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I mock you with my monkey pants

Title is quote from Oz on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Sears Drama Festival was amazing!! I had so much fun.

On Thursday, I woke up at 6:00 A.M and went to school at 7:30. I went to school early to help load props and costumes on the bus.The bus left the school at 8:00 A.M. On the bus, everyone went over their lines. We arrived at the hotel at 11:00, but our rooms weren't cleaned yet, so we went straight to the theatre for technical rehearsal. The sound guy showed me how to use their system. It was very easy to use. The lighting system was very different than the one at our school. I was trying to help our lighting girl figure out what lighting we needed. Eventually, we got everything figured out. Then, we had a "Welcome Supper" where spaghetti and Caesar salad were being served. A lot of us didn't eat too much because we were a little nervous about the play.

Our play started at 6:30 P.M.Before the play, I had to make sure everyone was in their costumes and I tried to raise everyone's energy to get rid of the nerves. Then, the lighting girl and I went to the technical booth and we started the show. I had to tell the assistant stage managers through the headsets when to get actors ready and when to send them off-stage.At the same time, I controlled the sound. Anyways,all the actors did an amazing job! It was everyone's best performance. After the play, the lighting girl and I went to the audience and saved seats for our class.

The next play was called "Danny, King of the Basement". It was about 3 kids who are poor and they use their imagination to create a world that's better than reality. It was very well-acted and the set design was amazing.

The last play performed on Thursday was "Spare Change". It was a student written play. It was about a group of friends entering high school and they all drift apart. It was very funny with some dramatic moments. It was like an episode of Degrassi and probably my favourite play of the night.

After watching all the plays on Thursday, we went to the community hall for Karaoke. We we're all exhausted so we only stayed for half an hour. Then, we went to the hotel and the rooms were all cleaned and ready. Of course, as soon as we got to the hotel, none of us felt tired anymore. Everyone in my room ordered a pizza and then we went to bed.

On Friday morning, we had our adjudication, where the judge pointed out all the good and bad things about our play. We were there for 2 hours, so we were late for workshops that morning. I went to the acting workshop and it was boring because there was only 30 minutes left and I missed all the fun stuff. In the afternoon, I went to the scriptwriting workshop. It was a lot of fun. The teacher put newspaper headings in a bag, and we picked out a newspaper heading, and we told our own story about the newspaper heading.

There was a Around the World Dance Friday night, but some of us didn't bring any costumes. We went to Wal-Mart, so we could buy costumes. I bought a striped shirt, and a beret and I went to the dance as someone who was from France. After shopping, we went back to the hotel, and everyone went swimming. The pool was very nice and deep. We were in the pool for over an hour. The teacher left and put me in charge because I'm the oldest and since 19 is considered an adult here, they need an adult at the pool at all times. After swimming, we ate supper and went to the theatre.

The first play we watched was called "Kinfolks and Mountain Music". I'd love to say it was a good play, but it just confused me. It was a musical and everyone were amazing singers, but I had no idea what was going on.

The second play we watched was called "Don't Fear the Reaper". This was another student written play. It was hilarious. It was about two people who find "Death" on their doorstep, and they try to convince "Death" to take the other person. I just loved the acting in this play. Out of all the plays, this one was my favourite.

The last play we watched on Friday was called "Underneath". It was about a group of girls who want to run away and get of their boring town. It was hilarious. I love the costumes. Everyone looked very unique.

After the plays was the Around the World dance. I danced so much that my feet were super tired. This random girl came up to me and asked to take my picture with me because she went as a girl from France. Then, a couple more people joined the picture because they went as people from France too. After the dance, we went back to the hotel. Before going to bed, we we're telling jokes, and I was laughing for 20 minutes non-stop. The jokes weren't even that funny, but we were so sleep deprived, everything was funny.

On Saturday, I went to the singing workshop. We sang Bohemian Rhapsody, but she taught how to sing each line properly. I thought it was all confusing because I was just really tired, but once I fully woke up, I had a lot of fun. On Saturday afternoon, I went to a directing workshop. I thought it was going to be boring, but the guy told really funny stories.

The first play we watched on Saturday night was called "Hand of God". It was so boring. It was about the aftermath of a storm and guy it stuck under the roof and the other guy doesn't want to save him because of something that happened in their past. The only good part of the play was the actress playing a young girl who acted as the voice of reason.

The next play, which was the last play of the festival, was called "Play the Game". This play was strange but amazing! It was about producers of television show pulling an April Fool's joke on a bunch of homeless people. The premise sounds very mean, but it was so funny to watch. The people who designed the set were very talented.

While waiting to hear the winners of the festival, we had a talent contest. There were so many amazing singers in the contest. After the talent contest, each school performed a parody of the play. Our class did "American Idol" parody with characters in our play. Even though I wasn't in the play, I played Paula Abdul in the skit. Apparently, I was really funny with Paula Abdul impersonation. A lot of people came up to me saying how funny I was. Then, there was the award show. A girl in our play won a merit award. The winners of the festival were the schools that performed "Underneath" and "Play the Game".

Today is a PD-Day, so there's no school.

I uploaded a Buffy video about Willow and Xander's doppelgangers.


I finished Circle of Three: In the Dreaming and Circle of Three: Ring of Light. Now, I'm reading Circle of Three: Blue Moon. It's getting very exciting because the girl named Kate is feeling pressure from her boyfriend and her friends to tell her parents about going to Wicca classes.

How I Met Your Mother Seaosn 7

"Trilogy Time" was a great episode. I really loved the format of this episode. I love how they predicted their futures 3 years at a time. My favourite part of this episode was the ending when it flash forwards to 2015 and Ted comes in holding his daughter.

"Big Brother" was an awesome episode. I love how this episode is about Blaine and having a very delusional brother. I thought Cooper was such a jerk, but it was nice to see Blaine struggle with trying to get his brother to appreciate him. I'm very happy that Quinn is alive. I thought it was really cute how Artie was teaching her how to get around in a wheelchair. I felt so sad for Sue when she found her baby will have Down Syndrome, but I love how she told the Glee club that she wants their music to give her baby optimism.

"It's Called Improvising, B!tch!" was an excellent episode. I think this episode is my favourite of the season so far. It was so intense how Catherine held Bridget, Andrew, and Juliet hostage. I was a little surprise when Catherine revealed that Olivia was behind the whole operation. I thought it would be too simple to be Olivia, so it was a twist that it wasn't such a big twist. Did that make sense? Anyways, I love how Machado came and save the day and arrested Catherine. The ending of the episode was interesting with Siobhan giving birth to twin girls and Henry wanting a paternity test.

Degrassi Season 11

"Smash Into You" was a good episode. It wasn't the best episode, but I know it's a set up for next weeks episode. It seems like Dave has a stalker storyline with Jacinta stalking him. I'm actually glad that Dave and Alli got back together, but I having a feeling Jacinta will ruin their relationship. I thought it was interesting how Jacinta showed up at Degrassi at the end of the episode. I'm loving Marisol's plot of being partnered with Mo for a project. It was awful how she admitted that she didn't like Mo because he's fat. I love how Mo put gum in her hair. I also love that Katie got surgery on her knee and now she's in recovery. I love Adam's plot of having a secret admirer. I can't wait to find out who his secret admirer is.

Have an awesome week!!