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I showed up on time, so I got to be Cowboy Guy

Title is quote from Riley on Buffy. It's my favourite Riley quote.

Nothing exciting happened this week. This first week ofschool was kind ofexciting because I got to see some friends who didn't graduate either, and I didn't see them all summer. But I didn't do anything in Data Management or Art. And my online Writer's Craft course doesn't start until Monday.

I finished season 2 of Roswell and now I'm onto the third season of Roswell. I can't believe Tess is the one who killed Alex. I really liked Alex. I just watched the first 4 episodes of season 3, and Max just discovered another shape-shifter. I can't wait to continue watching!

I made a video about Warren, Jonathan, and Andrew from Buffy.

The Trio

Ranking the season premieres of my 3 favourite shows

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

7. "The Freshman"
Buffy 401 The Freshman 1
Season 4 of BUffy is actually one of my favourite seasons, but I found the season 4 premiere was the weakest out of all the other season premieres. I love how Buffy gets her dorm gets robbed and she goes up against Sunday to get her stuff back, but the other premieres are better than this.

6. "Buffy Vs. Dracula"

Buffy 501 Buffy vs Dracula 1
"Buffy vs. Dracula" is the funniest Buffy season premiere. I just love how everyone is under Dracula's spell and Xander is acting all weird. I love how it's revealed that Buffy has a sister named Dawn, and I love how you find out througout the season how she became Buffy sister.

5. "Anne"
Buffy 301 Anne
Even though I wish the episode took place in Sunnydale and I wish it featured Buffy with her friends together, I really love the idea of an underground world where you age quickly.

4. "When She Was Bad"
Buffy 201 When She Was Bad
I love the "Back to School" feel to this episode. I love how Buffy didn't just get over drowning and Xander bringing her back to life. I love how this episode gives Buffy closure as she smashes The Masters bones.

3. "Welcome to the Hellmouth" (1) and "The Harvest" (2)
Buffy - Welcome to The Hellmouth
I love the series premiere of Buffy. It has this high school feeling that I love in teen dramas. I love the introduction to all the main characters and the main storyline of the season.

2. "Bargaining" Parts 1 and 2

"Bargaining" Parts 1 & 2 are my second season premiere episodes. I love how the gang brings Buffy back to life.

1. "Lessons"

"Lessons" is my favourite season premiere on Buffy. I just love how Dawn is going to Sunnydale High and she makes friends with Kit and Carlos in the basement. I love how they see zombie ghosts. And I love Spike when he's insane in the basement and The First Evil is talking to him as all the Big Bads on Buffy.

Dawson's Creek

6. "The Kids Are Alright"

The last two seasons of Dawson's Creek aren't the best seasons. The only thing I like about this episode is that Dawson and JOey finally sleep together, but the next episode just ruins it.

5. "The Bostonians"
DC 501 The Bostonians 1

Like I said, the last two Season's of Dawson's Creek aren't best, but this episode had mores scenes that I enjoyed than "The Kids Are Alright". I love the scene where Dawson freaks out on Todd.

4. Coming Home

"Coming Home" was a good season premiere. I love all the awkwardness in this episode. I love how Joey and Pacey come back but Dawson is completely pissed at Pacey. And I thought it was really cool how they showed that film at the beach.

3. Like a Virgin
Dawson's Creek 301 Like a Virgin
I love Dawson's wild side. I love how he meets this crazy girl named Eve and they crash a boat. I love how Pacey has the idea to host a party with strippers so the boys at school will come and pay to see them.

2. The Kiss
Dawson's Creek - The Kiss B
"The Kiss" ws really romantic with Dawson and Joey nervous about a second kiss. I love how Pacey pretends to be a police officer and Andie thinks she's in trouble, but then she finds out Pacey is a student. I love how Andie gets revenge on Pacey. I love this episode continues where the last one left off with Jen finding out about her grandfather's death.

1. Pilot
Dawson's Creek - Pilot
The "Pilot" is my favourite season premiere. I love the introduction of all the characters. And I love how some of the best storylines are already introduced in this episode. I love Dawson's passion for film-making. I love the Pacey/Tamara, student/teacher relationship. And how Joey notices that Gail is having an affair.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

11. "Uptown Girl"

"Uptown Girl" is my least favourite season premiere. I don't like the character Mia, so I don't enjoy her plots. I think her modeling storyline should have been an one episode plot.

10. "Here Comes Your Man"

I love the rest of the seasons premiere. I love the Emma and Sean reunion and I love the Peter versus Sean streetracing. The only thing I didn't like about these episodes was Peter's jelousy of Sean.

9. "Just Can't Get Enough"

I actually find "Just Can't Get Enough" to be really entertaining. I love watching Peter on meth.

8. "Venus"

I love Manny's passion for being an actress. I love how this episode dealt with body-issues and trying to get into the televison and film industry. I'm really glad that Manny didn't get plastic surgery. I actually enjoyed part 2 more where Peter threatens Manny that he'll send the video of here flashing her breasts to the camera if she isn't nicer to him.

7. "Ghost in the Machine"

Part 1 was boring and I wish it was more exciting. I think these episodes should have been done at the end of season 3. It was sad how Paige lost the court case. I love Part 2 much more than part 1. I love how Paige goes to a party and she's all creepy. I love how she smashes Spinner's car into Dean's car. It made me so angry when Dean admitted he raped Paige, but he did it after the court case.

6. "Father Figure"

I actually enjoy Emma searching for her biological dad. And if you haven't seen Degrassi Junior High, it's shocking that Emma's father is in a mental hospital. Anyways, I love how Spike gives birth to a baby boy and they call him Jack.

5. "What a Girl Wants"

"What A Girl Wants" has this "back to school" feeling that I love so much. I love the Holly J. versus Sav election. And I really wanted Holly J. to win, but I grew to love Sav in season 10, so it's alright that he won. I love Anya's fake pregnancy and fake miscarriage storyline in these episodes. And I love how this season starts off with Fiona's abusive boyfriend storyline because it's a serious issue and the character Fiona finally gets to shine.

4. "Mother and Child Reunion"

"Mother and Child Reunion" is an amazing series premiere. The show was so edgy from the beginning. It was so intense how Emma had this internet boyfriend and she was going to meet him, but he turns out to be a pervert. I love how Mr. Simpson is so much cooler in The Next Generation and he saves Emma.

3. "When Doves Cry"

"When Doves Cry" is my third favourite Degrassi season premiere episode. I love the introduction of Craig. I love how he was crazy right when we met him. I think he could have been diagnosed as bipolar in season 2. It was so heartbreaking how Craig's father abused him. I love how Craig went to live with Joey.

2. "Boom Boom Pow: Spring Fever"

"Boom Boom Pow: Spring Fever" was a great way to start off season 11. It was so intense how Anson was trying to rape Bianca and Drew tries to save her, but then Drew is getting beat up by Anson. It was so shocking how Bianca hits Anson in the head with a brick and kills him to save Drew.

1. "Standing in the Dark"

Degrassi 701/702 Standing in the Dark 13
Standing in the Dark is my favourite season premiere and it's also my favourite Degrasi episode. Darcy getting rape and then attempting suicide was so intense. I love the Toby plot in this episode and how he hates that Lakehurst is overcrowding Degrassi and he makes a podcast about it. I love how he went to visit JT's grave.

My Top 5 Favourite Back to School Episodes

5. "Welcome to the Hellmouth" (1) and "The Harvest" (2) from Buffy
4. "Lessons" from Buffy
3. "What A Girl Wants Parts 1 & 2" from Degrassi

2. "The Phantom Menace" (1) and "Mo Menace, Mo Problems" (2) from Popular

The Popular series premiere definitely had this "Back to School" feeling and it had one of my favourite Carmen plots. I love how she tries out for The Glamazons and she's the best one who tries out. It's so sad that she doesn't make The Glamazons. I love how Brooke's dad, and Sam's mom show up at Brooke's party and they announce their engagement.

1. Dawson's Creek "Pilot"

My next blog will have My Top 5 Firefly and Dollhouse Relationships/ Friendships/ Couples.