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I'm 3000 years old! When are you going to stop treating me like I'm 900?

Title is quote from Kathy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This week, all I've been doing is relaxing. I'm rewatching Beverly Hills 90210. I'm currently rewatching the fifth season.

I got a laptop as an early graduation gift. I love it! It's very fast.

My Top 5 Being Erica Storylines

5. Barbara's has Breast Cancer

Barbara's breast cancer is my fifth favourite storyline. It was heartbreaking to find out that she had cancer.I love how she remained very positive throughout this storyline. I love how she became more outgoing and got back together with Gary. I love the episode when Barbara found out she was cancer free.

4. Dr. Tom's Background

Dr. Tom's background is my fourth favourite storyline. I love how we found out that he was a patient before becoming a doctor. I love how we find out that he's divorce and has daughter named Sarah. It was interesting to find out his daughter was rebellious and into drugs. It was very sad to find out that he was very depressed and he wanted to kill himself before he entered therapy. I'm really happy how he turned his life around.

3. Leo's Death

Leo's death is my third favourite storyline. I love how we get to see Leo whenever Erica goes back in time. It was very intense how Leo was harassed at his fraternity so he dropped out of school. It was heartbreaking when Erica went back in time to say goodbye to her brother before he died. It was just so intense watching Erica knowing that Leo was going to die in the fire. I love how we find out that there are different alternate realities and in one of them Leo is still alive.

2. Group Therapy & Dr. Erica

Group Therapy & Dr. Erica is my second favourite storyline. I love how Erica started group therapy in season 3 and other members could go back in time to help her or she could go back in time to help them. I love how this all lead to the episode where Erica was in hospital where Dr. Tom didn't exist and there was no such thing as time travel. I love how Erica was still convinced Dr. Tom and time travel existed which meant she was able to become a doctor in training. I love how she got her own office and that her first patient is Sarah, which is Dr. Tom's daughter.

1. Kai & Erica and The Future

Kai & Erica story arc is my favourite storyline. I love how Kai is from the future and he's the first person Erica knows that does time travel therapy. They are also my favourite couple on the show. I think they both bring out the best in each other. Anyways, I love how Kai goes back to the future, but then comes back and says he can't find Erica. It was so intense how Erica finds out she could be possibly dead in the future. I love how future Erica comes to visit present-day Erica and she talks about all the different alternate realities. I love how she says her death in the future is only one outcome and it depends on the choices she make. Anyways, after all that drama, I was sad when Erica and Kai officially broke up.

Honourable Mentions
Sam's Pregnancy

Sam's Pregnancy 4

Sam's Pregnancy definitely gets an honourable mention. I love how Sam found a great guy. It was surprising when she revealed she was pregnant. I just love this storyline because Sam got more focus on her character than before.

Have a great rest of the week!