I'm the Slayer. Slay-er. Chosen One. She-who-hangs-out-a-lot-in-cemeteries?

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Title is quote from Buffy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This week was so boring compared to last week.

I have a Sociology mid-term exam on Wednesday, so all I'll I've been doing is studying. I know most the material since I've taking other Psychology and Sociology classes, so I pretty confidant I'll do well on this exam.

I got accepted to Centennial College!! Degrassi High was filmed at Centennial College. I'm just so happy to get another acceptance letter.

For Drama, we're putting on a series of 10-minute plays in June for our ISU projects. One group doesn't trust their male lead to show up, so I'm going to be playing Dan in Liver for Breakfast. The teacher said I'll be getting extra credit for it.

I'm now reading Circle of Three: The Five Paths. It's getting really exciting because the girl named Cooper is wearing a pentacle to school and the principal suspended her for wearing it. Now, her father is going to talk to the school board and if they don't listen, he'll bring them to court.

How I Met Your Mother Seaosn 7

"Now We're Even" was an awesome episode! I love how we finally get to see Ted in the green dress. I love how he made a bet with Barney that he could get a girl's number while wearing a dress. I love Marshall's plot of finding who Lily had a sex dream about. I really thought it would be about Robin, but it was nice seeing Ranjit again. I love how Robin has become more famous after the helicopter incident.

"Saturday Night Glee-ver" was a great episode. Now, I'm not a disco fan, so none of the songs appealed to me, but I really liked the plots in this episode. I love how this episode was about Finn, Mercedes, and Santana trying to find out what they want to do in the future. I love how Finn revealed that he's dream is to be an actor and he's going to move to New York with Rachel and go to an acting school. I love how Mercedes wants to be a famous singer. I love how Sam filmed her to show Mercedes just how much people like her. I really didn't like Mr. Shue in this episode. He had no right to say the things he did to Finn, Mercedes, and Santana. I was really happy when Santana said she's going to be famous whatever it takes. I was shocked when Brittany brought up the sex tape. Anyways, I love the ending with Brittany suggesting that Santana apply to cheer-leading school. I love the Kurt and Mercedes plot of helping out Unique. I love how Glee introduced a M2F transgendered character. This plot was played out very well. I can't wait to see more of Unique!

"Crystals" was an amazing episode. I love how the younger generation is looking for the crystals now. I love how Jake, Cassie, and Faye visited Jake's grandfather and he's really crazy and paranoid and he had his own theories about what's going on. Callum was so creepy with stealing that map to get one of the crystals. I love how Adam and Melissa got to the crystal before Callum did. It was so sad how Faye thought Blackwell was her father and she tried to use dark magic, but she couldn't. I'm so confused about John Blackwell. I don't know if he's good or evil anymore. Is Jane dead? I hope not. I was so looking forward to her return and then she fell to the ground and started looking dead.. I can't wait to see what happens next with John Blackwell and Charles. I love the ending of this episode with Cassie figuring out that Diana is her sister and that Diana's real father is John Blackwell.

The vampire Diaries season 3

"Heart of Darkness" was a fantastic episode! I love how Stefan was able to get Alaric's alter-ego to come out and reveal where the last stake is hidden. I love how Esther came back just to "die". I love how Rebekah brings Alaric to the caves only to reveal to him that she's actually Esther and she wants to team up with him to kill The Originals. I love Damon and Elena's plot of going to Denver to bring Jeremy home. JEREMY HAS OFFICIALLY RETURNED!! I love how Kol was once step ahead of them the whole time. I was happy when Jeremy used his powers to talk to Rose. I also love the return of Tyler. I just wish he didn't have to die if they kill Klaus.

"I'm the Good Twin" was a very exciting episode. I'm very satisfied with the way this season ended. I love how Bridget told Andrew and Juliet the truth. It was so intense how Bodaway was about to kill Siobhan and Bridget comes in with the gun and shoots him. I love how Machado gets his job back and shows up just in time when Bridget shoots Bodaway. I love how Bridget found out that Siobhan is still alive. I really hope this show gets renewed. If it does, I can't wait for season 2!

Degrassi Season 11

"Smash Into You" Part Two was an excellent episode. I love how Jacinta was really crazy with stealing Dave's cell phone and sending all these texts to Alli to hurt her. It was so intense how Jacinta walked into the street and got hit by the car. I love how Dave told Alli everything and she actually believed him. The last scene was so intense and heartbreaking with Dave crying because he feels guilty that he treated Jacinta like a jerk and now he thinks he ruined her life. This is by far Dave's best storyline. I love the Adam's plot. I knew he was going to be set with Tristan. It was sad how he was upset that Tori thought he was gay guy, but I love Clare's positive attitude and saying that Adam passes for a guy. I love how Adam went to talk to Tristan and they were all friendly with each other. I love Marisol's plot of falling in love with Mo. Their kiss at the end of the episode was really cute.

My Top 5 Popular Storylines

5. Brooke's Eating Disorder

Brooke's Eating Disorder is my fifth favourite storyline. Right from the beginning of the series Brooke had body issues and was careful about the food she ate. It was so intense how she started hiding junk food and then throwing up. I love how her dad brought her to the hospital so that she could get help. I love how she was able to get better.

4. Lily questioning her sexuality

Lily questioning her sexuality is my fourth favourite storyline. I love the episode where she revealed that she was confused about her sexuality after kissing Carmen. The one thing I love about this storyline was that Lily realized she was straight instead of a lesbian. I know people who have questioned their sexuality but realized they were straight, so I'm happy that this part of population got represented.

3. Nicole's Adoption Storyline
NicoleJuliansAdoption.jpg Nicole Julian's Adoption
Nicole's Adoption storyline is my third favourite storyline. Nicole was the meanest character on this show, but this storyline made me feel so much sympathy for her. I thought it was a big twist when we found out that she was adopted. It sad when she was trying to find her birth mother and couldn't find her. It was awful how Nicole found a woman who claimed to be her birth-mother only to find out that she tried to scam her family out of money. I love after all this drama that it brought Nicole a little more closer to her mom.

2. Carmen's Abusive Alcoholic Mother
NicoleJuliansAdoption.jpg Nicole Julian's Adoption
Carmen's Abusive Alcoholic Mother is my second favourite storyline. This storyline surprised me at how well is played out. At first, it was very mysterious how Carmen just moved out of her house and we had to wait and find out that she's not getting along with her mom. It was surprising to find out her mom was alcoholic. I felt awful for Carmen when everyone at school found out her mother was alcoholic. I love how Carmen was able to go to meetings with other teens that have alcoholic mothers. It was awful how Carmen's mother found out about the meetings and almost hit Carmen. I love how Carmen stood up for herself.

1. Harrison's Leukemia
NicoleJuliansAdoption.jpg Nicole Julian's Adoption
Harrison's cancer storyline is my favourite storyline. I thought it was very interesting how it started with Harrison having migraine's and needing to take pain-killers. It was heartbreaking to find out he was diagnosed with leukemia. It was really sad seeing him in the hospital. I love how Harrison meets Clarence and they become good friends. It was so sad when Clarence died. The storyline got so intense when Harrison went to the roof of the hospital and was considering jumping. I love how Nicole has the same blood type as Harrison and decided to give him her bone marrow. I love the way the storyline ended with Harrison pretending to be possessed by Nicole.

Have an amazing weekend!!