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I am the Bug Man, Coo Coo Ca Choo

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Title is quote from Xander on Buffy.

I have an update on my aunt. My cousin explained the whole story. My aunt tried to commit suicide. My cousin told me that her mother was drinking and took sleeping pills and she left a note beside her. Right now, my aunt is in mental health care hospital and she's seeing psychiatrist. She'll be there for at least 3 weeks. This whole thing makes me feel very sad, but I'm going stay positive because I know my aunt will get the help that she needs.

On to less depressing news.

I finished Instant Star. I really enjoyed this show. I love how this show gives sneak-peek into what recording an album is like. I love Karma and Spiederman's reality show. I love seeing Cassie Steele as Blue. I love the whole plot where Jamie convinces Blu to work with him instead of Darius. I love the introduction of Zeppelin and I wish there were more seasons so I could see her character develop. My favourite plot in season 4 was Megan holding Jude hostage in Jude's basement and forcing Jude to write a good song. I love that Jude stayed single the series finale.

I uploaded a Buffy video on to youtube on Sunday.

The Watcher Diaries

On Sunday and Monday, there were rehearsal for The Audition. As stage manager, I had to take notes on all the blocking, takes notes on when and where characters enter and exit, make a list of props, sound cues, and lighting changes.

I got rejected from York University. They said they were only accepting 12 out of 200 students into their program. I was sad at first, but I've already gotten accepted to Confederation college, which has the programs I want to take.

On Tuesday was the Winter Carnival at my school. I decided to stay home and sleep in. I watched The Big Bang Theory all day. There's something about that show that makes you want to keep watching. Right now, I'm watched season 4. I love the introduction of Amy Farrah Fowler.

On Wednesday, I finished my longest short film. It's 47 minutes. I called it Teenage Life. It's about 6 teens eachd ealing a particular issue. I watched it from beginning to end and it turned a lot better than I thought.

IT'S MARCH BREAK!!!! No school for a week. I'm just going to relax this week and watch TV.

"Alo" was a great episode. I felt so much sympathy for Alo in this episode. In this episode Alo meets a girl named Poppy and after having sex she reveals that she's much younger that what Alo thought. I love how Alo was responsible and stopped the relationship right away. It was awful how Poppy got Alo arrested and he kept trying to explain that he initially thought Poppy was the same age as him. I love how Poppy finally convinced her mother to convince her father to drop the charges. I really wanted Mini to tell Alo about her pregnancy. She was so close, but then she ran off.


"Babes in Toyland" was an alright episode. The plots are getting more and more boring. The only thing I really enjoyed about this episode was Naomi and Ivy, but even those plots have their flaws. I thought the whole thing with Naomi buying out a sex shop and making it look like her office to impress her sister was entertaining. I love that moment that Jen tells Naomi that she's proud of her and she's actually sincere about it. I love Ivy's vandalism storyline, but I wish she was given this storyline in high school. Annie's plot was completely boring and her character is not even relatable anymore. None of the characters are relatable anymore. Vanessa is an awful villain and I could care less if tries to sabotage Adrianna and Dixon's music careers. Silver's plot was exciting at first with getting accepted to NYU. It even became interesting when she had get vaccinations and blood work done. Then, I was annoyed when she completely shut down when the doctor mentioned the word "breast cancer" like she was doomed to get that very second. At this point, I wish they would copy storylines from the Beverly Hills 90210.

"You're Way Too Pretty to Go to Jail" was another exciting episode. I love how this episode explained why Machado is so obsessed with this case. It's because Bridget witnessed Bodaway Macawi murder Shaylene Briggs who Machado was in love with. I love how all the characters are getting suspicious of everyone. This episode reveals that Andrew has been lying to Bridget and that he's teamed up with Olivia. It seems like Tyler had his own plan for bring down Andrew. The ending of the episode was interesting with Olivia murdering Tyler and Andrew showing up at Malcolm's door. I can't wait for the next episode!

Degrassi Season 11
"Can't Tell Me Nothing" Part 2 was an amazing episode. I love how Katie slowly becomes addicted to codeine and she convinces her sister, Marisol, and Drew that she'll only take codeine before her tryouts. I love how intense this episode gets when Katie falls at tryouts and hears something snap. It's really sad that Katie's on crutches and didn't make the team. I love Jenna's plot of writing song about KC, which gets him angry, so he writes a nasty poem about her. I love how Tori and Zig are totally embarrassed by Tristan's song. It was so cute when Owen walked by to talk to Tristan and give him advice. I love how Tori and Zig decided to join Tristan and save his song.

My Top 5 Degrassi Story Arcs

5. Fitz versus Eli & The Lockdown in season 10 and Drew & Bianca versus Vince's Gang in Season 11
TheLockDown.jpg Degrassi Season 10

Fitz versus Eli & The Lockdown in season 10 and Drew & Bianca versus Vince's Gang in Season 11 are both my fifth favourite storylines. I love them both and couldn't decide between the two. I love how season 10 dealt with a current bullying storyline with Fitz as the bully. I love how intense it got when he brought a knife to school, so the school went on lockdown, and Fitz got arrested. I love how intense season 11 was with Bianca killing Anson in self-defense when he tried to rape her. It was really intense on how Vince's gang severely injured Drew which made him suffer from PTSD. It was intense how Anson brought a gun to the prom and shot Adam. I am so happy that Adam is still alive!

4. LGBT Storylines
TheLockDown.jpg Degrassi Season 10
The LGBT storylines are my fourth storylines. As a member of the LGBT community, I really appreciate that Degrassi has represented every member of our community. It represent the gay community with Marco, Dylan, Riley, Zane and Tristan (who just joined the cast). It represents the lesbian community with Alex and Fiona. It represents the bisexual community with Paige. It represents the transgender community with Adam. Each storyline for these characters are completely unique and their struggles are handled differently. Out of all the LGBT characters Riley is my favourite character because he was a well-developed that never got boring. He started off the show with anger-management issues and hating himself to learning to manage his anger and accepting himself.

3. Emma's Character Development
TheLockDown.jpg Degrassi Season 10
Emma's character development is my third favourite storyline. I love how her character development was a complete roller coaster ride. While some people didn't like that, I love it. I love how she started off the show as vegetarian environmental activist. I love how she was into protesting and stuff like that. I love how her character change in season 4 and she became popular. I love how the shooting changed her as she started giving Jay blowjobs at the ravine. I love her gonorrhea storyline. I love her eating disorder storyline in season 5. I love how she got back into protesting when she was against the Purple Dragon campaign in season 7. Even though it was really random, I'm happy she married Spinner at the end of season 9. Those two were longest characters on the show and they deserved a happy ending.

2. Bullying Rick, The Shooting & It's effect on Everyone in Season 4
TheLockDown.jpg Degrassi Season 10
Bullying Rick, The Shooting & It's effect on Everyone in Season 4 is my second favourite storyline. Usually, a show has one bully that has a specific target, so I thought it was really interesting how all the main characters became bullies to Rick. I understand why they didn't like Rick. I didn't like Rick. He abused Terri and put her in a coma. Anyways, it was really intense how he brought a gun to school and shot Jimmy. The scene where the gun goes off and you think Sean got shot, but it was Rick that really got shot was really intense. I love how the shooting affected everyone. I felt bad for Toby because he was angry that he made friends with a "psycho. I felt bad for Sean the shooting made him think of his past, so he moved back home. I thought it was interesting how they put Jimmy in a wheelchair. I love Jay and Emma's plot in "Secret". I love Spinner's character development of feeling guilty about the whole shooting and his character redeeming himself later in season5.

1. Darcy's Rape in Season 7
TheLockDown.jpg Degrassi Season 10
Darcy's rape in season 7 is my favourite storyline. This is one of the most intense storylines on the show. Shenae Grimes is just an amazing actress. She really improved as an actor on this show. Season 7 showed her amazing acting abilities. First of all, I was completely shocked when someone spiked her drink and then raped her. It was so interesting how the rapist made it look like Peter raped her. It was so intense when Manny found Darcy in the shower cutting herself. It was so intense when Darcy was on top of the school roof thinking about jumping off and Manny had to stop her. I love how Darcy was able to confide in Mr. Simpson. I know it was wrong that Darcy told the principal that Mr. Simpson was flirting with her, but I can understand that she didn't want to tell anyone about the rape. Anyways, I love how she was sent to Brat Camp during Spring break and actually dealt with all her feelings and she came out a better person. I love how Darcy became more confidant in herself and told everyone the truth that Mr. Simpson never flirted with her.

My Top 5 Tv Show Creators

5. Ryan Murphy (Created Popular, Glee, Nip/Tuck, and American Horror Story)
Ryan Murphy

4. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas (Created How I Met Your Mother)

3. Linda Schuyler (Created Degrassi and Instant Star)

2. Kevin Williamson (Created Dawson's Creek, The Vampire Diaries, and The Secret Circle)

1. Joss Whedon (Created Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse)

Question of the Day:
Who are your favourite television show creators?

Have an amazing weekend!!