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I swear, one of these times, you're gonna wake up in a coma

Title is quote from Cordelia on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I spent all of last weekend studying for my Sociology midterm exam. I can't really remember doing anything else but studying. I remember my mom ordered pizza and it was really good.

On Monday, the teacher held auditions for a series of 10-minute plays we're performing in June. I auditioned for the role of James in the play "Brace Yourself". The teacher really loved my portrayal of the character and I got the part. The only thing I need to do is buy fake braces because the play is all about my character and his braces.

I got my midterm report card.

Drama - 92

Sociology - 86

We have the strangest weather in Canada, well at least in northeastern Ontario. It's supposed to be Spring and we had a snow day on Tuesday. The strangest thing is that we're supposed to be having really hot summer weather in this upcoming week. Anyways, I didn't get to spend Tuesday relaxing. I spent the whole day studying for my Sociology midterm exam.

On Wednesday was my Sociology midterm exam. It was really easy.

I'm now reading Circle of Three: Through the Veil. It's all about the character Annie visiting the house where her parents died. There's also another plot with the character Kate and she's in therapy after telling her parents about attending a Wicca study group.

"Dance With Somebody" was an amazing episode. I really love Kurt's plot with feeling distant with Blaine. I love how they both sang songs about each other after getting into an argument. I really love how Blaine revealed that he's sad about being alone when Kurt moves to New York and I love how Kurt reassured Blaine that they would visit and skype each other as much as possible. I love how they made up. I love how Joe struggling with liking Quinn but staying true to his religion. I love how Quinn said she would never make Joe choose between her or his religion. I love the Rachel and Santana friendship. My favourite song was Brittany and Santana singing "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". This is one of the best songs Brittany has sang. I kind of felt sorry for Will. I do think he's kind of creepy with how much cares about the glee club, but it's sad that he doesn't want them to miss the wedding.


"Bride and Prejudice" was a great episode. I am so happy that Naomi broke off the engagement with PJ. I really didn't like PJ. I loved the Adrianna and Austin plot. I love how Austin convinces Adrianna to keep on singing and I love how Ade wants Austin to be her manager. I love Annie's plot of telling Caleb her feelings. I was so happy when Caleb kissed Annie. I love how social services showed up at Ivy's house to bring her to the hospital because Caleb thinks she's suicidal. I can't wait until the next episode to see what happens to her. I'm really not liking this Silver/Liam/Navid love triangle. I actually want Silver and Liam to stay together. I'd actually like Navid to date Ivy or Annie.

"Traitor" was an awesome episode. I love how one of the crystals is magically stolen and the gang uses magic to find the location of the crystals on a map. This always reminds me of the demon location spell Willow does on Buffy. I love how Diana tells Charles about being Blackwell's daughter and I love how Charles freakout on Blackwell at the bar. One thing I'm confused about is I don't know which side Dawn is on. All I know is Dawn will do whatever it takes to get her powers back. I'm loving the Melissa and Adam friendship and I love how they found out that last crystal is somewhere in the high school. The end of the episode got really intense Jake and Faye finding all those witch-hunters dead and then a picture of his brother. I love how Cassie and Diana ran after the traitor and it turns out that Nick is alive.

The vampire Diaries season 3

"Do Not Go Gentle" was an exciting episode! So much has happened in this episode. I love how Esther got her body back. I love how she compelled Elena to come with her and use her blood to turn Alaric into an Original. I love how Good-Alaric wakes up and decides that he's not going to transition. I love how Esther possesses Bonnie's body, gives Alaric human blood, and Evil Original Alaric is born. I can't wait for the next episode! This episode had a ton of really good moments. I love the Matt and Jeremy bromance. Even though I prefer Elena with Damon, I'm extremely happy Elena finally picked one of the brothers to be with. I do love that Stefan is back to normal. I loved all the crying scenes because he shows just how talented the cast is. I really love the Tyler and Caroline kiss because I wasn't too sure were their relationship was at after watching the previous episode. I like the character Jamie, but I wish we got to know him more before he started dating Bonnie.

Degrassi Season 11

"Hollaback Girl" Part one was a good episode. I'm loving Katie's pain-killer addiction storyline. I thought it was interesting how she used Bianca to get into a club, just so Katie could buy more Oxycontin. I was a little disappointed because I thought this would be a Bianca A-plot where Bianca would deal with her own issues instead of someone elses issues. I'm actually hoping that Drew breaks up with Katie and gets back together with Bianca. Mo's plot was entertaining with taking Marisol out on their first date and Marisol didn't even realize it was date. I love how Marisol thinks her first date will be Edge Walking at the CN Tower and then an expensive dinner. Alli and Dave's plot was a little intense with Alli finding out that there are rumours that Dave pushed Jacinta into the car. I feel really bad for Dave. I can't wait until the next episode.

My Top 5 Dead Like Me Storylines

5. Rube's BackStory
RubesBackstory.jpg Rube's Backstory
Rube's backstory is my fifth favourite storyline. His storyline got very exciting when it was mentioned that he had a daughter. I thought it was really interesting how he was looking for his daughter and then he found her.

4. Betty's Departure
RubesBackstory.jpg Rube's Backstory
Betty's Departure is my fourth favourite storyline. I thought Betty's character was the most interesting and I was very sad to see her leave the show. I love how she took pictures of the people she reaped. I love her backstory of being a swimmer. I love how she was able to go to a swimming after-life.

3. Millie & Dolores Relationship
RubesBackstory.jpg Rube's Backstory
Millie & Dolores relationship is my third favourite storyline. I just love how George thinks crazy things, but she never says it while Dolores appears normal, but then she says the most inappropriate things ever. I love how these characters are complete opposites, but they actually care about each other.

2. Reggie's Obsession with Death and Toilet Seats
RubesBackstory.jpg Rube's Backstory
Reggie's Obsession with Death and Toilet Seats is my second favourite storyline. George's death was the weirdest death on the show with getting hit by toilet seat. I just love how Reggie became obsessed with stealing toilet seats and hanging them on a tree. I love how this storyline ties in with her obsession with death after her sister died.

1. Mason & Daisy vs. Ray

Daisy & Daisy versus Ray is my favourite storyline. I thought it was very interesting how Mason accidentally killed Ray in defense to protect Daisy because that means someone died when it wasn't their time to die. I thought it was very interesting how a Graveling rose from Ray's body and started stalking Mason and Daisy. I thought it was so cool how George reaped the Graveling and it turned to dust.

Have a great weekend!!