they are low on money and have to do skits out on the street. Not all the episodes are funny but they've been getting better since the season started. I hate how the theme song was changed and I don't like how cast member keep leaving, but I can't blame them. I've been trying to find the ratings for the show but I can't find any. I think the show used to have really high ratings but not anymore. The MADtv Forum on is like a ghost town. It's is currently not active.

I hope the next four episodes are really good and gets a lot of viewers so there's a season 14. Hopefully if there is a season 14 the ratings are high and the cast changes the skits to what they orginally do.