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Kiss Rocks? Why would anyone want to kiss... Oh wait, I get it

Title is quote from Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I have a new banner!!

On the weekend I made a Buffy video of all the Big Bads on Buffy.

Big Bads

School started on Tuesday. I am now in my 5th Year of high school. I'm taking:
- Online Writer's Craft (which I can do at home)
- Data Management
- Art

I went to a an assembly at school. We can now have ipods and cell phones at school and not get into trouble using them.

Reviewing The Rest of The DEGRASSI Couples

Click here if you missed My Top 5 Degrassi Couples from Season 1-7, and My Top 5 Couples from seasons 8-11, with honourable mentions for both.

Couples That Weren't My Favourite, But I Generally Liked.

Jimmy and Ashley

I liked Jimmy and Ashley in season 1. It's actually weird to see them as a couple if watched seasons 3 and 4 before the first season. I didn't like when the attempted to be a couple in season 2. I loved them as a couple at the end of season 5 until the beginning of season 6. They were both more mature in the later seasons.

Jimmy and Trina

Initially, I didn't like Jimmy and Trina. But now, it's really cute how they're both in wheelchairs. I love how they are the only ones who understand each other because they can relate to one another.

Spinner and Emma

In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, it's surprising that Spinner and Emma get married. And I know this is a ridiculous pairing, but I love how they gave the two longest cast members a good ending.

Liberty and Toby
So Liberty and Toby weren't really a couple, but after JT's death, I thought they really belonged together. They even had feelings for each other for one episode. I really thought Liberty should have taken Toby to the prom as a real date and not just a friend.

Emma and Peter

I love Emma and Peter in season 5. It was really bada$$ how they were sneaking around. I love how Peter helped Emma through her eating disorder. The only thing that was strange was that Sean came back and Emma threw Peter to the side. And then Peter did something dumb which justifies Emma going back to Sean.

Joey and Caitlin

I love when Joey and Caitlin got back together in season 3, but then their characters became so boring after that. I love them much more in Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High.

Ellie and Marco

I loved Ellie and Marco together because they were so shy and it was so cute. I love how Marco came out to Ellie first and she pretended to be his boyfriend until he ofiiciallycame out. I love them as friends.

Alex and Jay

Even though I'm a huge Palex fan and huge Janny fan, I love both Alex and Jay because they were the bad kids of Degrassi before their character became complex.

Jay and Emma

I know that Jay and Emma were just hooking up and were never a couple, but during season 4 these characters were so different, I just really enjoyed their interactions.
Liberty and Towerz

I know we only see Liberty and Towerz interact once, but I love how the character Towerz never said a word.

JT and Manny

I found their relationship to be entertaining. I love how JT was trying to impress Manny but she was never really that impressed. I just love the scene where she walks into the room and JT's using a penis pump.

Toby and Kendra

As annoying as Toby and Kendra were, I'm glad they were couple. I'm glad the Degrassi writers gave Toby a love interest because after season 2, he wasn't given any great storylines or love interests after that point.

Danny and Leia

I actually liked Danny and Leia. I thought they were adorable together in season 8. But then in season 9, they became out of character and broke up.

Jane and Declan

As much as I love Jane and Spinner, I actually enjoyed Jane cheating on Spinner with Declan storyline. I know it was out of character but it was really fun to watch.

Sav and Miss Oh

So Sav and Miss Oh didn't really work out as a couple, but they tried. Alli is still on the show, which means there's still a chance we'll see Sav once in awhile, which means could see a Sav and Miss Oh interaction if Sav comes home for Christmas or something.

Anya and Owen

I like Anya and Owen together. I feel like Owen is redeeming himself from the stuff he did in season 10. And it's so interesting how he didn't like Anya using cocaine and that he actually cares about her.
KC and Clare

I grew to like KC and Clare and I won't forget any of their good moments, I just hated the way KC dumped Clare for Jenna so quickly.

Wesley and Hannah

Wesley and Hannah are so cute together.

Clare and Jake

Clare and Jake were awesome together. I love how their relationship didn't last long, but I still love how their storyline played out with their parents announcing their engagement forcing them to break up.

Drew and Katie

I'm loving Drew and Katie so far. They kind of give each other balance. And even after all that drama in "Don't Panic" and "Dead & Gone", I love how they stayed a couple.

Fiona and Riley

I find them as a couple to be ironic. I think Fiona knew she was lesbian in season 9. She knew Riley was gay even though he was in the closet.

Eli and Imogen

Eli and Imogen hooked up once and were never a couple. But I just really like the character Imogen and I think they would have made an amazing crazy couple.

Dave and Sadie
Dave and Sadie
I actually liked Dave and Sadie. I just wish they were given more screentime as couple.

Dave and Alli
Sometimes I Like Dave and Alli just as friends, but sometimes I like them as couple.

Paige and Matt

I didn't like Paige and Matt at all. I thought it was so out of character for Paige to get into a relationship with an older guy because of what she went through with Dean. And Matt ended up being a jerk.

Paige and Jesse

I didn't like Paige and Jessie at all. I never liked the character Jessie. And it made no sense to me that they hooked up.

Paige and Griffin

I didn't like the character Griffin at all. Sometimes he seemed nice and other times he seemed really cocky. I didn't like how he didn't tell Paige he was HIV postive before he slept with her.

Spinner and Manny

I love every relationship Spinner had on Degrassi besides the one with Manny. I felt like that relationship came out of nowhere. I know the Spinner and Emma relationship came out of nowhere, but it's not like Season 4 was the last season and we weren't seeing these characters again.

Terri and Rick

I hated how Rick abused Terri and put her in a coma. The only good thing that came out of their relationship was a great storyline.
Liberty and Damien

Why do the Degrassi writers always set Liberty up with Manny and Emma's ex-boyfriends? Why couldn't they introduce a character for Liberty to date first? She should have been dating Toby in season 7 and Kelly in season 8.

JT and Mia

I didn't like JT and Mia at all. They had no chemistry at all. And I hated how she treated Liberty. JT and Liberty had all this history and it was like she was trying to destroy it.

Emma and Chris

I didn't like Emma and Chris as a couple. I think they were better off as friends. If they were going to have Emma date Chris, then Chris should have been more developed as a character.

Emma and Damien

I didn't like Emma and Damien as a couple at all. I felt as if Emma should have grieved over Sean returning to the army. And she should have stayed single for the rest of the season.

Emma and Kelly

Emma and Kelly were so annoying. I felt as if Kelly was another Jessie. I seriously think he should have dated Liberty and have different personality.
Manny and Damien

I just didn't like thecharacter Damien.

Ellie and Jessie

Jessie was such a jerk. I didn't like the Ellie and Jessie plots at all. And I hated how he cheated on Ellie with Caitlin.

Marco and Dylan

Initially, I loved Marco and Dylan. They were adorable together in season 3 and 4. I love their first date. Then Dylan cheats on him in season 4. That was such a jerk move. In season 5, they introduce Tim, a guy who would never cheat on Marco, and Marco dumps him to get back together with Dylan. Now, I don't remember if Dylan ever cheated on Marco again, but he was just a huge jerk to Marco in season 6 and never calling him when he went away.

Peter and Mia

Peter and Mia just didn't have the chemistry that Peter and Darcy had. I find they were just forced together.

Holly J. and Blue

I didn't like Blue at all. I didn't like how he was trying to change Holly J. into someone she's not. Maybe I would have liked him if they actually developed his character and gave him storylines. But he just came off as a jerk.

Danny and Chantay

I didn't like how Chantay broke up Danny and Leia. Danny and Chantay did have some cute moments, but their were very small and you don't get to see them evovle as a couple.

Mia and Lucas

I really didn't like the character Mia and Lucas was a jerk until you saw a really soft side of him in season 8 episode "Jane Says". They should have made The Vampire Diaries into a television show before Mia ever got to be on Degrassi because I love Nina Dobrev as Elena. The only thing I love about them is that their daughter is adorable.

Anya and Dr.Chris

I was so excited for Anya and Dr. Chris in season 10, but then he broke her heart and he became the enemy.

KC and Jenna

I don't like KC and Jenna as a couple at all. I don't even like them as characters. But they did have some good storylines, and that was the only thing I liked about them.

KC and Marisol

I really don't know know how I feel about them, but I didn't like that KC cheated on Jenna.

Alli and Drew

I didn't really like Alli and Drew because in season 10 I didn't like the character Drew.

Next Blog I'll be doing a countdown of season premieres for Buffy, Dawson's Creek, and Degrassi.